My son is generally very accepting of the food changes I’ve made in our household. Being the oldest, you’d think that he would be the one to put up the biggest stink, but he is actually quite interested in why I choose to buy certain foods and to avoid others.

He’s been learning about “nutrition” in health class — the FDA’s version, anyway. He often asks me about what he’s been taught and weighs it against the information I’m learning. He seems interested, and many times I’ll see him eating something I know he doesn’t really care for because he knows it will help him stay healthy and strong.

Not to say that he never eats crap. The older he gets, the more opportunities he has to eat junk foods, and I’m well aware that he takes advantage of those golden opportunities. But when he’s at home, he is generally agreeable about what we have to eat. I figure it all balances out somewhere along the line, and ultimately it will be up to him anyway.

The other day, he was milling around the kitchen, looking for a snack, and he said, “You know what I’m craving? An Oreo. My friend gave me one at school the other day, and I’ve been craving them every since.”

I had to agree — an Oreo is one good cookie. If there is any one store-bought junkfood cookie item that still tempts me, it would be an Oreo.

So the other day I was at Target, picking up some essentials, and look what jumped off the shelf and landed in my cart!

You should have seen the smiles and heard the squeals when my kids got home from school that day and found these on the counter.

I figure this either makes me a hypocrite or a wise mamma — I’m not sure which.