Entering the Home Stretch

There’s a method to the madness, believe it or not.


Now I’m just waiting on a team of fairies to come home from school and help me put it all away.

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16 thoughts on “Entering the Home Stretch

  1. huh. my piles look just like that. the question here always is, how long will it take each child to collect their pile and get it put away in their drawers?

  2. Monday is my laundry day each and every week. In fact…my bed looks eerily similar to yours right this very minute!

  3. oh, I am knee deep in laundry this week too, I skipped a day of it last week due to the snow days…(and I love to procrastinate) and now I am paying for it!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ugh, I always get this far and then poop out. And THEN I forget about it. And THEN I come into the room an hour later and two (opposite of fairies) have come into the room and bounced on the bed oblivious of former neat piles of laundry. Yikes and painful!

  5. My downfall is always in the laundry area. What really irks me is when I find clean, still folded clothes in the laundry hamper because one of my family members threw it in the hamper instead of putting it away!

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