Desperately Seeking A Cute, Stylish Laptop Bag

If you missed it, my husband pulled out all the stops and surprised me with a MacBook (laptop computer!!) for Christmas. I’m mobile now! I can blog and design from any room in the house! I KNOW. It’s a frightening prospect.

Of course now I have big dilemma — what to get to store it in! You can see me rubbing my hands together in glee, can’t you? Any excuse to shop!

Here are my criteria. I don’t want anything big and bulky. It MUST be highly cute. And unless it allows me to grow a third appendage, it needs to be carryable on my shoulder. I’ve narrowed it down to the following five bags. Thoughts? Any other features I should consider?

1. These laminated canvas bags are fun.  But I think I may have a hard time choosing a pattern.  I think I may like them grouped together more than I do individually. (They do have an additional shoulder strap.)


2. This one is probably my highest contender at this point.  I really like the styling and the material it’s made of.  The customer reviews are mixed, though.  And I might tire of the pattern.


3. And then there is this one. There are many options for the material. I like how it resembles a handbag more than a briefcase.


4. I found this Laptop Sleeve on Etsy. It’s pretty and looks durable, but I’m not sure it has the protection I’m looking for. I might need to consider her padded laptop totes although I prefer the slim styling on this one.


5. Or I could splurge for this gorgeous leather bag. It’s tempting.


6. Ooooh.  I just found a 6th.  Although I can’t imagine paying that amount for pleather, it’s exactly what I’m looking for.


What say you?  Anyone want to register a vote?  Or a prediction?