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I woke up this morning to a tragic revelation.  We were out of coffee.  I KNOW.

Here’s the good news.  For the first time in 12 days ALL THREE KIDS ARE IN SCHOOL AT THE SAME TIME.  So I only had to make it until I dropped my 3-year-old off at preschool at 9am to get my coffee fix.  Of course, that means I had to survive two hours without my medication caffeine.  As my brother is fond of saying, it would be easier to just insert a needle and pump it right into my veins.  Of course, I don’t do needles unless under duress.  And besides, I would miss the experience of the morning cup o’ java.  Still, he has a point.

In the course of those two hours I had to get three children out of bed, dressed, fed, and off to school.  AND I had the privilege of capturing my daughter’s first urine of the day in a 6-ounce plastic container.  The joys of parenthood, they are never-ending.

As soon as I had each child in his or her respective location, I made haste to the nearest Starbucks.  It’s been so long since I’ve had 2 hours alone that I wasn’t sure what to do with myself, so I brought my laptop along in case I decided to while away the morning at the coffee shop.  Cause, you know, after 12 days under house arrest, there was NOTHING else I needed to do.

*Plugs ears with fingers and proceeds to chant la-la-la-la-la.*

Okay, so I just don’t FEEL like going grocery shopping.  Sue me.  Eating is overrated anyway.

Of course, once I got myself all situated at a table with my coffee and my blueberry muffin and my MacBook, I discovered that WiFi isn’t free at my local Starbucks.  They wanted to charge me $3.99.  Coffee shop FAIL.

I hemmed.  And I hawed.  And I hemmed some more.  I even took out my credit card and began filling in the information.

Then I said to myself, What kind of idiot spends 4 bucks to sit in a coffee shop and do on a 13-inch laptop what she can go home and do for free on a 24-inch monitor? (Yes, I talk to myself often; don’t mock me.)  So I closed my computer and reached in my purse and pulled out my handy red Blackberry and checked email and Twitter while I drained my coffee mug.  FOR FREE (or you know, for my monthly payment of $19.99, but whatever.)  And for the record, don’t waste your calories on the blueberry muffin.  There is way too much strudel and way too little blueberry.

Before I left, I bought a pound of Verona and had them grind it for me.  A friend told me it is much better than buying it in the grocery store, and I have been quite dissatisfied with my coffee lately so I’m giving this a try.

I still couldn’t get motivated to go grocery shopping or any other manner of productive activity so here I sit, in the comfort of my own home, typing away another post about nothing until it’s time to go grab the girls from school.  After school I get the delightful chore of going back to the doctor for their well check-ups.  Because it would have been too efficient to do it all when I was there last week for a sick visit.  Thank goodness we have a low copay.

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  1. Verona is my second fave SBux coffee…and your friend is right. When I worked at SBux I quickly learned there is a HUGE difference in the coffee from SBux stores, and what they sell at the grocery. The ones at the grocery are basically the leftovers from the batches they sell at the stores….and it’s been around a lot longer. Yuck. If you can invest in a burr grinder, do. Blade grinders really aren’t worth the hassle and they burn your beans.

  2. If I might offer one piece of advice on brewing a good cup of joe, I would suggest getting yourself a grinder. It makes a big difference if you grind it right before you brew it.

    Thanks to my husband’s new obsession with all things coffee, I think I’m becoming a coffee snob. 🙂

  3. I’m a Panera fan myself, but I buy Barnie’s coffee to brew at home. I can NOT pay for a cup of coffee except on very rare occasions. I have the same mentality about buying a cup of coffee that you do about $4 wifi. I like my Barnie’s flavored beans better.

  4. I don’t know what I would do without my caffeine fix…I don’t know if I would have made it the entire time without hurting someone! lol

  5. Starbucks is overrated. It’s expensive. The pastries aren’t particularly tasty. And they really need to offer free wireless. Charging for it is SO 2008.

  6. I’m so glad someone else has looked into that directly into the veins concept. But then you would miss the first sip, which I liken to the first puff of the day a smoker takes. I audibly respond every single morning. I’m glad that you used your resources to buy coffee, instead of wi-fi. When you can get free wi-fi at Krystal Burger, its time for Starbucks to go freebie. It almost makes me not like them anymore. Almost.

  7. I’m completely with you on the caffeine thing. My husband makes me a latte every morning. He knows I’m so much more likable when I’ve had my coffee… 🙂
    Oh and I agree with Beth, you have to try Panera’s Cinnamon Crunch bagel. For a real treat add hazelnut cream cheese.. so bad.

  8. Having spent my morning at both Target and the grocery store, I can tell you that you made a wise choice. Why do they even OFFER those gigantic car/carts? Seriously, they maneuver like a tank and my kid can’t walk past one without INSISTING “Drive, DRIVE” It did buy me an extra five minutes though.

  9. That is hilarious Jo-Lynne. One of the funniest stories I think you have written. Being captive in your house does you well. 😉

  10. I’m a HUGE fan of the cinnamon crunch bagel, but my favorite is the French Toast bagel. Or I just go for the chocolate croissant. 😉

  11. Way to be responsible! I probably would have stayed and paid. Silly. I keep forgetting that if I ever get around to getting my Blackberry I’ll have cough up the dough for access. Husband might not see the need. Hmmm, I’ll have to plan a flawless campaign.

    I will admit that I can’t really relate to the need for coffee. I don’t drink it often, and usually decaf. I don’t really eat/drink much of anything in the morning. Nothing seems to help anyway. 😉 And Eight o’Clock coffee is delicious.

  12. Wow! $4 for WiFi sounds ridiculous to me too.

    I would definitely snag a coffee at the drive thru if I didn’t have any at home. Glad you had a nice morning!

  13. Ouch – $4 for wireless! that’s crazy. But I do love me a venti latte, one raw sugar and a blueberry scone. YUM.

    We buy Pete’s Coffee when its on sale and it delicious. Otherwise, we buy starbucks b/c is way too expensive at regular price! you may want to try it.

  14. Due to sleeping a little late (thaks, time change) and Kindermusik, I actually did not have time for my morning coffee yesterday. I’m still alive!!!

  15. LOL… funny thing is I saw ur car at Starbucks bright and early when I was getting my Starbucks fix at the drive thru!! Waking up to no coffee is one of the most dreadful things ever. Sometimes before I go to bed I think abt tomorrow’s 1st cup of coffee and how great it will be… sigh… coffee rocks! 🙂

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