Everyday Summer Look with Old Navy Pixie Chino Shorts

Happy Friday, friends! I really wanted to reply to all of your comments on yesterday’s pedal pushers, but there are so many, and a lot of my comments will be redundant, so at some point I want to write a general response summing up my thoughts. I found the discussion and the various opinions very interesting! Didn’t you?

Meanwhile, today I’ve got a casual everyday summer look featuring my favorite chino shorts — the Old Navy Pixie Chino Shorts.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing a casual summer outfit with Old Navy Pixie chino shorts, Madewell Whisper cotton v-neck pocket tee, and Converse Shoreline kicks. #momfashion #summerstyle #outfitinspo

Every year I get these shorts in a different color — see how I styled a lavender pair a few years ago. Today I’m wearing a coral pair I got earlier this spring.

Unfortunately this color is sold out, but they still have them in other colors and prints, and this look is simple enough to work with any of them. I particularly like the Sage of Aquarius they have right now, and they also have a classic navy and black. The O.N. New Black Stripe is fun too!

Old Navy Pixie chino shorts with Madewell Whisper cotton v-neck pocket tee

These shorts have a mid-rise and a 3 1/2″ inseam. Yes, they’re on the shorter side, so you may prefer a longer inseam, but I like this length on me. Most longer shorts end up being too wide at the leg opening if they fit in the hip area.

They have a similar style with a 5″ inseam that’s a good option for those who prefer more of a mid-length short.

If you’re still trying to figure out what shorts look best on you, you may also like my posts, Dos and Don’ts for Shorts and Denim Shorts Review & Comparison.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing a casual summer outfit with Old Navy Pixie chino shorts, Madewell Whisper cotton v-neck pocket tee, and Converse Shoreline kicks. #momfashion #summerstyle #outfitinspo

I paired these classic shorts with a simple white v-neck tee. This tee is under $20 and comes in a ton of great colors. It’s one of my favorites because it has a relaxed fit without being too voluminous, the v-neckline is flattering without sacrificing modesty, and the slub cotton material keeps it modern and youthful. For size reference, I have the medium, so if you’re in between, you may want to size up.

Take a look at my full white t-shirt review if you want to see more options.

I realize there’s nothing ground-breaking about this pairing — anyone can throw together a white t-shirt with a pair of solid color shorts, but there’s a reason it’s a classic combination. It just works.

My best tips for looking put-together while wearing a basic outfit like this is to make sure the fit and proportion are on point, and always accessorize. 

I wore this 3-disc necklace and stack of Alex and Ani bangles in yesterday’s post as well. They’re both such great casual pieces that go with so much.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing a casual summer outfit with Old Navy Pixie chino shorts and Madewell Whisper cotton v-neck pocket tee

I usually wear this outfit with my gold Sam Edelman Gigi thong sandals, but in an attempt to show something different, I threw on my Converse Shoreline sneakers for a more casual vibe. Either works, though, and it’s nice to have the option depending on how much walking I’ll be doing.

Whenever I post these shoes, I get asked about what socks I wear with them. I love these no-show socks. I also realize that some women need more support in their sneakers than Converse offers, so I recommend looking at Superga or Vans.

If you need the support of a full-on lace-up athletic sneaker, I’d opt for a supportive sandal instead — like Vionic. A supportive sandal will be more flattering than a big athletic sneaker, and unless you have an injury that requires something more, they should be just as good for your feet. I lived with foot injuries for a while, so I get it. Finding cute shoes is challenging, but there are a lot of great options nowadays.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing a casual summer outfit with Old Navy Pixie chino shorts, Madewell Whisper cotton v-neck pocket tee, and Converse Shoreline kicks. #momfashion #summerstyle #outfitinspo

white tee // Old Navy Pixie shorts // 3-disc necklace // bracelets // ivory shoulder bag options here and here (less $$ option here)

photo credit: Alison Cornell

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the summer outfit she’s styling today!

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70 Responses

  1. Easy yet very much put together = a big win in my book. I picked up several pairs of inexpensive ON shorts earlier in the spring and they have been my go tos. I have this style in the sage you mentioned and this color in a drawstring style. I’ve tried chino shorts all over, and these are my favorites. And you just can’t beat their prices when they have sales + super cash -some I only paid $4!

  2. I’m sorry that you feel haunted by the blog comment regarding our adult children’s lives becoming a series of “hellos and goodbyes”.  While that comment is true, as the days go by, you will adjust and become comfortable with this new normal.  It is also (usually…ha ha) fulfilling to see our children succeed in their various college/career choices.  Sending you big hugs!

  3. As a mama who has had all three now finished post-secondary and living adult lives of their own – I feel your sense of a “new future” with your son heading off. It does get easier, and believe it or not you really get used to them not being around. Be proud of the adult you raised. I always have said you don’t really know what kind of a job you have done as a parent until your child is an adult! A few years ago I posted a picture on facebook of moving our son out of his residence at university one spring – the caption said “move in, move home, repeat”. That will be your life for the next years!!!. Hope your new house has lots of basement storage for the college years furniture lol. Don’t get rid of anything when you move – they will need it. Good Luck.

  4. Jo-Lynne, I just had to take a minute to send you a hug, via a comment. This is a hard stage of life when our kids are growing up and moving on, but I want to reassure you, you will get through it and even though life will look different, it will be fun and exciting in new and different ways. Both my girls are adults and one is a single mom with a seven year old…something I never wanted to have happen. Both my hubby and I believe in a more traditional view of marriage, having kids and so on, but these things happen and we can’t control our kids choices. My other daughter is married to a great guy and they just moved into their first home. All this to say that life is in a constant state of flux and that is exactly as God planned it. With every change we have a choice to rejoice and thank and pray and allow Him to do His work, not only in us, but in our kids. You will get through this mama, and hey, I still get teary eyed when my kids leave after a family gathering and they only live a few miles away. Ha, ha. It is all part of the beauty and difficulty of being a mom! – Amy

  5. Considering you ARE my “girlfriend who keeps [me} in the know,” it would be pretty selfish of me to ignore your email intro.  I know we’re not really “friends” but you shared, so….   Sorry for the melancholy day…I suspect there will be more ahead.

    Generally, you strike me as fairly practical, but I don’t think anything can really prepare you for the big changes you are experiencing right now.  Two BIGGIES!  Same for your son…actually even more so.

    Even though our kids commute(d), there was still quite a bit of change in our relationship as they started to adult and had to, by nature, cut the apron strings.   They weren’t always receptive, but holding up our end of communication while trying to stay out of their chili was pretty key.   Ah, the one-sided convos. 

    I so miss their younger years, but their humor and interaction with us and each other brought about a somewhat evolved relationship.  We sometimes had to work overtime with our boys to keep them connected (and still do with the youngest, who it seems we barely see)…but I think we appreciate each other in a different way now.  

    The changes are big, inescapable, and evolve into something new that may open some new doors with your family….and gives you a whole new appreciation of your own parents.

    Cute outfit, btw!  Loooove Old Navy shorts!  40% off the purchase 6/21-24 using a credit card from any of their brands.    😘

    1. Thanks, Em. Yes, I’m fairly practical and that’s why I didn’t really expect to feel so sad. I’m ready for him to move on to the next stage. I’ve been feeling it all year – he’s ready for more independence, and we’re ready to give him some space. He hasn’t been that involved in family life this year, and we allowed it, feeling that it was good preparation for when he’s really not here. But the reality of it all is still kind of sobering. It’s not that I’m not looking forward to the next stage, but I’m still sad that family life as we’ve known it for so long is coming to an end. I felt this way when my last child left preschool too… for some reason, the other transitions didn’t feel quite so final as that, and now this.

      Thanks for the 40% off tip! I knew they had 20% off today but I didn’t know about the credit card deal.

  6. Jolynne, I totally get what you are saying. I left my son’s graduation sign up longer than necessary too! I’ve gotten frames for photos to leave up forever though. This new stage is most definately a grieving process!!!! Truly bittersweet.
    Love your outfit as always! Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. BLESS YOUR HEART, as we say in the south!  I am sending you a virtual hug along with my support.  My gut tells me that while David won’t be around as much, he will still be very present in your lives.  Having him with the family for various events along with Thanksgiving and Christmas will make those occasions even more special.  Now to your outfit – I really like it!  Even though I have a nice white tee in my closet, I am going to order this one because I find that most of my tees are cut too full, so they don’t half tuck well, and they make my outfits look out of proportion.  I have a couple of returns I’m taking to ON today.  My plan is to look for a pair of pink jeans, which I know I will get more wear out of than a pair of shorts.  Have a blessed day!  😘

  8. Never regret sharing what’s in your heart! We all read (and take from) your blog for inspiration in clothes and lifestyle, we can do our part to share comfort/empathy with you a little too. And, maybe this will be a new feature — what to send to college, how to dress for college (students), etc. It’s all part of life! For the record, our grad party was Memorial Day weekend and the “2018” sign came down yesterday. It truly did feel final — this is my last one to graduate.

  9. All of the sudden I am not getting your emails ;(  I did sign up again with the new link and not sure what is happening!

  10. Once again, great outfit! I like how you took basics up a notch with a fun color and accessories. I also appreciate the fact that you chose shorts with a 3 1/2 inch inseam. This is the length I feel looks best on me but I am always a bit uncertain about wearing them now that I am in my forties. It’s good to know shorts with this inseam can still work.

  11. ((Hugs))! Don’t you worry for a minute about talking about how you feel. We appreciate and support you. I even like hearing your weather reports about your running and about your rainy Sundays lately. I hope the “off” feeling passes quickly–you were probably brilliant to buy the new house at this time because it will keep you busy and distracted during the first and hardest part of your son’s transition from high school to college. Then, before you know it, everything will feel right again. P.S. Love the shorts!!!

    1. I hope so! I also feel bad that we’re selling my son’s childhood home right as he is going thru this transition, but I’m trying to let that go. I think once we’re settled into the new house, all will feel right with the world again. 🙂 I hope so, at least!

      The nice thing is, we move the day before he comes home from summer camp, and we all have a week together to get used to the new place before going on our family beach vacation. After that, he will be in and out with band camp and eventually off to college, but at least we will all be together for our first week in the new house. 🙂

  12. You look great today. The top and shorts fit you so well which, to me, makes an outfit. Very good tips about accessorizing to step up outfit. 

  13. I appreciate that you share your heart as well as your incredible fashion know how, Jo-Lynne. I will pray for you during this time of upheaval and transition in your lives. Hugs and prayers. 

  14. Please don’t stop sharing with us about your feelings, life adventures and weather reports.  I love reading your emails before I get into the blog and both just make my day. I feel you on the whole family dynamics changing. It is a hard thing to get used to.  But it will eventually become your new normal and you’ll learn to appreciate those times with your son even more. I sure do!  Mine lives in another country for about half the year, so when he comes back to the states, it is a treat!  Hang in there, it will get easier!

    1. Thanks, Linda, I appreciate that. And wow, another country… that is one of my worst fears! Not really… health and happiness is so much more important, but that must have been a hard adjustment for you.

      1. It was a hard adjustment.  But he’d started taking trips over there and staying for extended visits – he owns his own tech company and can work remotely – so at least it was kind of a transition. He loves it there and he’s happy and healthy, like you said, is the important thing.  I miss him so much, but it makes the times we see him all the sweeter.  😊

  15. I remember that feeling and a little bit of emptiness.  While my heart was full of so much pride during this world I’ve my eyes were full of lots of tears.  Know you are not alone in your feelings.  💗

  16. I’m feeling all the mama heart feels with you, Lady!! My baby boy (youngest of 3- so that’s different than you, but my only boy so there’s that) graduated last weekend, too. Next week he’s heading to the beach with 3 friends for his first non-chaperoned trip. Uggg. I know they need to grow up, but it just seems so much harder this time for some reason. <3 

    On another, lighter, note- I second Vionic sandals!! They were all I wore a couple of summers ago when I was fighting plantar fasciitis- and they are so, so good. They have really upped their style game lately, too! 

    1. The youngest… yes, that will definitely be even harder. I think part of what is making this hard is also realizing I have so little time left with the girls. It’s making it seem much more fleeting.

  17. I bought some really cute coral printed shorts (w/little palm trees) at Old Navy last year. I don’t know if they shrunk or if I was having a skinny day when I bought them, but I’m bummed they’re tight cuz they’re so cute. I love yours!! So cute and flattering. I love to dress like this for hanging out casually. I have a gold initial necklace as my go to for almost every summer outfit, but sometimes I skip earring b/c unless they’re fab statement earrings I feel a little frumpy. 

  18. Oh to be able to still wear shorter shorts.  You look great. Love the color with the simple white tee. Right on. My legs are not in shape enough and the older I get I just don’t feel good in shorts but hard when you need them and a casual dress still feels too dressy for hanging out. As for your intro please do not stop sharing your life and feelings. Makes it real reading your blog and we all can relate to you. It helps to get through life changes sharing with others even if you’ve never met the people. :). Like journaling. :). I’ve done it three times, they are all through college and married…. 3rd gets married this month. It does get easier. You really do get use to it. 

  19. Well you had my eyes watering at the beginning of your blog. I hope your days get easier, there are so many seasons as parents that we go through and I don’t think any of them are easy. I remember when we sold our second house and built our third literally down the street. I cried for weeks and wanted to move back. I guess it was the ages of the kids and seeing their emotions as well. It took a while but the new house became our home filled with 11 years this past Dec 24.(Yes we moved in on Christmas Eve!! Crazy I know) of many memories and mile stones. Believe me I have no idea where the 11 years went?? You’ll soon look back and wonder where the years went yourself. Enjoy the changes and each day will get better, its time for that next season of life.

    Hope you have a great weekend and you always look so good in shorts.

    1. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one to do a close move like this. Some people think we’re nuts. 😉 We’ve been here for 12 years and I wonder where they went… so I definitely expect the next 12 to go just as fast. I am looking forward to making the new house feel like home!

  20. Hi Jo-Lynne,  

    Couple of questions on this post:
    How does sizing run in those shorts?  Do you mind sharing your size for reference?

    And, about the TB bag option here (and in the email).  If you had to pick between the TB bag and the off-white Loeffler Randall bag you featured this spring, which one would you pick and why?  I like them both, but it seems unnecessary to have 2 in such a similar size and color…but I’m having a hard time choosing!!  

    Thanks for the help!

    1. Hey Lynn. I should have mentioned that. I wear an 8 in their shorts. I tried the 6 but it was snug, and I hate for my shorts to feel (or look) tight. I wear a 6 in their jeans, if that helps.

      As for the bags… the Loeffler Randall is gorgeous — it’s stiffer and the leather is a saffiano, so wipes clean. I haven’t seen this Tory Burch bag in person but it appears to be a softer pebbled leather. The LR also has more compartments. I hope that helps!

      1. Thanks for the information 🙂   Since you have the LR bag, what do you like (or dislike) about it?   Sorry to bug you with more questions, but the bags aren’t inexpensive (even on sale).  Thanks again.

        1. I don’t mind the questions at all – and no, they are NOT cheap! LOL! I like the silver hardware on the LR bag and the structure, and honestly, I like that it’s different. I have a lot of TB bags, and it was fun to get something different. I think you’re getting a lot of quality b/c you’re not paying for the name, really. It’s just a gorgeous bag. The TB is good too… but the LR is different, and that’s fun.

          1. Great – thanks so much!  Your opinion definitely helps.  (and FWIW- I know I can return them for free, but once I have them in hand, if I like them at all, I tend to have a hard time doing that – LOL 😉 .

            Thank you again – have a great Friday eve!

  21. Your email intro is my favourite part of your blog post and I like how you always keep it real. Telling your readers how you are feeling about this summer of transition, and more specifically about how you feel as you take down the graduation banner, gives us a chance to support YOU and to give back to YOU. It feels good, just as if we were all friends in real life. You are always there for us fashion-wise and it’s great to be there for you. All change is hard at first and it will take a while for the change to become the new normal. With all the great facets of technology (texting, face time, etc), you might actually “see” your son more once he leaves for college than you did this year. Have a wonderful weekend!

  22. Those are my current favorite pair of shorts, too! And I love my Shoreline Converse. I just added some orthotics for support, and they’re comfy all day.

  23. Jo Lynne, I so can relate to what you are going through. A few years ago, we relocated to a different town, bought a smaller house, I got a new job I hated (like the day I started it I knew I would hate it, both my older children move away the same week (one to the marines and one 7 hours away to college after spending his first two years at a commuter college.) it was beyond hard but I still had my younger children at home so I had to be happy. I took up running to keep me sane. Now my two are doing very well, happy and we have enjoyable adult conversations. It isn’t the same as when they were small but in some ways it is so much better. They are happy and successful and I know my hubby and I succeeded in raising them. Hugs to you…it is very hard. 

  24. Never feel badly about sharing!  It’s these common life experiences that make us all more alike than different! I have one through college and moved far away.  One in college and preparing to move farther away and one in high school.  Every change has been hard BuT has opened us all to new experiences and deepened our relationships despite the long distances.   What will be fun too is how the girls change and how your relationships with them grow too!   Exciting but believe me when I say I cried the whole way home after taking our oldest to college the first time!   Hugs to you all!

  25. Thanks for sharing your heartfelt thoughts!
    I too have a graduate.
    My girl, the last one. She has been everybody’s babygirl within our circle
    of friendships.
    And definitely my babygirl!!
    My boys are quite a bit older than her and when the first one graduated it was quite a difficult transition .
    I would put his senior pic at the dinner table in his spot so he could eat with us every night !! LOL! But it’s true the older two boys have moved in and out and come back and forth for various reasons and varying lengths of time!
    All that to say that having my last one graduate , my girl is so heart wrenching . Graduation was last weekend, I will take the decorations down today and the flowers that were given to her are well beyond their time . She leaves at 0300 tonight for a 12 day trip to Alaska! She will return for all of July and part of August because she’s going to play volleyball in college and will go to school ahead of the other students.
    The pride in my mama heart tries to comfort the pain of her leaving!
    Anyways I wanted to let you know of a book a friend gave to me that has helped.
    Release My Grip by Kami Gilmour
    The cover states
    Its hope for a parents heart as kids leave the nest and learn to fly
    You can get it on Amazon!
    I think you’ll love reading it!
    Btw, I love your style and look forward to hearing about your move !

    1. Hi Shelley, thank you so much for your sweet reply and sharing your own mama’s heart. I knew when I had babies that it was my job to give them roots and wings. I just didn’t think the wings part was going to get here so soon. 🙂 Best of luck to you this summer… it sounds like you are in for quite a transition!

  26. You are not sharing too much about your child leaving the nest.  It’s one thing us mothers can relate totally to.   I remember after dropping off my daughter at college we stopped on the way home to get ice cream (because it always makes everything better!). Then I remember saying with tears when I got home that I just wanted her back.  It was somewhat easy to recover from though because you realize they will always be a part of your life, just in a different form.  Enjoy sharing him with the world and see the good work you have done raising him.   Keep sharing with us how it is going because yes it is a fashion blog, but more so we are first human beings!

  27. It is an important step in life, and of course, you will grieve.  But you will always be your son’s mother.  And remember, they do return home!

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