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Y’all know all about my love affair with handbags.  So I had to share these with you.  If you love The Sak but, like me, the prices are a BIT out of your league, here are some bags you might want to consider.

The Sak Reyes Small Tote comes in a fabulous array of summer colors for only $51.75 at thesak.com.  Like this neutral beige.

And this vibrant pink.

And the sporty Auberry
Crochet Large Hobo is on sale for $81.75.  It’s perfect for everyday or a weekend getaway.  Look at this sunny yellow one.

Or this blue.

And then there is this beauty by Elliott Lucca Aruba.  Now this one is totally out of the realm of my reality at the moment.  But still, isn’t it TO DIE FOR?

Okay, that’s all.  Carry on as usual.

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  1. The green purse is absolutely gorgeous. I love bags but all I carry around these days is a diaper bag, but it’s vera bradley so at least I can feel somewhat hip and trendy!

  2. Darn–I didn’t know the Sak was so expensive! I just passed up a pretty lime green one for $4 at the thrift store.

    Now I know better…

  3. I love handbags and I’m in the UK so its ‘RADLEY’ for me!
    My husband just doesn’t get it, so I’m glad to have found a blogger that does!

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