Coffee Talk #OldSchoolBlogging Vol. 1

coffee talk

It’s a sunny Saturday morning and as usual I’m up with the birds. Got my coffee, the house is quiet, and I thought I’d do some old school blogging and just chat. I’m going to try to do this every Saturday, actually, for those who miss the chit-chat.

So I kicked my boot to the curb.


It felt so good! I literally threw it into the yard.


When I called my doc and told him I wasn’t feeling any better, and if anything, my foot pain was getting worse, he told me to come in. He was expecting that I’d be getting relief by now (2 weeks in) so he told me to ditch it.

I’ve already been in physical therapy for a year (yes, a year!!!) and tried just about everything under the sun to heal this thing. The only thing left is surgery to “release the tendon” (he’s not a fan unless it’s a last resort because it can cause pain on the other side of the foot that in his opinion is even harder to treat than PF) or these injections that stimulate the body to heal. One is a PRP injection, where they actually take your own plasma and inject it into the area, or a stem cell injection, which comes from a donor, and basically does the same thing. Both are designed to stimulate the body to heal and both have about a 50-70% success rate, which isn’t instilling me with much confidence, given everything else I’ve tried and how poorly I’ve done with other treatments.

I asked his opinion about acupuncture, and he was not opposed to me trying it but hasn’t had much experience with it either. I appreciated his attitude, and I do think I’m going to give that a try first. It seems like I have nothing to lose, yes? I already can’t run, or even exercise, really, and the injections sound horrible. I might as well try this first. I have a few local recommendations to go on so I’ll look into that next week.

Meanwhile I’m trying to take it easy and wear sensible shoes and wait it out. But hey. At least they match!

In other news, my son went to the 8th grade dance last night. Evidently it’s a pretty big deal. Sort of like a graduation celebration. I am in total and complete denial that he’s going to high school next year. But isn’t he a handsome little guy?


He’s not so little anymore, I guess. I love this picture my husband snapped of him showing something on his phone to his sister and her friends. They were all heckling him as he came out of the house as only sisters can do.


I’m looking forward to a laid-back weekend, catching up on my latest novel and doing some video editing. I recorded 4 or 5 videos yesterday. I have to do this on the days I actually shower and put on makeup, as those days are few and far between right now. It’s really hard for me to get motivated when I’m not exercising. I feel like such a slug.

I got my newest Stitch Fix box (it was a success this time, I cannot WAIT to share it with you!!) and my May Glossybox (video to be posted this morning over on my YouTube channel) AND my latest Stella & Dot order. So lots to share!

So that’s it for me. I hope you have a lovely, relaxing weekend planned. Get some sun and enjoy your family!