12 Years

I’m so excited!  Tonight Husband and I are going out for dinner.  I am SO! VERY! EXCITED! for steak, mashed potatoes, a really good bottle of red wine, and something yummy and chocolaty for dessert.  Oh, and to spend an evening with my honey, of course.

Dr. Weil surely wouldn’t approve, but it’s my wedding anniversary, and if there’s a good reason to cheat on the healthy diet, that’s it, right?

Yes, my wedding anniversary.  Twelve years ago I bawled my way down the isle in a poofy white dress and an unfortunate curtain of bangs and pledged my life and love to the handsome, young seminary graduate standing at the end of the long isle.  TWELVE YEARS, yall.  I feel so old.

This morning I told Husband that I need a day off, and I went to the mall, gloriously ALONE.  For five hours.  And that wasn’t long enough, but I was feeling guilty for being gone for so long, so I came home.

I spent most of my time shopping for something special to wear tonight.  I thought I knew what I wanted.  I thought I wanted a new top that is flirty and fun to wear with my favorite dressy jeans and wedge sandals.  I knew I wanted something I wouldn’t normally wear, maybe a halter top, definitely something hip and young and S#XY.

I tried on a ton of stuff in several different stores.  I even bought a halter top at Banana Republic and a black dress at the Gap.  But I will be returning both of them next week because…

At the last store I entered, I found The Dress.

I haven’t bought a dress in years.  When I get an evening out, I almost always wear jeans and a cute top.  When I go to church, a skirt and sweater is my uniform.  I spend my days in jeans and plain t-shirts.  I never, EVER wear a dress.

Tonight I’m wearing a dress.  And I think it qualifies as flirty, fun, hip, young, and S#XY!

I can’t wait to surprise Husband.  I have just the right shoes to go with it, and I bought a cute bracelet to jazz it up a bit.  After all, you know the only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize!

I’ll try to get a picture before we leave.

I better go start getting ready.  The babysitter will be here in a couple hours.  Can you tell that I’m a tad excited?