{Fashion Friday} A Reader Question: White to a Wedding?

A reader wrote to me and asked:

Do you think it’s still tacky to wear white as the guest of a wedding when you are CLEARLY not the bride?  I’m looking at a white shift.  I’d prefer it in a bright color but it only comes in white.

I’m certainly not Miss Manners, but I do have pretty strong opinions concerning fashion rules and basic etiquette. I thought it was an interesting question so I asked her permission to poll my readers.

I realize that nowadays people are throwing caution to the wind, and many of the traditional fashion rules now seem antiquated and no longer relevant.

For instance, I admit that I’ve gotten lax about wearing white only between Memorial and Labor Days. I wouldn’t wear white shoes in the dead of winter, but I am perfectly comfortable wearing them any time after Easter, no matter how early in the year Easter happens to fall. In fact, this year my girls both initiated their white “Easter shoes” on Palm Sunday because nothing else really went with their dresses.

I also love the idea of wearing white jeans in the wintertime, as long as they are paired with wintery colors and textures so they look intentional, not like a fashion mistake. Brooke Hogan does it right.

It is not unusual anymore to see ladies in black attire at a wedding — either the wedding guests or the bridal party.

These days you can feel free to mix black and brown.

Or silver and gold.

You can also (gasp!) mismatch the colors of  your shoes and handbags. (My grandmother is officially rolling over in her grave.)

But wearing white to a wedding is just one of those “old fashioned” rules of etiquette that I cannot breach.

In fact, my reply to my friend was quite adamant:

I would NEVER wear white to a wedding. EVER.

(Unless I was the bride. Which isn’t happening again any time soon.)

So I’m wondering. What say you, Dear Reader?

Would you wear white as a wedding guest? Is that rule still going strong, or has it gone the way of handwritten thank you notes and basic chivalry?

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