Daily Mom Style 01.23.13

Baby it’s COLD outside . . . 

Was I complaining last week about the mild, rainy weather?

Did I say I was missing the crisp, clear, cold winter days?

Can someone please SLAP me if I ever say that again?

Okay, now I’ll be honest. I really do prefer the sunshine over the gloomy, even if it is in the single digits with the wind chill factor. But this weather does not bode well for style posts. I am TOO COLD to care if the sweater is flattering or how many times I wear the same pair of boots, as you will plainly see from this week’s pictures.

day 1

You know it’s cold when I dig out the turtlenecks. I am well aware that this style does nothing for me, with my short neck and squarish shoulders, but I don’t care when it’s 20 degrees outside. It’s cozy and warm and hey, I tried to salvage the outfit with a necklace. Give me some credit for that, at least.

pink turtleneck :: Ann Taylor (old)

skinnies :: Bloomies (old)

gray boots :: UGGs (similar)

green satchel :: Zappos (sold out!)

necklace :: Silpada

day 2

I picked up this striped top at Nordstrom a few weeks ago. It just struck my fancy and I had to have it. Yes, I froze the day I wore this outfit. And yes, I forgot to wear jewelry!

red top :: Nordstrom (Olivia Moon Stripe Twist Neck Tunic)

skinnies :: Bloomingdales

gray boots :: UGGs (similar)

day 3

This is not the only day that I wore a different pair of pants; it’s just the only day that I documented it. I wore these red jeans and this black striped top to a friend’s house for the evening. And I have no idea why I look like such a dork. My husband was taking pictures and I was probably trying not to look annoyed, lol.

striped sweater :: local shop

red jeans :: local shop (similar)

boots :: you know these by now, right??

day 4

I think this was Saturday, and we went to the movies. Knowing I would be wearing a 3/4-length puffer coat in and out, and it’s dark in there, I figured no one cared if I wore my yoga pants. Plus, I figure the cute top cancels out the yoga pant factor. (I can justify almost anything, try me!)

black top :: Oakley Outlet (Marled Cowl Neck Tee)

lavender tank :: JCrew

yoga pants :: Athleta

UGGs :: Bloomies (although I changed to sneakers before going out)

necklace :: Grace Tags (unfortunately out of business)

day 4

A weak attempt to wear something other than UGGs.

drapey sweater :: Nordstrom (ages ago)

red top :: Banana Republic (Timeless Tee)

skinnies :: yep, same ones!

boots :: Dansko (for review, now at — Brinkley Boot)

day 5

Nothing new here, even the sweater is a copy of a previous one. I told you I don’t care about being repetitive when it’s this cold!

Let’s hope it warms up or I might put you guys to sleep with this column next week!

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18 thoughts on “Daily Mom Style 01.23.13

  1. I only have one picture this week, because I can’t seem to get an inside shot and I only mustered up the courage to take a photo outside once. It is absolutely FREEZING. I totally feel your pain and the column isn’t really so bad. 😉

    Of course, nice outfits as usually. I even really like your workout style outfit. I read (once) on here you talking about making sure your yoga pants are long enough and I can see how yours are much longer than my own. Thanks for all practical fashion tips you give us! I need them.


  2. I totally agree with throwing fashion sense out the window when it’s freezing out but you’ve found a nice happy place between sensible and pretty – nicely done! Wondering what color nail polish you’ve got on? – looks very nice!

  3. So the good thing about lots of sweaters and repeating outfits is it saves a little on laundry (if you wear a few times like I do)… that’s always a nice break! I agree with you, I’d rather brave this bitter cold and have some sunshine than look at gray, dark skies.

    1. YES! I wear them quite a few times, esp the dryclean only ones. I know it is crazy to wear cashmere around the house, but it’s the only thing that keeps me warm and it is so soft and cozy.

  4. I am so in love with those Ugg boots of yours. I may have to start looking for a pair of grey ones myself. Oh…and I’d wear them every day too with temps being the way they’ve been.

  5. I like the turtle necks, the pink one is pretty. Here in Ohio it is 9 degrees! I can’t stand to be cold so I dress in so many layers!

  6. Oh my gosh….could you be any cuter?! My layering in our arctic temps consists of the Ugg boots, jeans and several above the waist layers leaving me looking like a Biggest Loser version of Frosty the Snowman (usually topped with an orange down vest so Frosty the Snowman hoping not to be shot by a rogue hunter while dropping kids at school I suppose). I hopped over for a recipe link and could not resist commenting on the outfit parade. Fashionista! And in inspired one! Bravo.

  7. what size is your oakley cowl neck shirt? super cute, but I have never worn their clothes and am debating sizing. I’m a size 8 usually.

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