Eat At Your Own Risk

You never know what you might find in your food at my house.  Usually it’s a harmless hair.  But yesterday I got the following email from my husband:

There is a tooth in the baggy with my sandwich!!!!!!!!

You see, the day before, my son lost a tooth one afternoon and promptly placed it in a sandwich baggy for safe keeping.  My guess is he intended to put it under his pillow for the tooth fairy but forgot and left it on the kitchen counter.

The next morning I got up to pack lunches.  I made a sandwich for my husband and unknowingly picked up the abandoned tooth-in-a-baggy and plopped the sandwich inside.  When he opened his lunch, he was in for a very rude surprise.

He said he debated for a while whether or not to eat the sandwich and finally decided it couldn’t hurt.

BRBRBRBRBRRRRR….  I think I would have lost my appetite.

Hey, that could be the next fad diet.  Whaddya think?

And speaking of nothing to do with fashion rules, your comments on yesterday’s post are quite comical when read in succession.  Evidently a true Southern woman would never wear white after Labor Day and a true fashionista should know that such antiquated rules no longer apply to the world of fashion.

It is precisely because I am aware of such conflicting attitudes towards the color white that I felt the need to ask for advice.  On the one hand, when in Rome…  I definitely don’t want to offend the delicate sensibilities of any traditional Southern ladies at my brother’s rehearsal dinner.  I’ve been in a situation before where I looked like a Yankee buffoon at a Southern party, but that’s a post for another time.  (Remind me if I forget – it’s a good one!)  Suffice it to say, I want to make sure we don’t look like dolts.

On the other hand, yes, they are kids, I’m quite sure no one cares what they are wearing. 

I think I’m going to go with their short-sleeved corduroy dresses and brown mary janes and call it a day.  And I have saved out some summery play clothes for daytime.  We’ll be staying just off the beach so hopefully it will be nice enough to throw on our suits and catch a few rays.

For those in the DC/Philly/NYC area, I have a really cool announcement coming up later today.  Stay tuned…

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20 thoughts on “Eat At Your Own Risk

  1. The tooth in with my sandwich would not have bothered me as long as I knew it belonged to someone in my family. A strange random tooth in the pack of sandwich bags, however, would be reason to contact the manufacturer and relegate the sandwich to the trash.

    And if you have a few dollars to spare I was at Target last night and they have some cute but casual girls and toddler dresses that are perfect for warmer weather but in fall colors on clearance. I picked up 3 for Princess and paid around $7 per dress. That is, if you want another option for the rehearsal dinner and an excuse to go to Target.

  2. The tooth story happened to a friend. One child lost a tooth and it ended up in a baggy on the counter. The next morning mom was packing snacks for school. She grabbed the baggy and filled it with chex mix and put it in a second child’s backpack. Second child came home from school totally traumatized! She didn’t know her sister had lost a tooth and she thought it came in the bag of chex mix. She rinsed her mouth out at least ten times at school and had been sick all day thinking about it. Poor kid!

  3. Didn’t comment on the fashion question, but definitely do not wear white! Our wedding was in the month of June and I am completely lost in our extended family picture. Seems most of my relatives wore white and you need to really look before you see me! I’m with you, I do not think I could have eaten the sandwich. I would have ordered out that day. Enjoy the wedding!

  4. I hope that you are working on that yankee/southerner post in draft. Sounds like a great story.

    We had the same problem last year when my my brother-in-law got married — OUTSIDE — in Virgina at this time of year. I knew it would likely be hot (and it was — very muggy), but that it was technically fall. Sounds like you have it taken care of.

  5. Icky! I think I would have forgone the sandwich and bought a cupcake 😉 hehe

    My Faithy lost a tooth and stuck it in a baggie yesterday and laid it on the kitchen counter too! How coincidentally cool is that? 😉 Ok, maybe not really, but I thought it was. Luckily Kevin didn’t end up with it in his sandwich bag!!

  6. First, my son does that also when he loses a tooth. It goes right into a sandwich bag. I always ask Why? Second, the white rule: I have solved this problem, I never wear white anymore. I know, this is dumb but it’s easier for me. Okay minus white tanks and tees because in AZ you can always wear those. It’s 104 here today and I am in a white tee. Also, Jo-Lynne I want to thank you for helping with designing the button and banner from Rally for Recovery. Thanks a lot!

  7. Ewww – don’t know that I could have eaten it.
    My sister once had a sandwich and took a bite of it, looked down and saw a tooth in it. She started to gag, then realized it was her own tooth. Her cap had come off in the sandwich. She was soooo embarrased and didn’t go back to work till the Dentist could fix it. It was so funny!

  8. It’s a good thing it didn’t end up in your kid’s sandwich bag because everyone in that cafeteria would have heard about it! You’d have to live that down, but couldn’t really bring it up, like what would you say? Wait in the car line and go up to each parent and say “did you child tell you that my child was screaming in the cafeteria about a tooth in his sandwich….” ??

    As for the clothes, having only lived N of the Mason-Dixon, I always wondered what the point of a short sleeved corduroy dress was. Like if it’s cool enough to wear corduroy, why would it be short-sleeved?? Now I finally “get it.” I am definitely of the camp that you dress “appropriately” but there are no fashion “rules.” If it were warm, I’d wear white after Labor Day in a hearbeat. I don’t really want to be friends with or know anyone that would *judge* me for that. (Really, I’m a nicer person than I made myself sound right there!)

  9. Just no white shoes after Labor Day, btw. 🙂
    Not so much other white clothing.

    Like a nice pair of white pants with a cool looking fallish top – looks sharp.

    Just my thoughts and they are not worth more than a penny! 🙂

  10. The tooth thing has happened here before. When Hunter lost one a couple years ago he put it in the bowl that Hubby would use for his lunches…hubby didn’t look and just made his lunch. Yum

  11. YAHOO! You are on my google reader now! I can FINALLY keep up! YAHOO! YAHOO!
    The sandwich with the tooth…umm, I’m thinking I am with you on this one…a new diet fad for me! And tell me, did the tooth fairy come and did he/she have a tooth to collect?

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