Daily Mom Style 02.13.12

My “daily mom style” has been pretty pathetic this week. Well, it started out alright, but then it came to a screeching halt. I won’t scare you with photos of my attire the last two days. Suffice it to say, it’s a new dawn… it’s a new day… I’ll try to get back on track this week.

Meanwhile there were a few days that I looked respectable.

day 1

I really want to like this sweater, but I find the button placement a bit . . . distracting. I like the boot socks though!

fashion over 40 target style

sweater :: Target
orange tank :: JCrew Outlet
skinny jeans :: Bloomies {similar}
boots :: Franco Sarto Poet boots
necklace :: Silpada

Skinny Jeans Tip: People often ask me the secret to tucking jeans into boots so they don’t look baggy. You need to buy the tightest jeans you can find because baggy jeans tucked into boots looks sloppy. I love this Gwenevere style by Seven for All Mankind because they fit close all the way from thigh to ankle. I don’t have to do anything special to make them stay put, and they never stretch out or get baggy knees.

day 2

I don’t know why I look drunk in this picture. I wasn’t drunk. It was 10am. I don’t get drunk until at least 5pm. I am kidding. Really, Mom. I swear. 

Okay, movingrightalong.

It was just an unfortunate photo and I didn’t have many to choose from.

fashion over 40 skinny jeans

These are the same jeans as above (I am French, now, remember? I can wear the same thing over and over if I like it.) I usually don’t wear these jeans with flats because they are so tight, but I think my eye is adjusting to the ice cream cone effect that is coming back into vogue. But MOM! All the kids are wearing them!

I really like this sweater that I picked up at the Tanger Outlets lat fall. It’s easy to wear, and the color blocking makes it more interesting than a plain crew neck sweater. The pointy-toe ballet flats are Nine West (years ago) and I accessorized with some simple jewelry.

I also didn’t wash my hair that day. My hairdresser told me about this neat trick — you blow your hair out on the second day without getting it wet. So far I can’t seem to get it to look as good as it does the day it’s washed, but she swore to me that it’s possible. Maybe if I were an octopus . . .

day 3

I wore this to a demo for my client, Rose Romano’s Italian Toppings. I knew I would be standing by an open refrigerator case all afternoon so I wore this cashmere turtleneck sweater and cords. The necklace is a weak attempt to break up the sea of hot pink.

fashion over 40 | cashmere and corduroy

cashmere sweater :: Ann Taylor, old {similar}
gray cords :: Bloomies {similar}
boots :: Dansko (for review, now at – Brinkley Boot)
necklace :: silpada

day 4

This was just another work-at-home day and I wanted to be comfortable. I love this cashmere zip-up hoodie. I’m not sure why I don’t wear it more often. My mom got it for me for Christmas a few years ago.

red cashmere hoodie :: Nordstrom, old {similar}
gray tank :: JCrew Outlet
gray boots :: Zappo’s, old {similar}
skinny jeans :: Bloomies {similar}

And that’s all she wrote!

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11 thoughts on “Daily Mom Style 02.13.12

  1. I like the “ice cream cone” silhouette too! That top is lovely on you, accentuates your figure without hugging it.
    Also, love the boot socks!
    Confession — I wore *new* fitted black yoga pants with a casual-dressy top, and it totally worked! Won’t be doing this often, but I had a good chuckle at myself 🙂

  2. you look great as always. I am ready for the jeans tucked into the boots trend to end. I’m short and not thin and it would look ridiculous if I did that. Do you think it’s going to stay for awhile or is this a passing thing? Just wondering what you think..

    1. It’s hard to say, but I think people like it b/c it is so easy. Are you sure you can’t make it work? A very un-fussy pair of black riding boots and dark jeans could be slenderizing. You wouldn’t want to chop your body up into 3 sections – I do that a lot b/c I’m leggy so I think it looks more proportional. You’d want to keep your bottoms and boots close to the same tone, I’d think. I’m no expert, it’s taken me 40 years to figure out what works on me, so I am probably totally off base trying to help anyone else, lol!!!

      Another thing would be to wear boots with a slight heel – even an inch – to help add height?

  3. Oh my goodness – button/dot/stuff placement like that has been the death of so many tops for me. It’s just so awkward and I always wonder if no one checked it on an actual woman before going into production!

      1. I’ve had my grandmother remove awkward buttons and replace them with large snaps. It takes a bit of sewing ability (that I don’t have) and it’s just not possible in some garments, but it can be done.

  4. I’m digging the bright pink sweater with grey jeans & black boots. Just enough pop of color but not streetsign overwhelming 😉


  5. I think that first sweater just all around doesn’t look like it fits you well. I think maybe it’s supposed to look longer with the button lower? Who knows, either way I agree it doesn’t do much for you. I don’t think the jeans you wore day 2 look that much tighter than the ones you usually wear with flats, I think they’re just fine!

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