Coffee Talk 7.10.22

outfit details

Where to begin…. I feel like so much has happened this week, and yet it flew by. Since we chatted last Sunday, I had my 50th birthday party on Monday, which was a blast. Paul did an amazing job with decorations. A good friend catered the food, which was delicious and beautifully presented, and we even had live music. A friend of mine and her music partner play all over the area, and they came and performed for us. It was such a good time!

Then I tried to fit in a bunch of appointments on Tuesday because I knew I’d be consumed with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale from Wednesday on, which I was.

I still have no resolution on my dental issues, and I appreciate all who have commented and emailed with suggestions. Although the pain isn’t as severe as it was initially, something isn’t right, so I’m definitely going to get a second opinion. I just need to figure out where to go for that… maybe to an oral surgeon to make sure there is no crack in the tooth. I wear a retainer that serves as a night guard, but I know I clench and grind my teeth.

I’ve actually been sleeping without the retainer this week, at the suggestion of my endodontist, to see if maybe it’s too tight and that was causing issues. It was made for me right after the first root canal back in January, so it’s fairly new, but my mouth has never felt right since that root canal. The retainer was made weeks after that, once I had the permanent crown put on. All that to say, I don’t think that’s the cause, although it may be exacerbating the problem.

Meanwhile, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is in full swing, and it is SO much better this year! I’m finding some great pieces, and the inventory is holding up better than it has in years. HINT: The Nordstrom made brands have the most inventory. I assume that’s because they have more control the production, and other premium brands probably place strict limits on the quantities they’re willing to provide at such a deep discount before the fall season even begins.

A lot of the more special, unique pieces have sold out by now, but there are still a lot of good wardrobe staples that are fully stocked. Plus, returns will be trickling in over the next few weeks, so keep an eye on your favorites. I already took a big load back to the store this week. I put together a page with a bunch of my #NSale Looks, if you’re interested.

In other news, Paul took me to our favorite French restaurant last night for my birthday dinner, and that was amazing as always. I wore that Vince dress from the #NSale.

outfit details

And this afternoon, we’re meeting up with friends for yet another birthday celebration. I promise, after that, you will no longer have to hear about my 50th birthday!

Looking ahead to this next week, we have Amazon Prime Day coming up on Tuesday and Wednesday! They have some really good Beauty deals, among other things. I don’t get into Amazon Prime Day the way I do the #NSale, but I do plan to cover that with my personal favorites.

I also have some non-Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Try-Ons that I want to share with you before they sell out. I feel like it’s been all mirror selfies all the time lately, but that is the quickest and most efficient way I know to get the most information out to you. I’m meeting with Alison on Wednesday to shoot the looks I need for the rest of the month, so there will be a little more variety after that!

I’m also started to look forward to our Maine vacation the following week. I’m going to need it! It will be a short one this year because we’re fitting it in between my kids’ camp schedules, but at least all five of will be able to go this year.

I haven’t even taken time to exercise or go outside for a walk this week, so I’m going to do that this morning before church. We had some rain and clouds yesterday, but it’s a beautiful morning here today. I hope you all have a lovely and relaxing Sunday!

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37 thoughts on “Coffee Talk 7.10.22

  1. Jo-Lynne,

    Thank you again for all the time and effort you put into the Nordstrom sale! Everything is so helpful and I am excited to (hopefully) pick up my new jeans and tops today! These are items that I probably wouldn’t have considered without your post, so I really appreciate the details and seeing the clothes on you to get an idea of how things look.

    Best of luck with your tooth. Tooth pain and dental work is the worst so I hope you finally get an answer and have this resolved.


  2. Thanks for all the work you do showing us great fashions. Love all of your looks whether casual or dressy and it gives me great ideas so that I hopefully stay out of the matronly category. And by the way, if I love to be 150 I will ever have as much pain as I did with a tooth that after the dentist filled it, it would raise up a little from the socket during the day. Tooth pain is the absolute worst.

  3. Thank you for your wonderful coverage of the Nordy sale, Jo-Lynne. Initially, I wasn’t sure there would be many items I would end up purchasing, however, I already picked some items up and the scary thing is that almost everything I ordered I want to keep. Oh dear. The items I’m returning are mostly a result of buying 2 sizes– especially with jeans.( I’ve tried to set aside my frustration with the fact that I wear between a 29 and a 32 in jeans and just roll with it. ) I also want to thank you for the capsule wardrobe post. I have never been interested in a capsule wardrobe, but we’re living in our motorhome while we finish our house renovation and I am beginning to realize my life would be easier if I pared down my closet to just my “loves”. Most capsule wardrobe articles and posts are too boring for me, but not yours. I downloaded your chart and plan to use it this fall as I have almost every item or one similar. Happy Sunday!!!

  4. Thank you for all the time, effort and energy put into your work. I love, and appreciate, that you try on and share what you like and what doesn’t work for you. It may be the color for your skin tone, the fit or it’s not your style. You attention to detail has taught me to be more alert and picky about I add to my wardrobe.

    I love that your hubby, family and friends continue to celebrate your new decade of life. How wonderful to celebrate milestones with those we love and care about. 🎂🎈🎊🩱🕶🍷

    The idea of getting another opinion is a good one. You certainly aren’t getting answers from your current endodontist .

  5. Beautiful dress on you! 🌸
    Your coverage of the Nsale was so helpful! Thank you for your hard work. It’s your big birthday milestone, enjoy all month!🥳

  6. I have been meaning to comment all week, but I will heap on the praise today! You have done a great job covering the Nordstrom sale- so helpful and picks in a nice price range. Thank you for all the posts! As for the capsule wardrobe-that was the best! Please consider doing those on a seasonal basis. I find it helpful to see how the pieces all work together to make different outfits. That is an area I struggle with and you are excellent at it. Lastly, I think it is so sweet when you write about asking Paul’s advice on some of your decision making for clothing choices. I ask my husband when I am undecided and occasionally my grown sons! Always interesting to get their opinion. Thanks for sharing your life and the effort you put into this blog! Happy birthday-happy Maine vacation & best of luck on dental issues!

  7. I love the Vince dress on you….I like how you styled it with the pumps and bag…your jewelry is spot on too. Happy 50th to you.

  8. I hate that you are still having enough issues with your teeth to know that something isn’t right! You know your body, so keep searching until you get answers. This is going to sound like a very strange idea, but I wonder if it is an ENT problem. You know how all of that is connected and can cause issues. I am already checking Nordstrom on a daily basis for the BP ivory sweater vest that I am really interested in. I agree with you regarding the improvement on how the sale has been handled this year. Boy, your birthday celebration this year is like the Energizer Bunny, which is a good thing! Enjoy every moment! I hope that the weather in Maine will be better for y’all this year. Have a blessed day!

  9. Could you post a link to the capsule wardrobe post? I searched the blog and only came up with 2016 posts. Must have missed a recent one. Thank you!

  10. Maybe request a copy of your surgical notes. Intubation for anesthesia can cause dental injuries. Just a thought. Hope you feel better soon.

  11. Birthdays are to be celebrated! I celebrate as long as anyone will celebrate with me! I call it my birthday season. I lost my best friend to ovarian cancer. She was 38. It gave my a new appreciation of life and birthdays. So you share your celebrations with us long as you have them.

  12. I suggest you visit a neurologist,since I had similar issues,and two bouts of the most horrible pains I have ever had.My mom suffers from trigeminal neuralgia,and the neurologist told me it was very probable I had it too.His diagnostic was orofacial (Oro is Latin for mouth )pain with a high possibility of trigeminal neuralgia. During this period I couldn’t use mouth washes because they triggered an incredibly intense pain in my face.So I would go to a neurologist.

  13. Love the dress on you! Do you think it would be okay for a wedding (church ceremony)?

    Like others have said, you did a great job with the NA sale. Appreciate all of the details you provide. I know it takes time.

  14. What a pretty black dress! It looks perfect on you! Thank you for the Capsule Wardrobe, I have been trying to pair down my wardrobe for 2 years now. I am not good about pulling outfits together so I am loving this inspiration! I would love if you did it more often and for each season? I know it is a lot of work, but you have really helped me from over the years. Hope you have a lovely evening! And rest!

  15. Hi Jo-Lynne:

    I hope you can stand one more suggestion regarding your dental issue. About 35 years ago, I had a VERY unsuccessful root canal and kept going back to my dentist. He kept telling me it couldn’t be that same tooth since the root was dead. I kept suffering and insisted there was something wrong. Finally, my dentist took several x-rays in really unconventional positions. The last one, I was practically standing on my head, but guess what?! They found an extra root in the tooth that was buried way to the back and they couldn’t see it on regular x-rays. He ended up giving me a second root canal (at no charge) and I finally got relief from the constant pain. Apparently, this is more common than we realize, so you would think they could find it more easily!! Good luck to you on finding a solution. Pat in Nevada

  16. Everyone is commenting on a capsule list that I have apparently missed! Please tell me where to find it. And BTW, feel free to mention your birthday as often as you like. You make 50 look great and inspire us to strive to do likewise.

  17. Sorry you haven’t solved your tooth issue. Has your dentist considered TMJ? It can be quite painful. Many of us who grind our teeth suffer from it. Good luck !

  18. Hi Jo-Lynne,
    I have never commented before, but just wanted to tell you about issues I had with my teeth 4 years ago. I had severe pain when eating anything cold, hot, also a cold breeze could trigger off pain in the right side of my face. I had several visits to my dentist, as I thought there had to be something wrong. They found nothing, suggested it was a sinus infection and I was given antibiotics to see would that resolve the issue. It didn’t, so I eventually went to my doctor. Thankfully, a very clever locum doctor from South Africa, wondered did I have neuralgia and started me on pain killers for nerve pain. They worked, so I was diagnosed with Trigeminal neuralgia. Unfortunately, I still have to take the painkillers every day. I recently forgot to take them and had a bad spell of pain, which I really want to try and avoid again.
    I actually hope you do find something wrong with your teeth, as that can be fixed! It is interesting that you have had root canal treatment in that area of your mouth. My pain is also around where I have had root canal treatment and have a crown. I was also convinced that there must be a crack in a tooth or an abscess in that area. But there wasn’t. It does make me wonder whether while I was receiving treatment, were some nerves damaged. I will never know, but am glad to have the pain under fairly good control.
    Best wishes,

    1. You are the third person to suggest this, and I do need to look into it. I know someone who has it as well. So a neurologist is the correct doctor to see? How do they diagnose it? I did mention it to my chiropractor last week when I was there for another issue, and he tested a few things and said he didn’t see anything to indicate trigeminal neuralgia, but I realize that isn’t his specialty. I really hope that isn’t what this is, but I also have that weird ear pain that comes and goes with no obvious reason, so I have to wonder if they are related.

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