My son is generally very accepting of the food changes I’ve made in our household. Being the oldest, you’d think that he would be the one to put up the biggest stink, but he is actually quite interested in why I choose to buy certain foods and to avoid others.

He’s been learning about “nutrition” in health class — the FDA’s version, anyway. He often asks me about what he’s been taught and weighs it against the information I’m learning. He seems interested, and many times I’ll see him eating something I know he doesn’t really care for because he knows it will help him stay healthy and strong.

Not to say that he never eats crap. The older he gets, the more opportunities he has to eat junk foods, and I’m well aware that he takes advantage of those golden opportunities. But when he’s at home, he is generally agreeable about what we have to eat. I figure it all balances out somewhere along the line, and ultimately it will be up to him anyway.

The other day, he was milling around the kitchen, looking for a snack, and he said, “You know what I’m craving? An Oreo. My friend gave me one at school the other day, and I’ve been craving them every since.”

I had to agree — an Oreo is one good cookie. If there is any one store-bought junkfood cookie item that still tempts me, it would be an Oreo.

So the other day I was at Target, picking up some essentials, and look what jumped off the shelf and landed in my cart!

You should have seen the smiles and heard the squeals when my kids got home from school that day and found these on the counter.

I figure this either makes me a hypocrite or a wise mamma — I’m not sure which.

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  1. have to admit… ewwwww. I’m not an oreo fan. even before I was allergic to cookies, I never liked them.

    My kids, though? they’d be very happy to have seen that on the counter!

    1. Yeah, and life is getting shorter with each generation! Haha.

      Naw, it’s no biggie. They eat so well most of the time.

  2. My girls made sure to tell me that you had Oreo’s in the house. And I didn’t believe them. I figured you had the Trader Joe ones. But I am a doubter, and here it is in print. I yield to you oh wise Mama!

    1. LOL. I usually buy the Paul Newman ones, or rather, Paul buys them, when he stops at KWF for milk. But this time I figured I’d cut the kid some slack and get him the real deal. 🙂

  3. Wise. Very, very wise. When you buy another package a year from now your kids will say, “Oh yeah, I remember those!” and they’ll be happy all over again.

      1. Now you have to go try them. Bet you can’t eat just one. (From someone who just ate a whole package in one day.)

  4. This makes you the kind of mom who won’t have to worry about her son being dishonest because he knows that you listen to him, take him seriously, and care about what he’s saying!

    1. I used to be so laid back about food. Sigh… I really don’t LIKE the obsessive food freak I’ve become, but when you know what I know now… it’s hard to forget it.

  5. You are funny. And brilliant. Our household issue isn’t with my teen. It’s with my husband. HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA I find contraband all the time hidden around here and there.

    1. My husband is PRETTY good but sometimes he will bring home something nasty like root beer. That stuff has so much crap in it – I cringe to watch my kids drink that stuff.

  6. My 12 yo is the one who misses junk food the most…and funny you posted this because last week I bought “Oreos” by Back to Nature (they call them Classic Cremes). My DS thinks they are pretty good…or maybe he said that so I will at least by those if I won’t buy real Oreos.

    1. Yes, I’ve bought those before. Back to Nature makes the BEST imitation crackers and cookies on the market, imo. I buy their “wheat thins” often.

    1. LOL. We chase any less-than-perfectly-healthy food with raw milk. I figure it cancels out the crap. 🙂

  7. Love it! My kids know that if I buy a treat, they’re going to get the healthy version, no matter what. My dh on the other hand will take them to the Wawa and buy them candy. Not all the time. Just often enough. He does have a very sweet tooth.

  8. I just bought some Oreos to take on vacation. It is the only time I will buy them, but they make us all smile when we are munching on them while at the beach.

    and rootbeer is my vice. I rarely drink it anymore, but when I do, it is savored.

  9. As purist and Nazi-like as I am about what we eat, I think it’s fine that if 90% of what your kid’s are eating is healthy, their bodies will be able to handle the 10% unhealthy stuff. So not a big deal, and your kids get a bit of excitement.

  10. OMG they jumped into my cart last week, too!! I took my oldest shopping with me and she specifically asked for them. Didn’t even know she knew what they were (she’s 4), apparently they had them as snack on Friday at school as a special treat. Needless to say the bag of Oreos didn’t even make 3 days in our house!

  11. I think you were very wise. I read a really compelling column in the New York Times Sunday magazine a while back. It was written by a person whose mother had banned all junk food from the house. This person grew up obsessed with junk food because it had been denied in their home. And I remember a pre-school student I had one year…her mother was very into all natural foods and no sugar. A very noble endeavor. But this little girl? All she talked about was candy and cupcakes and sweets. The mothers obsession was working the opposite effect on her little girl.

    1. I do worry about that. Of course, my mom allowed “junk” in moderation – and I still went off and made myself ill with awful eating habits after I left home. So I don’t know if it’s deprivation that causes that, or if some of us are just destined to be junk food addicts, lol.

      Still, I try to not be too uptight for fear of making them seek it elsewhere.

  12. I have done the same thing. Sometimes my kids are not too impressed after the first one, sometimes they feel yucky afterwards, and sometimes they just plain love it. :). It’s good for them to learn that those things are not forbidden…just need to be enjoyed every now and then. My so LOVES his root beer, too. I usually pick up Virgil’s brand for him on occasion. No HFCS…and being the expert that he is, he claims it is the best tasting Root beer on the market.

    1. I’ve tried the more “natural” rootbeers and my kids don’t like them. Sigh…

      I wish my kids would feel yucky afterwards, but no such luck. Maybe if I let them gorge on the stuff… lol.

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