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I have some design news to share!  I can now design for hosted WordPress accounts.  I am teaming up with Heather of Desperately Seeking Sanity.  She is getting into the business of WordPress installation, and I’m in the business of blog design, so that’s a match made in, well, cyberspace!

If you have a WordPress account and have been holding off on a new design because you weren’t sure how to install, you needn’t wait any longer. 

I am currently accepting new clients (for New Blogger, Typepad, and WordPress.com as well as hosted WordPress), and the wait right now is about a week.  So if you are looking to beautify your blog, head on over to DCR Design and let’s get you in my queue!

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  1. Oooh… lucky you. I’ve been trying to get myself more familiar with WP, but–maybe it’s just me and my pea-brain–it just seems so much more complicated than Blogger or Typepad. 😛

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