Fashion Friday: Bathing Suits

Oh yeah. I’m going there. Swimsuit season is almost here, and we might as well face the music. If you’re anything like me, finding a flattering swimsuit is one of life’s most humbling experiences. As far as I’m concerned, it ranks right up there with root canals and mammograms. It’s a necessary evil, for sure.

But there’s hope. There are some fantastic bathing suits out there, it just takes some trial and error to find the right one for you.

I’ve long been a fan of Miraclesuits. Back when I was birthing babies, I swore by these suits to keep help smooth out the lumps and bumps that were an inevitable part of life while losing baby weight. They had some cute styles back then, but when we were at Getting Gorgeous earlier in the month, Miraclebody Swim was on hand to show us their new line of suits, and there’s only one way to put it: They’ve come a long way, baby.

They were cute before, but they are super stylish now. Take a look.

From left to right: Sonatina Swimsuit (Berry)Solitaire Hamden Swimsuit (Black/White), Sanibel Swimsuit (Black), Rialto Swimsuit (Electric Blue), Kitty Galore Utopia Swimsuit (Chocolate). Photo credits from Mad photoshop skilz from moi!

I’ve never found a suit as good at holding the jiggly parts in check, and if this is what you’re looking for, I highly recommend giving Miraclesuits a try. They also have bikinis, which sort of defeats the purpose in my opinion, but whatever floats your boat. And they ARE cute.

If you don’t need quite that much support, Lands End swimwear is always a sure bet. They often go on sale halfway through the season, and that is when I tend to stock up. I’m a huge fan of their tankinis.

Photo credit:

Those swimsuits are all from their Beach Living Collection. What I like about Lands End is that you can search for suits by the type of solution you need. They make suits designed to flatten the tummy, slim the hips, conceal the thighs, elongate the legs, and enhance or minimize the bust. Yes please!

Last year I ordered from Athleta. Their suits aren’t quite as supportive as Lands End, but they are super cute. I am totally sold on their Swim Short. I bought this pair last year because they went with a top I already had.

I’m hoping to get a new suit this year, and I will definitely be getting shorts again. I have my eye on the Artisan Oceanside Short with the Artisan Banded Halter Tankini.

I usually wear skirted suits, but the shorts are a nice alternative and don’t feel as fussy. Go ahead, call me Grannie, but I’m a firm believer that there comes a time in a woman’s life when no one should have to see her thighs. And friends, that time has come and gone for me.

Now if you’re more daring, and if child bearing hasn’t done to your body what it did to mine, there are always these super cute bikinis.

Don’t you just want to BE that girl? Heck, I’ll just take her abs.

I wish they showed more of their suits with the tops and bottoms together. If I was more industrious, I’d use photoshop to show you some of the cute combinations, but you’ll just have to go peruse the site yourself because I have kids to get to school by 9am.

But first, I want to show you the swimsuits at Shabby Apple. I love their vintage inspired suits. If you want something no one else is wearing, this is the place to go.

Photo credits:

From left to right: Amalfi in black, Castaway’s Beach in red, Astra in plum, Fresh Water Beach Halter in aqua.

If these suits are out of your budget, try Old Navy. They may not offer the support and coverage of the more pricey suits, but they have cute styles, and at these prices, you won’t mind tossing them at the end of the season and getting something new next year.

Photo credit:

And guess what? This Saturday, from 7am to 11am only, Old Navy will have swimsuits for the whole family at 60% off. This offer is only good in stores, so make your plans now. I’d advise getting there right at 7am before everything is picked over and the displays get all trashy looking. (I don’t envy those employees one bit!)

How about you? What is your go-to place for swimwear?

Disclosure: links to Old Navy, Athleta, Zappos and Shabby Apple may be affiliate links.

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