Disney, blah blah blah…

So tell me, honestly, are you sick and tired of hearing about Disney?  Because I won’t go on and on if you’ve heard enough. 

I went back and looked at my posts, and they certainly are the Cliff’s Notes version.  But I feel like I may be beating a dead horse to go back and try to tell about the trip in greater detail.

I have had lots of questions about the trip — what it was really about and how I got to go.  I’d like to answer those, but I better do that on Reviewings.  So click on over if you’re so inclined.

Meanwhile, the other bloggers are gradually posting their recaps of the trip.  Some, like Kris and Jennifer, have the gift of including a lot of pertinent information in one concise post.  Somehow I didn’t get that gene. 

Marybeth has a four-part recap that she just put up yesterday. 

Lori and Elizabeth and Tracey and Cooper are working their way through their retelling of the trip. 

Steph is putting all her Disney posts on this page

Gabrielle has her first post up here.

Darcie and Kim, the two representatives of the WDW Moms Panel that accompanied us on the trip, have blogs as well.

If you have time, it really is neat to get all the different perspectives of the trip.

Amy has set up a flickr group where all of our pictures are located.  Quite a few have been added since yesterday, and many more are going up.  Feel free to peruse.

In addition to those lovely ladies, Amy of LIParentSource, Christine of Boston Mamas, Erin of Manic Mommies, and Mia of Main Street Mom were on our trip.

Also.  Jennifer at Snapshot is starting a weekly carnival where we can link in and share our own Disney information and experiences.  This is NOT just for members of the blogger mixer.  Anyone is welcome to participate.

Each week will have a theme, and this week is Disney Magic.  For all the pertinent information, go to this post.  Please plan to play along! 

I designed this adorable button (if I do say so myself) to go along with it.  Feel free to save it to your hard drive and display it with your post or in your sidebar.

* * *

And as if I haven’t linky-looed enough in this post, don’t forget about Chic Critique.  Topics so far this week include Crest Whitestrips, Sally Hansen Natural Shine Instant Nail Finish, and lip plumpers.  AND I’m running a giveaway — a $25 gift certificate to Sephora.  You’re welcome!

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12 thoughts on “Disney, blah blah blah…

  1. I go visit the mous a few times a year, courtesy of my father-in-law who works for the mouse… and I’m not yet bored with the Disney posts. Keep ’em coming!

  2. Kellie, you’ll love her! I’m just jealous that she gets to meet you before I do. 🙂

    Amanda, it’s hard to put into words. I will tell you what I’m taking away from it. I plan to solicit some advertising apart from BlogHerAds and see where that leads. I am going to start being more selective about items I accept to review and give away. I am going to seek out cool products to give away, instead of waiting for them to come to me. I can do give aways on Musings and reviews separately on Reviewsings. (BlogHerAd places limits only things I keep, not things I give away.)

    As far as Disney, I knew a lot about Disney before this trip, from planning my own vaca, but I learned more about how they market and how they test their rides. Of course, their standards are impeccable.

    I will be participating in Jennifer’s (Snapshot’s) weekly Disney carnival each weekend, where I can share more Disney info.

  3. I just went to Reviewsings and read all the particulars about the trip. I am so glad that you posted that because I was kind of lost about how that all came about.

    Also, I am afraid to admit that I have never been to WDW. Especially since I get the feeling that Darcie is a WDW professional.

    Can I tell you how wild it was to see your comment about how you had talked to Darcie, and knew we were talking about getting together? This is a crazy (and fun!) world isn’t it? My mom saw that comment and asked how in the world you knew all this info! It made me laugh!

  4. I love the button. Very cute. Only I’m not the techie in the family so I’m going to leave the posting of it on my site to my dear sweet, (though arguably a bit of a techie geek) hubby. 🙂

  5. I’m not sick of hearing about the Mouse, as you know. But what I really do want to know is about any bloggy-businessy stuff you learned. Like what DID you gather from the other bloggy moms?

  6. No…I’m not tired of reading about it. I’m always open to being persuaded that it isn’t that WDW isn’t the antichrist of the vacation world, LOL. Seriously…when we do get a chance to vacation, we go off the beaten path. DD would rather climb rocks, go horseback riding and do all of that stuff than wait in line to see the Mouse. Oh yeah, I’m sure she would have fun if we went, but it kills me that America has to be so artificially *entertained* on vacation. I hope I don’t sound like a grump ! We do go fun places and we’ve been to amusement parks. We are just not wrapped up here in the WDW craze. >>> and ::hiding::. I’m glad you had a great trip though!

  7. So glad you had a great time! I haven’t been around the blogosphere much lately, so I missed the whole lead up to the trip. What a great opportunity!

  8. Not tired of hearing about it! I love to live vicariously (why else am I such a blog-stalker?). My big sis lives about an hour from WDW, so imagine we’ll be going there quite a bit when Ladybug is older.

  9. No – not tired at all. Having been twice, I love the place, and reading about your trip brings back lots of memories and questions. I am a huge fan of Manic Mommies podcast, so I was keen to hear about it from different perspectives too. It is YOUR blog, you ramble on all you want, you know we will be here anyway!

  10. I’m not at all tired of hearing about the trip. I love all things Disney and we try to go every 2-4 years. It’s always fun to see what new things they are coming up with to keep us coming back and excited year after year!

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