Coffee Talk

Greetings, friends. Happy Sunday! I’ve been sitting on my front porch with my coffee, enjoying the sunshine and the mild temperatures and the serenade of the birds. This is the kind of morning summers are made of.

I was excited to make this season’s inaugural visit to the swimming pool yesterday afternoon. We spent a few hours soaking up the sun while the kids played, and then we came home and enjoyed some patio time with the neighbors. They grilled pizza (and even made a gluten-free version for me) so of course this morning I woke up feeling like I have a sack of sand in my belly. Carbs are not my friend, it seems, even the GF ones. I will never learn. (Or I will never learn to care, haha!) Sometimes it’s worth it.

(Before you ask, that’s the Sole Society Playa Beach Bag. These are selling fast; this color is already gone on Nordstrom’s website, although they have a pretty navy blue version. It’s a nice size for holding a beach towel along with my sunblock, wallet, and sunglasses.)

I think we’ll head back to the pool this afternoon if the kids are up for it. I see that another dreary weather front is moving in later this week so I want to make the most of the sunshine while we have it.

I’d love to hear how you think 25 Days of Summer Fashion is going. We shot 4 looks yesterday morning… yes, FOUR! So I’m almost set for this week. That’s a good feeling. We’ve only left the front yard once during this series, with the exception of the ones I got in Florida with Sydney. With my vertigo, it’s been easier to stay here, and thankfully the yard is pretty this time of year, but I have to admit I’m getting kind of tired of the same scenery. I realize most of you probably don’t care, but it’s more fun for us to go elsewhere. I’m hoping to do a few shoots “on location” before the series ends.

There’s not much else to tell you . . . or at least nothing you probably want to hear. Ha! We’re tending to all the mundane tasks associated with getting a child ready to go to camp for a month, stocking the kitchen pantry for having teenage kids at home all day, and all that type of exciting stuff.

I hope you all have a blessed Sunday!