Easy Eye Makeup Tutorial *with video*

Easy DIY Eye Makeup Tutorial

I promised this easy eye makeup tutorial before the holidays, and I’m slipping it in under the wire!

I took this video footage with my eye shadow application process MONTHS ago, and just got around to editing it.

True confessions: I DETEST VIDEO.

There. I said it.

I hate being on video, I hate the set-up process, I hate the editing process, and I hate watching myself on video. (I actually hate taking the time to watch ANY video, which is why I try to keep mine short and sweet.)

But I can’t effectively tell you how to apply eye shadow without video footage, so this, dear peeps, is what I do for you!

Okay, let’s get started. And if you’re like me and have no patience to see a video through, I will list the steps below along with links to the products I used in the video.

10 Step Eye Makeup Tutorial

finished eye makeup

Step one: apply eye makeup primer. In the interest of time, I didn’t show this in the video, and some days I’m lazy and skip it. But I highly recommend using eye shadow primer. It evens out the skin tone on your eyelids and it causes the eye shadow to adhere better and stay on longer.

Step two: apply a medium-color eye shadow in the crease using an angled brush, apply like a windshield wiper. Avoid getting eye shadow outside of the eyelid (on your cheek). Blend with a clean fluffy blending brush. Blending is the key to this process.

Step three: apply a lighter shade eye shadow on the eyelid; blend if desired.

Step four: apply a darker shade eye shadow in the corner of the eye lid. Blend, blend, blend, blend. There should be no obvious line of demarcation between colors.

Step five: take a small eye liner brush and apply darkest color eye shadow into the upper lash line (or you can use your favorite eye liner, but be sure to blend it in so it’s not a harsh line.)

Step six (optional): apply the dark color shadow into the lash-line on the outer half of the lower lid, if desired, as eye liner. Be careful to keep this light and blend so you don’t look like Rocky Raccoon.

Step seven (also optional): apply the lightest color shadow with the eye liner brush into the lash-lines on the inner side of the lower and upper lids. This helps brighten up the eye area.

Step eight: take a tissue or cotton ball and carefully wipe away any eye shadow fallout from your cheeks, and make sure the eye shadow has not escaped the boundaries of the eye lid.

Step nine (not shown in video): apply concealer under the eye and on the inner nose area – wherever there is darkness.

Step ten (not shown but crucial!!!): apply two-three coats mascara. My all time favorite is Lancome Hypnose Drama. I swear by it.

Your eyes are done!

Brushes and blending are truly the keys to making this process work. If you don’t have a good set of makeup brushes that you love, order this E.l.f. 12 Piece brush set. It’s only $12 on Amazon.com, and it is a great starter set. I have added on other more expensive brushes as I need/want them, but if you’re starting out with makeup brushes, E.l.f. makes a decent set.

Here is the video so you can see this process in action. Below the video I will link to the products I use and recommend.

Where to Buy:

1. Mary Kay Eye Primer

2. MAC Eyeshadows:

3. Laura Mercier Smudge Brush (to apply eye shadow as liner, or to blend pencil eye liner)

4. Sonia Kashuk’s Dramatically Defining Long Wear Gel Liner (if you want a more defined eye for evening; apply with the Laura Mercier Smudge Brush)

5. Laura Mercier Secret Concealer (I use #2)

6. Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara (I use black)

7. E.l.f. Essential Blending Eye Brush (for blending between each step)