Desperately Seeking A Cute, Stylish Laptop Bag

If you missed it, my husband pulled out all the stops and surprised me with a MacBook (laptop computer!!) for Christmas. I’m mobile now! I can blog and design from any room in the house! I KNOW. It’s a frightening prospect.

Of course now I have big dilemma — what to get to store it in! You can see me rubbing my hands together in glee, can’t you? Any excuse to shop!

Here are my criteria. I don’t want anything big and bulky. It MUST be highly cute. And unless it allows me to grow a third appendage, it needs to be carryable on my shoulder. I’ve narrowed it down to the following five bags. Thoughts? Any other features I should consider?

1. These laminated canvas bags are fun.  But I think I may have a hard time choosing a pattern.  I think I may like them grouped together more than I do individually. (They do have an additional shoulder strap.)


2. This one is probably my highest contender at this point.  I really like the styling and the material it’s made of.  The customer reviews are mixed, though.  And I might tire of the pattern.


3. And then there is this one. There are many options for the material. I like how it resembles a handbag more than a briefcase.


4. I found this Laptop Sleeve on Etsy. It’s pretty and looks durable, but I’m not sure it has the protection I’m looking for. I might need to consider her padded laptop totes although I prefer the slim styling on this one.


5. Or I could splurge for this gorgeous leather bag. It’s tempting.


6. Ooooh.  I just found a 6th.  Although I can’t imagine paying that amount for pleather, it’s exactly what I’m looking for.


What say you?  Anyone want to register a vote?  Or a prediction?

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  1. I lurve that Etsy one! But there’s too many pattern choices from that seller. I’m not sure I’d ever be able to settle on “just” one!

    I also like green handbag looking one. I can totally see you carrying that one!

  2. I say #3 or #5. I have found that the best bags are the ones that could be multi-functional. Those two look like handbags which means you could potentially use them for other things. They also look like year ’round bags as opposed to a summer bag.

    I’d say it is time for a laptop bag revew!

  3. I would say number 3 or number 5. You want something that you won’t tire of quickly and you might tire of the louder patterns. I actually use a laptop bag similar to number 3 as a diaper bag!

  4. #3, definitely. The other ones pale in comparison. And for the price, you can practically get two!
    I love khakis and olives because they work with brights and darks and neutrals all thru the year. The brighter prints are adorable, but personally I know that I would rather see someone else with a print bag than own one. They look cute when paired with certain things, but they have the power to make you look like a crazy person when paired with others.

  5. I got a MacBook Pro for Christmas too!!! My hubs purchased a really nice brown bag at Apple.. but it is not as fancy as number 5.. which is my vote!!!!

  6. I like number 3 (unless you do splurge for 5). And I’d still highly recommend a hard shell case for the actual laptop; you need both. The shell clips on and stays on, so it’s protected even when it’s out of the bag (which is the main thing, now isn’t it?)

  7. I LOVE #3!! I would totally go for one of those. I have a laptop but don’t have a bag – too afraid to take it away from home. I would forget it somewhere and then I would be in BIG TROUBLE with my DH :}

  8. I have one very similar to the second to the last one and I love it. If I were you, I’d go with one of the last two because they are sleek and stylish — just like you. The other ones have too much going on as far as patterns. Afterall, you don’t want the bag to clash with anything you’re wearing!

  9. How big is the screen on the laptop? Bigger screens always have a smaller selection of bags. Seems as though they are all designed for 15 inches.

    Anyway that etsy one looks absolutely divine… but I personally would splurge on that red leather. To DIE for!

  10. I just got a laptop bag too! Except I have a huge laptop so the choices were slim pickings. Anyhow, I vote for the sleeve. They can be quite durable (if they’re padded, of course), and I love the price, so I can switch it up when I’m sick of the pattern! Mine was only $20. But it isn’t nearly as cute! And when I go out to starbucks, I have to take my purse anyhow, so this way I don’t have 2 purses on my shoulder.

    My 2 cents! Happy shopping!

  11. I am with you on number 2! Love the style … very cute!! I don’t think the pattern would get too annoying either … it is flexible for each season and very fun!! Lots of luck!!

  12. #3 is my favorite for sure! Anything that resembles a handbag for non-handbag purposes ranks top in my book!

  13. They are all so cute! I went with one that unzipped on three sides for easy airport inspection and better insulation when I have it on my lap (this sucker can get HOT!). By being able to flip the two sides of the case together and use the ‘puter without having to remove it from the case, I have much speedier & more convenient access and storage when I’m movin’ fast.

  14. I think my mom has that first one and she HATES it–b/c it doesn’t have a lot of room for the cords. So, make sure your bag has room for cords.

    I actually have a random sleeve I got at the gap. (It’s camo…I know.) Then I put it in a computer back pack I got form Pampers (NAME DROPPER!). I like havin a nice sleeve b/c there are times you don’t want to carry around that monster huge bag. So, my vote is a cute bag but make sure it’s got a sleeve, too.


  15. #5. I’d get it in black, but I love it in red, too. Nice to see it’s available in so many colors. Considering what you’re going to be carrying in it, #5 is worth the investment!

  16. I am totally in love with numbers 5 and 6. It is such a good thing that my son gave me a nice laptop bag for Christmas or I’d be shopping right along with you (of course, you’ve already done the hard stuff — I’d just need to pull out my credit card!)

    Can’t wait to find out which one you pick. Oh, and what a nice hubby you have!!

  17. 4 then 3 then 2. I guess 5 & 6 must be popular (& pricey) but they just channel that “Old Bag Lady” image in my mind…

  18. I have one like the polka-dotted “BUILT” one and it’s a great material and isn’t bulky. My favorite laptop case is actually a Vera Bradley bag though.

    Also, one thing you need to make sure of is that the laptop fits in the bag snugly… If it’s bouncing around in there, there’s a definite possibility of damage to the laptop itself. (I know this one from experience.)

    I hope to find out what cute bag you end up purchasing for the new laptop! 😀

  19. I have a vested interest in this recommendation Christian, but you might like the sleeves on http://www.tropicalhowie.com.

    They’re compact, stylish and protect your macbook. But they don’t have a shoulder strap. That might be ok though if you’d prefer it to fit into your existing handbag.

    They’re listed in Australian Dollars but at the current exchange rates that’s about USD55.

    Love to hear what you think!

  20. I’ve traveled with my laptop a few times, and I take it out with me to Panera or Starbucks to work a few times a month.

    Here are things that I like:

    1. Room to store other stuff in it, along with the laptop (my planner, the book I’m reviewing, my notebook). Both my bags have the laptop section and a separate section that I can put other stuff in.

    2. A good shoulder strap — I’m with you on this one.

    3. A secure fastener. Some don’t have this, but especially on a plane or in the car, I find this helpful. My first bag had a magnetic closure, and it was fine, but the laptop also strapped in, so that was good. My friend bought me a cute padded bag from etsy, and it zips, which makes me feel great.

  21. How to choose!?! I have a cute apple green one – it’s basically a padded sleeve and it came from Target. However, you might look at Franklin Covey – really nice leather products for a reasonable price. From the selection above, I love #2 and #6 – and #5 is nice, too!

  22. Whoa — a friend just gifted me the same fabric/maker of #3, but as these super cute cooler bags. Small one with a zipper great for toting snacks or lunches larger one for market to transport cold items. Cuteness.

    All the bags are cute – depends on what your primary mode/style is. The leather/pleather ones would be great for work type biz mode but I always love punchy fun patterns.

  23. Go check out http://www.careerbags.com. We have so many designers, A price for every budget and an amazing selection of bags. You can shop by laptop size, personal style, product, price and we even have a very cool feature so that you can try the bag on and see if it is right for your height.

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