Drat. Dang. Blast. Boohoo…

I am SO mad at myself. I signed up for the She Speaks conference months ago.  My primary reason for going is for the blogger sessions and to meet the other bloggers who are going. I had it in my head that it started with dinner on Friday evening, and I went and purchased plane tickets without
double checking the times.


But that’s me — I fly by the seat of my pants until I get caught on a prickle bush.  Which is where I’m dangling at the moment.  You know where this is going, right?

I’m scheduled to arrive (if plane travel goes well, and we all know how reliable THAT is) at 2:30pm.  Today I got my She Speaks "confirmation registration and planning schedule" in the mail, and as it turns out, registration is from 1:00 to 4:00, and the first session is at 4:00.  So I was sweating a little bit, but my first blogger session isn’t until 6:30, so at least I should make it to that, right?

THEN I saw that they have planned a special bloggers reception from 2:15 to 3:00.  Which is a lovely idea, and how excited was I to find out that we will have the opportunity to mix and mingle in our own private room before the conference officially begins!?


My stinkin’ plane lands at 2:30.  AND evidently the location of the conference is 45 min from the airport.  There is NO way I’ll make that.  UNLESS I change my ticket.

I would kick myself if I were flexible enough to do so.  WHO DOESN’T DOUBLE CHECK THE TIME OF AN EVENT BEFORE PURCHASING A PLANE TICKET TO GO?

I called USAirways to see if I could change my plane ticket to an earlier time, and it will cost $170.  Ouch. 

My only other option is to go standby.  There are two earlier flights.  But if I do that, I could potentially sit around the airport for HOURS and still not get to Charlotte until 2:30.

Is it worth $170 for peace of mind?

Or should I ditch it altogether and plan to get there late?

I don’t think I can handle the stress of standby.  That WILL stress me out.  And if it doesn’t work, it could be a miserable day, meaning a miserable start to the whole weekend.

What would you do?  Am I over reacting?  Should I just get over it?  ARGH.

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  1. Totally not overreacting (like everyone else said). If it was me I would pay the fee to change my flight. That way I wouldnt be stressed and I get to enjoy every part of the weekend. Thats my 2 cents 🙂

  2. No, you are not overreacting because I have to pick you up and I want to go the mixer too. Try to go standby! Not to sound callous or anything.

    And then there is the other hand, we have all weekend to mix and mingle which is why we are staying in a hotel close by rather than my parent 45 min. down the road.

    So, bottom line- don’t stress (too much).

  3. Oh I was so excited to see the mixer 🙂 I don’t know what I’d do if I was flying though — probably try to do stand-by because I wouldn’t want to miss any fun. That may not help you though! Get there when you can — we’ll be there all weekend 😀

  4. I wish I was going! If it were me and I could afford it, I would just spend the $170 and have the peace of mind… knowing I wasn’t missing out on anything.

    Take lots of notes!!! 🙂

    ~Jaime AKA so Jealous You’re Going to the Conference!


  5. Can you check the status of the flights before yours? Like how booked they are? If they don’t charge an extra fee, like Mainline Mom was saying, I think I’d go for standby. Good luck! I’m sure once you get there, you will have so much fun you won’t even remember the whole ordeal!

  6. You are not overreacting. I have nightmares that such a thing will happen since I bought my BlogHer plane tix. I think the $170 IS worth your peace of mind. You’d spend close to that anyway waiting around in the airport on magazines, food, & Starbucks. So go for it!


  7. ouch is right!

    I haven’t even checked my mail – there’s a mixer?? cool!!

    I’m not sure what to tell you to do. $170.00 would be a HUGE thing in my home… so I’d have to just pass if it were me.

    (I’m flying in on Thursday and staying the night with The Nester SQUEE!)

    xo ~K

  8. To me, it WOULD be worth it to wait at the airport potentially for hours, taking the chance you might be able to make it to the reception. Of course I dont think it would stress me out… I would read, people watch, perhaps even power nap. We’ve flown stand by a few times, with varying results.
    Just wanted to answer your “What would you do.” Have a great time!

  9. How cool that you can go! I have to be honest though b/c $170 right now is a lot of money, at least in our house, so I would most likely keep the original plane or try to do the stand-by thing.

  10. I echo the “ouch” response. I would like to say $170 is worth it for your stress-free-ness, but that depends on your budget.

    I reckon you should go for the stand-by option and have your laptop out – You’ll have heaps of stories to post as you watch and wait, and hopefully we can read about the happy ending as your board the *early* plane!

    God Bless!

  11. I”m with the others, pay it if you have it it’s worth your piece of mind. I will be at the mixer because I am actually flying in Thursday evening, getting there the day of was too stressful for me.

  12. I live just outside of Charlotte. Concord is north of Charlotte on I85. Traffic that time of day is terrible and it will take a while to get there from the airport for sure.
    If you want to make it you will have to just pay and get an earlier flight. What’s $170 to get you there when you need to be there? Save yourself the stress and just do it! 🙂 Happy flying! OH>>> and it’s HOT here. 101 today with 105 heat index.

  13. I would suck it up and pay the $170.

    I so wish I was going…I only live an hour away…why am I not going??? I am kicking myself…

  14. Oh wait, still excited…
    I mean, er…umm, if it makes you not so stressed pay the money.
    BUT, if I remember your last trip, the anxiety of driving to the airport alone..and sitting and waiting alone…
    Well, like I was saying…
    Will it make you feel better to pay the 170 and go when you need to be there!

  15. If you can afford it, I would pay the extra $170. Enjoy the peace of mind and start your weekend a little earlier!

  16. Um, you better double check but the last time I flew standby on US Airways they STILL charged me extra…like 50 or 100 bucks. Just for the privilege of filling a seat they hadn’t even sold! So standby may not be a good option at all…

  17. I would dip in and spend the extra fee, the enjoyment will be so worth it! Then when all is said and done promote your wonderful Blog Page Building skills and you will earn back that money in no time!

  18. OOH, I would be the exact same way. I always get anxious about stuff like that! I would try stand by, but only because then I tried the cheapest way possible! Though, personally, I would end up pacing the airport waiting around that long!

    Good luck

  19. I personally would take a good book, a laptop and sit at the airport just in case. Think of all that time alone! You can blog EVEN MORE!

    PS I’m sorry yer bummed.

  20. You could call the night before and see what your chances are for standby. If they tell you the 2 chances are full flights, then you would at least know to not waste your time and get stressed out.

    I would pray and try for standby. And try to think of the day at the airport as some alone time to read a book (or as someone else mentioned -blog! There would have to be some good people watching to blog about) if you don’t get on the plane.

    I’m sorry you might miss it! 🙂

  21. No words of wisdom, just sympathy. At almost 40, you would think we would be the adults we are supposed to be and be so wonderfully organized and just smack full of efficiency. My In-laws are that way and they are pushing 80. I tell myself that it is a skill and a talent that must come after a half of a century of flying by the seat of your pants. I hope you make it ok. Am I the only one who loves the Charlotte airport? The rocking chairs are awesome! Have a good time.

  22. I gotta say, I’d probably pay the $170. I wouldn’t take a chance on flying stand by. It COULD work…but I’d be a basket case! You’ll have all weekend to mingle though, hmmm, glad it’s not me making this decision 🙂 Sorry, no help!

  23. I am agreeing with the other ladies, it is super hot here, and the ozone is orange today, so don’t forget some stuff if you have allergies.

    At 2:30 on 85 it may not take 30 mins. It takes me about 20 min to get from the airport to Concord Mills area. And thats in the medium type traffic flow.

    As for the ticket, I am honestly not sure what to tell you, I am sorry I can’t be of more help.

    I think you’ll have a great time either way, just remember it’s kinda uhmm icky here right now. I won’t even be going outside today – code orange and almost 100.

  24. Oh, why does it have to be so hard, huh????

    I am going to miss the mixer too. 🙁
    Dang blasted wedding of my brother. 🙂

    I am so hoping there is another time to mix!

    I would probably pay the fee to change it if it is that important to you.

    IT IS SO DARN HOT HERE! NO kidding – 102 adn 105 tomorrow!!!!

  25. Oh, that really stinks! If it were me, I would pay the $170 to change the ticket because I just wouldn’t be able to handle the stress of standby. I have that kind of personality. I would even put it on my credit card and worry about the cost later, but then, I don’t balance my checkbook. (And no, I’m not in a lot of debt, but I should try more to live on a budget.) Okay, tangent there. This isn’t about me. 🙂 That’s my .02.

    Regardless of what time you get there, I hope we have the chance to meet in person. Good luck with whatever you decide!

    A note to all who are going and are planning to attend the blogger reception. The deadline to RSVP is Monday. That is also the deadline for having your blog name put on your name badge. Just thought I would mention that since it came up rather quickly after receiving the info. Didn’t want anyone to miss it. (If someone mentioned this already, please forgive the repeat. I only read some of the comments.)

  26. I’d try standing by. The idea of being in an airport by myself for a few hours sounds nice actually. Plenty of snacks, reading materials and such at my disposal. And I’ve almost always gotten on the earlier flights, and sometimes ended up in first class. I’d go for that option.

  27. You’re not overreacting, and I really hope you can work it out to go. Although, I’ll be really jealous! I have to go to a big family vacation (ALL of us together) I guess I’ll have to read about all the fun and turn green after the fact.

    No, really, I can’t wait to hear about it!

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