Nevermind me.  I just couldn’t contain my GLEE at having two kids in school at the same time for three consecutive hours. And the best part??? I get to do it again on Friday. And then Monday and then Wednesday and then . . .

Caroline had her first day of school today, and she did GREAT!

caroline first day school 2006 - 1

We had a lot of conversations about how she was not going to behave because she has a habit of making quite a scene when I drop her off places — even places she likes to go. So when she told me yesterday after orientation that she wanted me to stay at school with her, I knew I was in for it.

Consequently, I spent all last evening and this morning prepping her.

Example: You are not going to cry, right? You are not going to cling to Mommy, right? Finally I got her to promise me none of such behavior.

When we entered the classroom this morning, she looked apprehensive, but she was not clingy and didn’t give me any drama. Unfortunately there was a child who was putting on quite a performance. I mean, this kid was Freaking. Out. Poor little guy. Caroline was obviously a little disconcerted by it all, but she still sat down at the table with her teacher and started coloring. I am so proud of her.

She was also very cooperative about getting her “first day of school picture” taken before we left this morning. 

So, we’re off and running with our new fall schedule! So far so good.