Cold Shoulder Stripe Tee for Sightseeing in Savannah

Happy Monday, friends! We arrived home late last night, and it’s always so nice to be home after a time away. It was absolute bliss to wake up this morning in my own bed with a cool spring breeze drifting through my open window and the cheerful wakeup call of the birds’ serenade.

Of course, along with all that comes a scratchy throat and itchy ears, but I’ll take it! I’d rather sleep with my windows open and deal with the annoying symptoms of spring allergies than live in a house that’s all closed up. Plus, there’s always Allegra. LOL!

Today I’m sharing my final outfit from our trip to Savannah. Ya’ll are probably happy to hear that. I feel like they’re getting old, but I have to say, it’s been SO nice having all these pictures banked, ready to post whenever I need them.

This is the cold shoulder stripe tee I mentioned last week in my April Favorites. In addition to the trendy cutout shoulders and fun multidirectional stripes, it has a split back detail that is super cute.

I did not wear an under layer, but the back does have a tendency to fly open as you walk around and the breeze picks up, so you may feel more comfortable with one.

Next time I wear this top, I think I’ll wear a light cami under it and tuck it into my jeans so I don’t wonder how much of my back and sides are being exposed if a gust of wind blows. There was a time when that might have been cute, but these days no one wants to see this middle-aged muffin top. (And do not try to tell me I don’t have one. I have birthed three children, and it’s just a fact of life.) That’s exactly why I love this drapey jersey fabric. It’s super forgiving and flows over the body without clinging.

I have the medium in this top because I tried the small, and it was a little too tight across the bust and too short for my liking, but the arms on this medium seem a little bit too big. Typically I wear a small in this Bobeau brand, so take that all into consideration if you order it.

I paired the top with my white distressed jeans and “flatform” espadrille wedge sandals. They’re beginning to sell out in the cognac color, but the taupe is also nice.

I like these sandals because they give you some added height without feeling like you’re walking in heels. They were comfortable enough for walking around Savannah for a few hours, but I wouldn’t want to wear them all day. They’re nice in that they’re genuine leather, but they’re kind of heavy on the foot.

I’ve noticed that’s a major difference between lower and higher priced espadrille wedges — the cheaper shoes tend to be heavier. (Not that I think $80 is cheap, mind you; but my Stuart Weitzmans, for example, are much lighter.) We only spent a few hours in town before heading back to our resort to lay by the pool, so these were fine for that.

I kept my accessories simple with gold studs and a stack of beaded bracelets. Of course, sunglasses were a must! My Ray-Ban aviators are lightweight and go with everything.

My white saddle bag was the perfect lightweight handbag to carry. I didn’t need to bring much for just a few hours of sight seeing, and it’s easy to keep track of because I can wear it as a crossbody.

My natural inclination was to carry a cognac bag to go with the sandals, but it’s not necessary to match your shoes and handbag, and I kind of like the way this outfit came together with the white bag. It makes the cognac in the shoes a little more unexpected and adds interest to the black and white color palette.

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cold shoulder stripe tee // white distressed jeans (similar for less) // cognac “flatform” espadrille wedges (also in taupe) // saddle bag // gold studs // beaded bracelets // Ray-Bans: pink gradient lenses with matte gold frames

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17 Responses

  1. I think that’s a great suggestion to wear a cami under this type of shirt, Jo-Lynne! Not that flashing my back is the most embarrassing thing but…..
    I had a pair of shoes that I bought for our Paris trip years ago that were SO heavy! It’s definitely something to think about if you are walking tons!! I ended up giving them away…
    Glad you made it home safe!

  2. Y alwas look so put together with your outfits, and your makeup looks like a pro does it, do you have any makeup tips for me always have problems with my eyeshadow.

    1. I’ve learned with eye shadow, it’s all about precision and blending. Also good eye shadow with lots of pigment helps, and eye shadow primer helps it stay put and not crease too much. I did a video tutorial once, it is super old and really embarrassing, but I still use the basic technique: https://jolynneshane.com/easy-eye-makeup-tutorial-video.html

      I use more eyeshadow now, and I use the Naked Smoky palette almost exclusively: https://bit.ly/2iNnyr3

      1. Is a Naked Smoky palette tutorial or hints blog post possible? I love my smoky palette for going out but have a hard time using it for the everyday. I agree with others, your eye shadow is always on point! Would love to know your color choices and which you blend.

        1. I would love to try to do a tutorial sometime, I am just such a procrastinator with video. 🙂 My favorite for daytime is that matte grey – sometimes I just do that over my lid and blend it up into the brow brown and call it a day. If I want it to look better, I take some of that pink and put it on the inner eyelid and blend into the grey. I find the grey can be too light so I have to pack it on a bit. Eye shadow primer also helps it look darker and last longer, but I’m usually too lazy for daytime.

  3. Love this look. To me, it’s the perfect combination of casual and put together. I second the comment about your eye makeup. You always manage to get a lot of impact out of the eye look without being overdone. Don’t know what you do, but it always looks really, really good.

  4. So Cute!!! and like the other comments, i would love to know about your eye makeup!!! Stunning!!!!

  5. Cute outfit for sure!! And you are always so kind to respond to any questions we have and often the comments!!
    I am on the lookout for any possibility to style all these ankle length crops I accumulated last year?? I was working then so needed several business casual ankle type pants ( the perfect crop style from Talbots). I tried them with the bell sleeve tops I bought this year and cracked myself up. Obviously these pants will require a more fitted top?? OR are these type pants/ crops just not “in style” this season?? Appreciate your honest input!
    Julie L

  6. I always appreciate your thoughts on why you wear things together. Like the white purse; I too would have paired the sandals with a cognac purse. But your outfit looks great with the white one! Gives me ideas……

  7. I ordered this top from the April Favorites post and I just tried it on. I love it!! So happy to finally have a cold shoulder top that fits correctly. This version came in petite which is perfect for me!

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