Fashion Friday: Boots and Skirts

When I asked for Fashion Friday post ideas a few weeks back, DeAnn had a lengthy comment that included at least a month’s worth of Fashion Friday topics!  This is an excerpt:

What do you think about the lace-up boot trend? I’m trying to be open-minded but I keep thinking about Laura Ingalls Wilder. Hmm…what else? I usually work the long skirt and boots look throughout the Fall and Winter. I’m getting a little tired of my frumpy long skirts. But…I also don’t want to go too short because I have lots of little kids and kneeling at church so modesty is important. So, how does one rock the skirt/boots look when you’re over 35?

Ah yes, the lace-up boots.

Photos compliments of Nordstrom.

I’m not a fan, really.  It doesn’t mean that they won’t look good on YOU!   But I’M not running out to buy a pair.  That doesn’t mean that they couldn’t be smashing on the right person in the right city with the right lifestyle.

I’m actually KIND OF liking the pair on the left up there.  The more I look at them, the more I can imagine them trotting around town under a knee-length pencil skirt, going to a sophisticated office job where there is no drool or sticky jelly fingers or needy preschoolers . . .

But for me?  And my everyday life?  I’d feel kind of silly.  BUT.  Ask me next year.  I used to think I wouldn’t tuck my jeans into my boots and now I don’t wear them any other way!  Styles have a way of growing on me.

As far as your next question:

how does one rock the skirt/boots look when you’re over 35?

I used to wear knee-high boots with knee-length skirts to church all the time when I had young kids.  (I realize I still have young kids, but I mean when they were REALLY little, as in, I was in the nursery, on the floor with them.  Of course, I was also barely 30 years old.)  But, I think as long as the skirt comes to the knee, you can be modest in it.  You just have to be aware of how you sit and bend, and do so in a way that doesn’t provide a show that you weren’t expecting to offer.

It’s really these mini-skirts that are coming back into vogue that are causing all the problems.

Like this? No no no no NO.

Remember Stacey and Clinton?  NO MINISKIRTS AFTER 35!

But these?  CUTE!  Stylish.  Sophisticated.  Age appropriate!  Just envision them with boots.

Skirt photos compliments of Nordstrom and Ann Taylor.

I particularly like the length of the one on the far right, I think it can be very flattering IF the proportions work.  By that, I mean, that almost no one can get away with a skirt that falls just below the knee and flat shoes.  You must wear heels to give enough distance between the bottom of the skirt and the ground to even out the proportion created by a longer skirt.

In the same way, sometimes flats look better with a skirt that hits above the knee.  I like my flat boots with shorter skirts.  I feel gangly in heels if my skirt is short.  It really depends on your body type, though.  If you’re under 5’2″, then you can wear heels with just about anything and pull it off.  Whereas heels often make me feel overdressed.

Boden has a TON of great skirts for the mom over 35.  And they actually help us out by picturing them with boots.  Like, take a look at these:

And remember.  Models are often taller than us average Joes, or should that be average Josephines?  Anyway . . . usually they will appear longer on YOU.

Boden also tends to carry a lot of A-line styles, for those of you who prefer that cut of skirt.  I’m a huge pencil skirt fan, myself, but I realize that an A-line cut is easier to move around in and probably provides more modesty.

Anthropologie also offers a lot of mom-friendly skirt options, if you like their styling.  They are showing a lot of these fuller knee-length skirts, which, again, should provide a mom with enough modesty to feel comfortable bending down with young kids without compromising style.

Yes, Boden and Anthropologie prices are sometimes staggering, but you can use these ideas anywhere you like to shop.

What about you? Do you wear skirts with boots?  How do you rock the skirt/boots look when you’re over 35?

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