Because, Have You SEEN My Tagline?

I woke up this morning to a tragic revelation.  We were out of coffee.  I KNOW.

Here’s the good news.  For the first time in 12 days ALL THREE KIDS ARE IN SCHOOL AT THE SAME TIME.  So I only had to make it until I dropped my 3-year-old off at preschool at 9am to get my coffee fix.  Of course, that means I had to survive two hours without my medication caffeine.  As my brother is fond of saying, it would be easier to just insert a needle and pump it right into my veins.  Of course, I don’t do needles unless under duress.  And besides, I would miss the experience of the morning cup o’ java.  Still, he has a point.

In the course of those two hours I had to get three children out of bed, dressed, fed, and off to school.  AND I had the privilege of capturing my daughter’s first urine of the day in a 6-ounce plastic container.  The joys of parenthood, they are never-ending.

As soon as I had each child in his or her respective location, I made haste to the nearest Starbucks.  It’s been so long since I’ve had 2 hours alone that I wasn’t sure what to do with myself, so I brought my laptop along in case I decided to while away the morning at the coffee shop.  Cause, you know, after 12 days under house arrest, there was NOTHING else I needed to do.

*Plugs ears with fingers and proceeds to chant la-la-la-la-la.*

Okay, so I just don’t FEEL like going grocery shopping.  Sue me.  Eating is overrated anyway.

Of course, once I got myself all situated at a table with my coffee and my blueberry muffin and my MacBook, I discovered that WiFi isn’t free at my local Starbucks.  They wanted to charge me $3.99.  Coffee shop FAIL.

I hemmed.  And I hawed.  And I hemmed some more.  I even took out my credit card and began filling in the information.

Then I said to myself, What kind of idiot spends 4 bucks to sit in a coffee shop and do on a 13-inch laptop what she can go home and do for free on a 24-inch monitor? (Yes, I talk to myself often; don’t mock me.)  So I closed my computer and reached in my purse and pulled out my handy red Blackberry and checked email and Twitter while I drained my coffee mug.  FOR FREE (or you know, for my monthly payment of $19.99, but whatever.)  And for the record, don’t waste your calories on the blueberry muffin.  There is way too much strudel and way too little blueberry.

Before I left, I bought a pound of Verona and had them grind it for me.  A friend told me it is much better than buying it in the grocery store, and I have been quite dissatisfied with my coffee lately so I’m giving this a try.

I still couldn’t get motivated to go grocery shopping or any other manner of productive activity so here I sit, in the comfort of my own home, typing away another post about nothing until it’s time to go grab the girls from school.  After school I get the delightful chore of going back to the doctor for their well check-ups.  Because it would have been too efficient to do it all when I was there last week for a sick visit.  Thank goodness we have a low copay.