Cozy Holiday Gifts at Kohl’s

Greetings, friends! I’m excited to partner with Kohl’s once again to share one of our favorite holiday traditions and also talk about their Buy More, Save More Event going on now through 12/24/18.

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This is the perfect time for last-minute holiday shopping, especially with the amazing deals at Kohl’s. The more you give, the more you save — and you know how much I love that kind of math!

One of our favorite family holiday traditions is opening new pajamas on Christmas Eve. It’s something I started quite a few years ago, as a way of transitioning from birthday mode to Christmas mode on the night before Christmas each year.

You see, almost 16 years ago, our middle child was born on December 24th — a full four weeks ahead of her official due date. While she was a most welcome surprise, it can be quite a challenge to thoroughly celebrate both her birthday and Christmas Eve without allowing one event to infringe upon the other.

As she got older, it became important to her to celebrate her birthday on her birthday, so we began a tradition of going out early in the evening on the 24th for a sushi dinner — her favorite meal.

Afterwards, we come home and have birthday presents and cake, and after cleaning up from her birthday celebration, we kick off Christmas Eve by each of us opening one gift. Somewhere along the way, that one gift became new pajamas.

I can’t remember when exactly this tradition began, but when I suggested a few weeks ago that perhaps we had outgrown this practice and it was too predicable, my girls both reacted like I had committed a crime… a crime against Christmas tradition, evidently!

So I promptly went online and placed my pajama order.

I knew I could find pajamas for everyone in our family at Kohl’s, and you gotta love a one stop shopping trip — especially at this busy time of year! Whether you want holiday themed pjs or styles they can wear all winter long, you’ll find a wide variety at Kohl’s at great prices.

I always treat myself to a new pair of pajamas as well, and since my mom and husband are both quite generous with me at Christmastime, I couldn’t resist picking up these Spoiled By Santa pajamas.

I get cold easily and like to throw on a cardigan and slippers when I’m hanging out in my pajamas, so I also picked up these fuzzy grey moccasin slippers and this cozy shawl collar cardigan.

For the rest of the clan, I went with non-holiday themed pjs. I particularly like the pajama sets that come with matching socks, and I know my kids will too.

We’re all in adult sizes now, but Kohl’s also has a great selection of pjs for kids, and if you’re into it, they have matching family pajamas too.

Shop pajamas for the whole family at Kohl’s:

Kohl’s has a lot more than pajamas. They have a wide assortments of gifts from electronics to toys to kitchen appliances to activewear for the family.

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20 thoughts on “Cozy Holiday Gifts at Kohl’s

  1. Awwww! I have a Christmas Eve baby too! Mine will be 19 this year. She came a little early but not a whole month! So I definitely understand how difficult it can be to balance a birthday with Christmas. Also. Love the jammies and your trip to NYC looked so fun!!!

    1. My youngest will be 18 on Christmas Eve this year! We have traditions like birthday cake for dessert and his favorite meal of his choosing, as well. HBD to all our Christmas Eve “babies”! 

  2. Jo-Lynne my mom also tried to get rid of  Christmas pjs and my siblings and there spouse had a fit. Here we are grown adult people upset over pjs. The pjs  tradition is good one our are matching.  Never thought to look at kohl’s for them.  

  3. Love the pj’s! Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! Can you tell me what color nail polish you are wearing? Looks like the perfect red!

  4. Funny about the PJs! I suggested they were bored of the whole Christmas cookie decorating thing (it’s always a LOT of work for their Grandma and it HAS to be Grandma that does it) and oh my, they too looked at me like I had committed a crime! Blessings to your family!

  5. I started the pj’s for Christmas Eve tradition only a few years ago.  I asked my adult daughter the other day if she had enough pj’s and should I skip it this year and she had the same reaction your daughters did!  Ha ha  Yep – off I went to shop for pj’s!  I found my husband’s at Kohl’s and my son’s and daughter’s at Target.  I really like the idea of that cardigan as a robe.  I may have to look into that for myself!  😊

  6. I need to head to Kohl’s. Influenster sent me $10 and I’m not going to let it go to waste. I always got the kids matching jammies on Christmas Eve when they were little and then eventually stopped with Benny and kept on for Katie. Two years ago I got her and I our first matching pairs. This year I got them for myself, her, my new DIL and my mom. We will all be at my house, so that should be fun. I mentioned getting some for the guys and my husbands eyes rolled around in his head so hard, I’m surprised they didn’t fall right out on the sidewalk. LOL

  7. That’s a wonderful Christmas Eve tradition and obviously your children love it as much as you. I’m glad that everything went well yesterday in NYC. Can’t wait to read about it on your coffee talk this week.

  8. We don’t have birthdays at Christmas time but holidays are popular in my house for birthdays. Mine is Halloween and my son has the best one, Veteran’s Day…either no school or a 3 day weekend, my niece is sometimes on Thanksgiving and my sister has 4th of July. I loved the pajamas and my husband always spoils me at Christmas, so I bought the pajamas and the sweater since I’m always cold too. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love the Kohl’s PJs! Wish we had Kohls stores in Canada 😞

    That’s a terrific family tradition.

    Looking forward to hearing about your trip to NYC (not on Instagram).

  10. I love Christmas pajamas:) we have had the tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve since I can remember. But we do it for the kids ( who are now 22 and 24) … and then we get ours on and take family pics.. with Santa hats. We also order Chinese food. I can’t wait to see pics and hear of your adventure to NYC .. we all went 2 Novembers ago… our second time in.. and had a blast. Our first trip we skated Rockerfeller . I have a few more things on my bucket list. We always just go in for the day and walk our legs off lol…
    Love your pjs and they look great with the tree.

  11. Great post!  Of course, I love Kohl’s and just received a new pair of pj’s for myself.  It’s great that they have actual sets and I like that I can find bottoms with an elastic waist.  I too, get spoiled by Santa, and he always tells me to not overdo it.  I love that your girls don’t want the tradition of new pj’s to stop!  Larry’s birthday is the 18th and I always make sure to separate the two occasions.  I hope you get some good rest tonight.

  12. My Christmas Eve baby will be 27 this year! We also, have his favorite meal for dinner and birthday cake for dessert! The best part of having a Christmas birthday is that you are always with family!

  13. How fun to continue the PJ tradition!  And, love this post about Kohls, it is a great place to shop!  I live in a rural area and it is one of the few stores we have.  This holiday season, I have “earned” (I find it funny they use that term) a significant amount of Kohl’s cash!  Yesterday, the Kohls cash came in handy when buying gifts for local needy kids on the Angel Tree.  Kohls has nice merchandise, decent prices, and a good selection, and I appreciate the one stop shopping this time of year!  

  14. Fun tradition.  I think you do a good job of separating Christmas Eve and your daughters b’day. My first was born on Thanksgiving, my middle almost Easter that year and my youngest Halloween(which was actually my due date)  I alway was teased I needed to try for a Christmas baby. 🙂  Happy b’day to your daughter.  I’m anxious to hear about your NYC trip.  Wish I had instagram to read the stories and see the photos. You are energetic to make an AM workout after such a long day before.  I need a good slow AM after days like that.  But, you’ll be glad when its done and hopefully you have no plans for today and night to relax.  LOVE the p.j’s you choose for yourself.  I have only been in a Kohl’s once ever.  I never could figure out the quality of the clothing etc.  Do you think it compares to a JC Penney’s?  We live over an hour away from a Kohl’s, so never really got into it.  Usually hit the mall if we go into Portland, Oregon. Oh, also great idea for a cardigan for warmth instead of a robe. I have always been a robe person, but for years now I do sweats/leggings and cozy sweatshirts etc. to feel more dressed incase of drop in’s. I think i got use to that when the kids were home bringing drop in friends.  You know how that is?  Enjoy your weekend.  

  15. My Mom always did the pajamas on Christmas Eve, too. It was the one gift we got to open. So fun! I just bought the set you’re wearing and a CudlDuds set for my hubby. I’ve decided we’re going to start our own pajamas on Christmas Eve tradition! :0)
    Merry Christmas, Jo-Lynne!

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