Coffee Talk + What I’ve Worn On Sale

Greetings to you on this fine Sunday morning… or afternoon or evening! I’m always writing these posts at the crack of dawn, so it always seems appropriate to say “good morning,” but I realize not everyone is going to read it right away.

Any-who. I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Ours has been pretty quiet, which is nice. We ended up hanging out at home and going to bed early both nights — well, that’s not entirely true. The girls each had plans Friday night, so Paul and I took turns playing Uber Driver, but other than that, we were just here.

We went to the mall for a few hours yesterday to kill some time, and that was productive — at least for Paul and the 16-year-old. They each found a few things they needed. R and I just window-shopped, but she got an Auntie Anne’s pretzel so she was happy.

I was planning to get new eyeglasses because I have a new script, but the optical shop I wanted to use was busy, so we’ll have to go back during the week. I forget how different it is to shop on a Saturday! I almost always shop on weekdays.

We stopped into the new True Food Kitchen for lunch before hitting the mall, and that was really good. It was a totally spontaneous decision. We were planning to go to Shake Shack, which is next door, but then we saw the True Food. I’d never heard of it, but it looked intriguing so I googled it and determined it would be a much better choice!

We all enjoyed it, but it’s definitely a little different. If you haven’t heard of it, look it up. It’s pretty cool for those who are into real food and local, seasonal cuisine.

I had the fish tacos and a glass of Veltliner. The tacos look a little plain because they were missing the avocado salsa, but they were still tasty. (I’m allergic to avocado. #sadbuttrue)

So anyway, beyond that, our weekend hasn’t been particularly notable, but I did want to tell you about a few things that just went on sale.

I usually try to keep the business out of my Sunday posts, but the Loft sale ends tonight, and I don’t want you to miss it because at some point yesterday afternoon, Loft decided to put a bunch of their jeans and sweaters on sale for $35!

That includes the yellow cardigan and the cropped straight jeans I shared yesterday — and both garnered quite a few mentions in the comment section.

Here they are again, along with my descriptions, in case you missed yesterday’s post.

LOFT Boyfriend Cardigan in Golden Grass // For my newer followers, one of my most popular outfits of all time was this one, featuring a mustard yellow boyfriend sweater with tortoiseshell buttons from Loft. When I saw this sweater at Loft last week, I ordered it right away so I could recreate the look. It also comes in navy, grey, and pink; and it’s lightweight and perfect for springtime.

For size reference, I have the small. This sweater is currently on sale for $35, no code needed.

LOFT Destructed Straight Leg Jeans in Authentic Mid Indigo Wash // I actually rather like these, for a straight cropped style. I think I styled a pair last year, actually. They’re soft and comfortable, and for the price, the wash is pretty good, although I don’t care for that frayed hem.

For size reference, I’m in the 28/6 and they feel like they could get baggy. I don’t know if I could zip up the 27/4 or not, but it may be worth a try. Definitely size down if in between. These jeans are currently on sale for $35, no code needed.

LOFT Striped Turtleneck Poncho Sweater // This is a cute poncho option for those of us who are cold natured and like to be cozy. There are no armholes, but it stays in place well despite that. It’s a nice, soft knit, and it’s TTS.

For reference, I’m wearing the XS/S. This poncho is 30% off, bringing it down to $62.65 in cart.

They also have a bunch of dresses and skirts marked $49.50, and that includes the mock neck dress I shared yesterday.

LOFT Melange Mock Neck Dress // How fun is this dress? I expected to hate it, but I kind of like it. It would probably look better with tights, as shown on the model… at least until I apply some self tanner! Anyway, it fits well, doesn’t cling, and I think it would make a nice work wear piece.

Wearing a small, for reference. This dress is on sale for $49.50, no code needed.

And finally, Bloomingdale’s is running a sale that includes a lot of premium denim as well as this chunky ivory sweaterTake 25% off when you shop with a Bloomingdale’s Credit Card or take 20% off no matter how you pay on a large selection of regular price items with code LOVE. Look for styles marked “PROMOTION ELIGIBLE WITH CODE: LOVE”.

Plus Loyallists get a $25 Reward Card (5,000 Power Points) for every $125 you spend on select regular price items labeled “LOYALLIST POWER POINTS”.

AQUA Boatneck Sweater // I love the loose, open weave; the contrast stitching at neck, cuffs, and hem; and the boxy but drapey fit. I know not everyone likes the shorter styles, but they work well on my short-waisted figure. Also, the raglan sleeves are flattering. I love the color too — they call it Pearl Essence, and that is exactly how it looks. It’s beyond a basic off-white sweater somehow. I can see wearing this well into springtime.

I’m wearing a small, for reference. This sweater is 50% off, no code needed.

AG Legging Ankle Jeans with Raw Hem in 7 Years Break // Probably my most-worn jeans, after the similar ripped pair I have that were discontinued. These are going on three years old, and I still wear them a couple times a week. They’re such a good wash — the perfect in between that you can dress up or down. It’s light enough to provide some contrast against black or navy, but dark enough to pair with lighter colors too.

For reference, I have these jeans in my usual AG size 28; size down if in between. Use code LOVE to get 20% off (25% off if you use a Bloomingdale’s credit card.)

AG Farrah Ankle Skinny Jeans in 4 Years Deep Willow // If you prefer a higher rise and a sewn hem, these have a similar wash and fit, and they’re 30% off no matter how you pay, no code needed.

AG Angel Bootcut Jeans in Audacious // These are the same fit as the lightwash AG flares I shared yesterday, but they’re a nice even dark wash, and they’re on sale! Plus the original price is lower. For some reason, those lighter washes seem to cost more.

Okay, I think that’s all I’ve got. The Loft sale is probably the best thing going this weekend, but if you’re willing to poke around, the Bloomies sale could prove worthwhile. I didn’t see many handbags included in the sale, but there are some good shoes. These Sam Edelman wedge slides caught my eye — I wonder if they’re walkable.

And these Marc Fisher wedge sandals are fun. They’re similar to the Adalyn that’s been trending for the past few years. These darker colors are on sale, but Bloomies doesn’t seem to have the lighter colors that Nordstrom does.

There are some flat sandals too, and sneakers… you just have to know what you’re looking for.

Well, I’m off to get my run in before church. Have a great day!

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20 Responses

    1. No, but like most trends, it tends to be evolving. The biggest trend in distressed denim that I’m seeing is the busted out knees. I’m not a huge fan of that, myself, but I don’t mind a ripped knee or a few distressed marks here and there. I’d also say I’m seeing more non-distressed denim these days so I do think we’re gonna be seeing less and less destructed denim this spring.

      1. Thank-you for being one of the FEW fashion bloggers who responds to questions! I know your schedule is busy, but I appreciate the time you give, providing personal “care”, to your followers!!!

  1. Sounds like a nice family weekend!  Thank you for letting us know about the Loft sale.  While we are on a shopping freeze, I can going to order the cardigan and the straight legged cropped jeans, since I need a smaller size now.  Wishing you a very blessed and relaxing Sunday!

  2. Jolynne, can you tell me the fabric content of the AQUA boatneck sweater? On Bloomingdale’s site, it only says cotton and acrylic, not how much of each. Thanks and enjoy your Sunday. 

  3. GM! It’s still morning in Texas. I purchased that boyfriend mustard cardigan when you first styled it and had forgetten all about it. I did wear it a few times when I first got it but thought it was more of a fall color but with the white-t shirt under, it would be good to wear now. I am going to pull it out today. So thank you 😊 

  4. I enjoy your blog so much, although I hardly ever comment. You’ve mentioned a couple of times lately about some of your jeans getting into the dryer accidentally or being washed on the wrong setting. Can you share with us how you clean/care for your clothes? Thanks!

    1. Sure! I usually wash everything on cold. I hang my jeans, lay sweaters out flat to dry, and dry everything else on low. I do dry clean my wool and cashmere but I’m thinking of trying to wash a couple of my cashmere sweaters and see how it goes.

      1. I hand wash my cashmere with Eucalan. It works wonderfully, and it doesn’t even need to be rinsed out. It doesn’t cause fading at all. Just soak your sweater in tepid sudsy water, roll it in a towel to remove excess water, then reshape to dry. If you get the lavender scented Eucalan it will even repel moths. I have a small plastic laundry tub that I use solely for hand washing my finer clothing.

  5. Love those Loft jeans… it’s funny that what you don’t like about them is what I think makes them cute on you… the frayed hem!! Love your posts Jo-Lynne!!
    Happy Sunday!

  6. Hi Jo-Lynne! I ordered the LOFT mustard cardigan last week and when it arrived, I looked at the color and decided it was a no-go for me. But then I saw it yesterday and today on your posts so I dug it out of my return bag and actually tried it on! I love it! To me, the color looks kind of yuck in the bag, but once it’s out and on, it is great! Thanks so much for all your work for us! My wardrobe has greatly improved since I started following you. Happy Sunday!

  7. Great update! I am weirdly considering going to try on that mock neck dress…..SO not my normal style but it looks great on you! That True Food Kitchen looks interesting, I know there are some down here in VA but I’ve never been or seen the menu. It does look worth a look! Incidentally, I will be in my old hometown of Norristown next weekend and am planning a trip to the K of P mall, where I haven’t been in AGES…..is that where it is? Besides the normal mall stores, do you have any other favorite stores there I should check out? It has literally been years since I’ve been in the Court or Plaza and I’m guessing it has changed ALOT since my highschool days!

  8. Jo-Lynne,
    Are the AG Farrah jeans true to size? Do they stretch out after wearing? I’m debating on size, I’m normally a size 8 in jeans, at least all my Loft and Lucky jeans are 8 but this would be my first pair in AG. 

  9. Jo-Lynne, you are looking so trim!! You look great! I love Loft jeans! They always seem to fit and I am not spending a ton of money. I just don’t understand premium denim. I bought a pair once and every time I wear them, which isn’t often, I kick myself for how much I spent. Oh well… that’s just me. Thank goodness there is denim for every budget! 😊

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