Fall Has Sprung? Fell?

Did you ever notice that there is no "spring has sprung" equivalent for fall?  I wonder why.  So what’s the word I want here?  Arrived?  That will work.   

So this weekend, fall has arrived here in the greater Philadelphia area. 

All of the sudden the
temperatures are cooler, and there is even a slight nip in the air. 
When I woke up this morning, it was so cold in the house that I
actually contemplated turning on the heater for a few minutes to take the chill

I might very well be the only person I know that is NOT excited
about this sudden change in the weather, even if it does signal the coming of such fun fall festivities as pumpkin carving and trick-or-treating and hayrides.

I am
so not ready for this.  You see, I detest the cold with a
passion usually reserved for pants with pleats and stewed prunes.  It’s not even the end of September yet!  It’s too early for fall weather.  Where’s my Indian Summer????

I actually had to climb up into the attic this morning (brrrr . . . ) to find
winter clothes for the kids to wear to church.  Fortunately R has a
whole plastic bin full of adorable size 2T winter clothes, compliments of
her big sister.  And D can still wear some of his clothes from last year.  But
C is in desperate need of a new wardrobe.  She said to me this morning
as we tried to find her something presentable to wear to church,
"Mommy, I don’t have anything to wear!"  Four going on twenty-four, that’s what she is.  It starts young, my friends.

Believe it or not, she speaks the truth.  We found something
from last winter that she could get away with for today, but I have a
fun task ahead of me this week.  I can actually justify shopping for
clothes.  Even her new school skirts have only short-sleeved counterparts at the moment. 

Of course, I will try to purchase only what she needs and keep my purchases in a certain price-range out of respect for our No Frivolous Spending policy.  Which, I must tell you, I have been honoring with the utmost restraint.

The only cheat I made this week was when I purchased the fun fall printed Bounty paper towels instead of the 8-pack of plain ol’ boring white Bounty paper towels that were on sale.  I knew I should just buy the plain ol’ white ones, but I just love the fall prints.  So I splurged, I’m ashamed to tell you.  I hope you can overlook this momentary lapse of judgment and still be my friend.


When I was at the eye doctor last week, I found some adorable new frames I fell in love with, and a month ago, I would have bought them in a second.  However.  I was the model of self-control, and I told the doctor to just replace the lenses in my old frames instead. 


When I was at the hairdresser on Wednesday, I so desperately wanted to get highlights put in my hair.  I’ve been wanting highlights forever, but I’m always afraid to try them because my hair is so dark.  But this week I found myself feeling very reckless and adventurous (as is evidenced by the haircut itself) and would have done the highlights in a second.  Except.  I knew there was no way I could justify highlights as a necessary expense.  So, once again, I gathered up every ounce of willpower I could muster and Just Said No to highlights.  For now.  Come January, I can’t make you any promises.

Oh, there was one other thing.  Last night I had a party to go to and I so wanted something new to wear.  The Ann Taylor Loft at the mall was serenading me from afar.  But I was not to be deterred.  I managed to find something to wear from my very own closet.  Tell me you’re proud of me.  It really is a profound achievement for a chronic shopoholic.

Okay, well, that’s my weekend update.  I will be answering more Q&A tomorrow, as well as having a fun giveaway.  So yall be sure to come back now, ya hear?