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I spent most of last week at a blogging conference so this isn’t really daily mom style as much as it is daily blogger conference style, but it’s still pretty relatable I think! I apologize in advance for the quality (or lack there off) of my photos. Some were selfies and others were taken by my roommate, but the light wasn’t that great in our room so… it is what it is. (I hate that phrase, don’t you??)

Because of our flight debacle, the day I flew to California I traveled in yoga pants and a baseball cap. Needless to say, there is no photographic evidence. It was not a great day, but the rest of my trip was fabulous so I really can’t complain.

Day 1

I woke up in California with one thing on my mind. I couldn’t WAIT to go running on the beach. I stopped a stranger with an iPhone and asked her to take my picture because I’m just that much of a geek. I wore a new Nike tank top with my favorite Athleta Kickbooty™ Yoga Shorts (I have three pair of these and wear them to work out all summer long. LOVE them.) And I’m still wearing the Saucony Virratas that I received through a blogger campaign with FitFluential.

Running on the Beach

That night I wore this navy and white striped maxi dress from LOFT to the kick-off dinner event for the Mom 2.0 conference. I felt like the dress was on the casual side so I tried to bump the fun factor up a notch with these super high yellow wedge sandals from Nine West. I bought them last summer and have never worn them till now!

Mom 2.0 Kick-Off Party

Day 2

For the first full day of the conference, I wanted to look professional but be comfortable. I opted for this black and white striped top (a new purchase from White House Black Market) and my faithful green skinny jeans. The tobacco-colored wedge sandals are actually very comfortable, and I always feel more confident in heels. Plus, I couldn’t find my black or silver ballet flats when I was packing for my trip so I was kind of stuck. I stacked white and gold bracelets with my white banded wristwatch for accessories, and I wore these Hammered Organic Circles Earrings (mine are actually gold AND silver, which is awesome because they go with everything).

Black Striped Top with Emerald Green Skinny Jeans

That night I attended a small gathering in a suite overlooking the ocean. I always enjoy the small gatherings best, and this was no exception. I was also introduced to a really cool eyeglasses brand, Rivet & Sway. I’ve been looking for new eyeglasses for a while now and I actually found a pair that I really liked but unfortunately I didn’t get the name of them. So that’s on my To Do List for this week! Anyway, I wore this Lucky Brand Palisades Knotted Flowers Smocked Top with my white jeans and the same neutral sandals. (I managed to fit in a nap in between events so my feet got a break.)


I tried to bling it up with these gold lacy earrings from Stella & Dot, and I added a coral bracelet to the two from earlier that day.


I carried this cute Envelope Wristlet by Kate Young for Target.


Day 3

The last day of the conference was a long one and I was tired. I opted for my flat sandals with white jeans, a coral and pink striped top from LOFT and my faithful CAbi denim jacket. I’m not one to mix two blue denims but I do like this blue denim jacket with my white jeans.

Fashion Over 40: how to mix denims

Accessories were Rustic Fired Copper Large Hoop Earrings and the same bracelets from the night before. Notice I changed my watch band too. OCD much?

Coral and Pink with Denim

And that night was the big Kentucky Derby inspired party. Everyone was talking about wearing hats and of course I couldn’t be left out so I ordered this “fascinator” on Amazon.com because it was affordable and looked easy to pack.

Kentucky Derby Style

I looked at a lot of photos online of various Kentucky Derby Style outfits, and everyone was wearing pumps so I opted for these black patent slingbacks. The dress is from White House Black Market, and the earrings and bracelet are as well. And I think the pink clutch makes the outfit. I love how it pulls the pink from the dress and the accessories.

Kentucky Derby Style Outfit with Fascinator

Before the event, Trina and I stopped into 180blue to enjoy the sunset and sample some sushi.

Pacific Ocean View

We were living large, I’m tellin’ ya. Coming home was a bit of a shock to my system. We got up at 3:30 AM to fly home on Sunday morning. I actually wore a really cute outfit but never thought to grab a photo. I’m sure you can imagine I had other things on my mind at 3AM. Fortunately our flight home was much less eventful than our flight out, and I arrived home just in time to enjoy a cookout dinner with my family.

I spent Monday in running clothes but never went running. I hate that feeling. It’s the worst kind of failure. I mean, once the clothes are on, it’s pretty hard NOT to go through with it, but somehow I managed.

Day 4

To make up for my slovenliness, I made sure to get fully dressed on Tuesday. I only went to the dentist office, but I couldn’t find the flats I wanted to wear so I threw on my wedge sandals because they were handy. I figure, they don’t know that I’m not coming from the office or headed to a lunch date with friends. And you know what? It was kind of fun. I might start wearing heels for no reason more often. The sweater is from Athleta, and I can never decide if I like it or not. The seaming is a bit odd, but I like the color so I went ahead and wore it. This outfit could use a scarf. Or something. It’s a bit plain, but I suppose it works fine for a casual day at home.


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  1. Your make-up on Day 3 looks amazing! I love your white jeans too. I am definitely on the look out for good white jeans this summer (although it’s dangerous given the ages of my kids)…

  2. Love all these outfits. I think a long necklace would be good for the last sweater–I really like the detailing, very flattering. Your white jeans are fabulous.

  3. What an amazing trip! And location! I live more east coast, so west coast is just a foreign land to me. Can you tell me where I find your watch – with changeable wristbands? I love it.

  4. Jaw dropped when I saw your Derby pic … ow ow! I love the pink sweater for the appt too … somehow the seaming makes your shoulders and arms look muscular, and I know that doesn’t sound like much of a compliment to a woman, it really is! You look super fit in it. Glad to hear you had a fun week at the conference.

  5. Hi Jo-Lynne I love reading about what your up to and love your fashion BUT I really like your hairstyle is there any chance you could email me pictures front back and sides of your hairstyle I just LOOOOVE it

  6. Hi! I just found your blog while scrolling through Pintrest. We have a similar style and I’m enjoying gleaning ideas from your posts. Great blog!

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