Fashion Friday: It’s all Gray

I’m all about the gray this fall.  In fact, it started last fall when I bought like four charcoal gray sweaters without even realizing it.  I know, really.  Obsessive much?

Then throughout the winter, I started noticing gray boots everywhere. Then I bought a gray peacoat.

Then last spring I bought gray jeans. Then last summer, my mom surprised me with this gorgeous gray leather handbag from Garnet Hill for my birthday.

I carried it some while I was in Maine and then I lovingly laid it away for fall.  I’m about to unveil it, and I can’t wait to carry it everywhere.

Oh yes, and then there was the charcoal gray clutch that came in my swagbag at the BlogHerStyle event.

And the light silvery-gray LOFT jacket I got at our BlogHerStyle event that is no longer online to link to.  HMPH.

Speaking of jackets, I need to get better at layering.  What are your best layering tips? I always feel kind of fusty when I try to layer.  I feel another Fashion Friday post in the works…

All this to say, can a girl have too much gray?

Wait.  Don’t answer that.  Because I have… wait for it…

My Fall Fashion Wish List

1. Gray Boots
Last year I noticed them and I liked them.  This year, I may be ready to invest.  (Or at least, put them on my Christmas list.) The question is, what style am I looking for?  I’d like something practical enough to wear around town on mommy duty, but also something stylish enough to wear for a day trip to NYC or whatever other fun events might crop up this winter.

I’m not quite ready to embrace the over-the-knee boots that are all the rage.  They are cute, but they’re a bit much for preschool drop-off and sitting at my computer all day waxing eloquent about my suburban life.

If money grew on trees, I’d snag these these in a heartbeat.

These are adorable, and the price is much more palatable.

I’ll have to look around and see what’s out there, but if I make an investment in my fall wardrobe, I think it will involve gray boots.

2. Gray Watch
A few weeks ago, Big Mama linked to this gray watch.

A watch is an easy way to update your style without breaking the bank.  I love accessorizing with watches.  I have a few different colored bands, and I change them out depending on what I’m wearing.

3. Gray Leather Jacket
This one’s a pipe dream, but what’s a blog for if not to dream?

I love the styling on this jacket, and you can tell the leather is to die for.  Of course, if the leather doesn’t do it, the price will put you right in your grave.

But this is cute — and affordable.

Gray is a fabulous neutral because it goes with just about everything and it’s not as harsh as black (not that I have a problem wearing black; I big puffy heart black. But that’s a different post.)

Gray goes great with red, pink, purple, teal, orange, and a slew of other fun colors.  And of course you can pair it with black or white or denim for a stylish all-over neutral look.  (Just don’t wear all your gray at once.  Yikes!)

What’s your favorite color this fall? If you’re in the south and still running your air conditioner, do you start to wear fall colors now, or do you just stick to the summery stuff for a while longer?

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  1. I fell in love with a pair of grey boots yesterday at DSW. I could live in that store.

    Ann Taylor Loft also has an extra 40% off sale items with code NEW40. The summer stuff is great for layering under cardigans and jackets.

  2. I had my eye on a few pair of grey boots last fall, not in the budget,so I hope to snag a pair this year.
    Grey is a great neutral! I usually wear a lot of black, but also have been subbing in grey, like jeans and cardigans. You are so right about it being slightly less harsh than black, Even my DH, a diehard black fan, looks much sexier in a nice shade of grey.

  3. OMGosh! Gray is all my dd has looked at, talked about, and purchased this fall. I’m getting tired of it already – maybe it’s time to embrace it huh?!?1 LOL!!! I don’t know that I one one piece. Basic black is still my fave.

  4. I never think about gray at all, but it’s very cute! I think I may look for a gray handbag.

    My 12-year-old (middle schooler!!!!) got gray jeans this year, and for her Ugg-type boots (we get Costco brand) she wants gray this year, so she can wear with black or brown. So apparently she’s trendy!

  5. Definitely a grey/gray theme going on here in Ireland too.

    So far – two grey tops, grey boots, grey bag…..

    What is your fave colour/color to go with the grey/gray? I am being drawn to plum or teal and of course black.

    Or maybe you are just going grey, grey, grey?

  6. I have a pair of slouchy grey boots that I bough at the Nine West Outlet a few weeks ago. LOVE! I wear a ton of grey. Definitely one of my go-to’s. I love, love, love the look of dark jeans and a grey top. I actually have grey pants on today with a bright magenta top. Maybe I’m more “in” than I think! HA!

  7. I’m buying some sweater dresses in grey but I love the jackets above – maybe a splurge. I’m skipping grey boots for some red ones (but mostly because I love red with grey and everyone should own red footwear!)

    Great list – think I might get that watch!

  8. Don’t kid yourself – any layers I’ve seen you wear (on your blog, of course LOL) well, you look great in them! I steal a lot of my style from you! And I am LOVING the gray! It is a lot friendlier than black, which I am a huge fan of.

  9. I love gray! I used to wear it too much though. I’ve learned to embrace color and use gray less. But, my favorite lazy pants that are appropriate for public are gray. I’m still wearing summer clothes and colors since it is 90+ degrees here. I love that pink cardigan–where did you get it?

  10. I look HORRID in gray, I mean HORRID. And plum. Needless to say, it’s been a couple of dry years at my house when it comes to the “lastest color”. Oy!

    When does red come back in? Or even pink. Perriwinkle blue? BROWN! I loved the years of brown. Can you do something to sway the industry, please? Kthxbai

  11. I have a new appreciation for gray after reading this! I’d much rather wear it on my body than in my hair.

    I liked the second pair of boots better, but that’s because I’m short. I would feel a bit clunky in the first pair.

    I think gray can make colors pop a bit more than black, even though it’s easier on the eye. I picked up a few pairs of dark gray flats at DSW last fall to go with my black pants. They’re less obtrusive, and work better for the preschool drop-off.

    BTW, I’d love a discussion about upgrading your look while still doing the preschool/elementary drop-off. Too many moms look, well, frumpy or too young for their age, whether it’s wearing inappropriate clothing or simply just going with a boyish look like the mom in pig-tails yesterday at my son’s preschool Open House.

  12. Your making this pregnant girl jealous of the fall fashion I can’t buy! I just bought a great pair of boots only to realize my foot would soon be too fat for them 🙁 I had to return. I have to remind myself not to buy! lol

  13. I know this is an old post, but I recently bought these boots and LOVE them! I wear them with skinny jeans and a t-shirt for grocery shopping, or with a dress (or a dress and leggings, or a dress over my skinny jeans) for church. I wear them around the house, and I wear them out and about. Seriously, I love them so much!

    This URL is ridiculously long, ha!


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