Daily Mom Style 10.17.12

Yo! It’s another Wednesday, and another edition of Daily Mom Style. I’ve tried to brighten it up a bit this week, and I’ve been out and about a lot so I have a lot of cute outfits to show you. The change of seasons is always fun, I feel like everything old is new again!

day 1

I wore this outfit on a day that I had nowhere to go. These are my favorite Athleta yoga pants with a gray tank that I picked up at the Banana Republic Factory Outlet and a gray drapey sweater that I got at Nordstrom a few years ago. The black suede loafers are a step above a sneaker in the style department, and I even threw on a necklace for good measure.

day 2

I wore this outfit to the mall one afternoon.This green sweater is an old favorite; I picked it up at Nordstrom several years ago. I always wear it over this brown tank with my tan ankle-length skinny corduroy pants by Joe’s. They came from Bloomies during one of their end-of-season denim sales. The brown embellished ballet flats finished off the outfit, and the handbag is from Fossil’s new Vintage Revival collection. I received as part of a sponsored campaign through Social Spark, and you will be seeing a LOT of it this fall, I have a feeling!!

day 3

This is just a fun casual outfit for a lazy Saturday. I picked up this top at the Banana Republic Factory Outlet, and these are my oldest, softest jeans. I wanted to be comfy so I wore my green Privos.

day 4

I wore this to a good friend’s birthday party. I wanted to wear something fun and a little more hip than my typical work-at-home-mom uniform. I affectionally refer to his gray top as my “bat sweater.” I wore layered it over a black tank and wore it with my red skinny jeans. Sometimes I wear this outfit with the jeans tucked into black knee-high boots, but for a look that’s a little more “now” I decided to wear my gray suede Dansko Buffy ankle boots. The long silver necklace adds interest to an otherwise plain top, and I wore a silver beaded bracelet and my white leather-band watch.

day 5

I wore this outfit to church. I love plum and gray together for fall, and it was warm enough to get away with short sleeves. The gray satchel is one of my favorites. It was a birthday gift from my mom a couple of years ago. It came from Garnet Hill, but I don’t know the brand. I wore a simple circles necklace from Studio Jewel and a pretty multi-stone bracelet from Silpada.

day 6

I wore this outfit traveling to NYC on Monday. Just a casual top I picked up at Banana Republic Factory Outlet and my favorite skinny jeans and Dansko Brinkley boots.

I love the neckline on the top — not quite a cowl; I’m not sure what it’s called.

day 7

I wore this outfit to our Target store tour with the Target Inner Circle. I really had no idea what to wear. They specified business for the dress code so I pulled these black stretchy knit pants from the back of my closet. I rarely wear them, but I felt like they made more sense than jeans. I wore my faithful gray drapey sweater and decided to try a scarf to brighten up the outfit. I don’t often wear scarves, but I picked this one up at the LOFT outlet recently, and I thought it would look good with my lavender tank.

We came back to the hotel and had a half hour to eat lunch and change for the afternoon’s events — Target’s Media Day where they were announcing their big holiday promotions as well as a 50th Anniversary Party afterwards. I hadn’t brought anything dressier, so I just changed from my ballet flats to boots. I’m not sure they dressed up the outfit much, but they gave me some extra height which always helps me feel more confident.

I have to admit, I felt quite under dressed for the events, especially at the anniversary party. There were a lot of suits and black dresses, and nothing says Suburban Housewife quite like a drapey sweater and scarf. I  definitely felt out of place, but then I decided that it didn’t really matter, and I had a great time! I’ll be sharing more about that event later today!

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18 thoughts on “Daily Mom Style 10.17.12

  1. Love all of your outfits and jealous you are having some cooler weather! You know, seeing how often “Nordstroms” crops up in your posts, you should do a blog post about how awesome they are. I have a lot of women friends who still avoid Nordstroms because they just assume everything is too spendy! i have found Nordstroms to be a solid mid-range place to go that is wonderful for ladies our age. They stock great brands like Casolin, Halogen, etc. that are designed for women our age but are made really well and are fashionable. PLUS (and this is a big one in my book!) the sales people actually HELP you. When i say help I don’t mean they will go grab something in a different size while you are in the dressing room, they really HELP you. I can’t count the times a sales person has asked me if I needed help and they really pulled an outfit together for me that was very appropriate for the situation.

    1. You are so right. That green top was not pricey. And I have another sweater that I wear a lot that I got at the same time, same department, also not pricey. I think they are Casolin. There is really quite a variety of price points, and sometimes it is surprisingly affordable.

  2. Lovely outfits.

    I have a fashion question for you…

    How do you know jeans fit?
    That may seem really stupid, but I always buy jeans too big. I try them on in the fitting room and they look ok, not too tight or anything, but then I bring them home, wear them for a day or two and they are too big. Suddenly everything is saggy and drooping and the waistline is dropping lower and lower. How does this happen and can I avoid it? Should I just buy tight jeans?
    Also, I do not have a poochy tummy (plenty of other things pooch, but not my tummy), so are there any jeans that do not add lots of extra tummy fabric? I wear a size 8-10.

    Thanks for the help. Hope you don’t mind the questions. I noticed you sometimes answer other people’s, so I thought I would be brave and ask. 🙂

    1. I’m always happy to answer questions!! I have learned to buy jeans tight b/c they do stretch out. I still often end up wishing I’d sized down. But then I gained 5 lbs and they all fit perfectly. HA! Always a solution… J/K.

      My tummy is my problem area, so I’m not sure what to advise for that issue. Do you mean they are often bigger in the waist and tighter in the rear? Or that you find they are too high rise? I think it is a matter of finding a brand that works for you. I have learned by trial and error that Citizens do not work so well, Paige are good, and Sevens and Joe’s are the best. It’s just the way they are made and the way my body is made. Everyone is different. I think you have to kiss a lot of toads to find your prince, when it comes to jeans.

      Some brands make cuts for curvy girls and cuts for straight girls. Loft does this, and Gap and Old Navy. The designer brands do too sometimes. Does that help?

  3. Hi Jo-Lynne,
    I love reading these posts. I checked out some of the others in the linky but I think your style is the best. It is inspiring me to dress up more.

  4. The Target events sound like so much fun! Congratulations on being part of their Inner Circle! I have to share that I bought a pair of red jeans the other day. We’ll see if I’m now brave enough to wear them. I really love them so far but they haven’t left my closet yet 😉

    1. you guys are making me blush! haha. I think it is learning what works, and also those jeans always seem to make me look about 10 lbs lighter – I noticed it last year in my daily style posts. I usually only wear them in the winter b/c they are heavier fabric and also really tight in the calves so best tucked into jeans.

  5. I love the striped shirt from Banana Republic. The couple of times that I’ve ever been in one of their stores, I can’t find a thing that I like and can afford, and nothing as cute as that shirt.

    I’m also very jealous; I wish I lived so close to NYC. Love that city, but haven’t been in years. My brother used to work for Target and would go to their cooperate gigs, and he said that they always put on a great show!

  6. I love the length on that grey cardigan!

    Hope to see you linked up at What I Wore Wednesday Just grab the badge or link and comment and you’re good to go!

  7. Oh I love your style. I loved everything! You do have style. My favorite is the green sweater outfit. I found your blog by “accident” and I am so glad I did. I love it 🙂

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