Fashion Friday: Blissdom Nightlife

For a girl who spends most of her life in sweatpants and a hoodie and greets Mr. Sandman by 10pm at the latest, it’s been fun getting glammed up for the nightlife at Blissdom.

I have two CAbi tops that I purchased at a CAbi event last fall, and I wore both this week.  Tonight I wore this sparkly top with the dolman sleeves and black corduroy skinny jeans and black suede pumps.

And last night I wore this sleeveless embellished top and dark wash straight leg jeans and my sparkly red patent leather pumps.

I know, I’m nothing if not predictable. What can I say, I like black!

So do my room mates, evidently.

Here is Shelly, all decked out in a gray embellished sweater dress and black leggings and red flats:

and Donielle in her black floral dress, black tights and ballet flats. (Shhhh… they’re actually slippers but they’re too cute to tell.)

and Katie in her black shift, black tights, knee-high heeled boots and long silver necklace.

I wish I’d brought my camera to the parties but I didn’t want to lug it. I did grab a shot of a group of fancy ladies dressed in… you guessed it! More black! We were waiting in line to get into Total Bliss at the District, generously sponsored by Tide and Jockey.

There were lots of fabulous outfits, and no, they weren’t all black, but I didn’t capture them on film. Still, black ruled the night.

So how about you? When you get fancy, do you go for black, or do you go for color? Inquiring minds wanna know.

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