Fashion Friday: CAbi Style

This week I hosted a CAbi party for the Philly Social Media Moms. If CAbi is new to you, think Tupperware parties for clothes. When my clothes come in, I’ll be sure to post photos, but today I’ll just show you how much fun the whole CAbi experience is. Of course, I love shopping in any environment, so you add good friends and food and wine and I’m all over that!

Hillary and Sarah

Besides getting to shop in a relaxed environment, you also get the benefit of having a personal shopper (or two) at your disposal. My consultant has hired an assistant, and between the two of them, they can make sure everyone has the individual attention they need. CAbi consultants receive training in current trends, how to fit certain body types, and how to mix and match the pieces to suit each woman’s unique style. It’s always amazing to me how many different ways you can wear their pieces. They seriously have something for everyone.

CAbi Spring 2011 Collection

First the consultant shows the guests each of the items in the collection. It takes a while to go through everything, but I find it much more effective than just poking through the racks on my own. My friend brought the collection over to my house one afternoon a few weeks ago, and I found some cute pieces, but when the consultant went though the rack at the party, I noticed so many other cute items, and she always shows you various ways to wear them that you’d never think of just looking at them on the rack.

Marty holding up Gabrielle Cardigan and Gray Lulu Jean

I honed in on this sweater the second I saw it. It is SO ME. I would have put it over a white tank, but I love how it looks over the blue. And in the end, I bought a gray tank to go with it. How perfect will that be with white jeans??? I cannot WAIT to get my order.

After the CAbi consultant shows you all the clothes, then it’s time to try things on. This is the fun part. Like I said, the best part of the whole experience is having friends and a trained stylist to help you decide what looks good on you, how to wear things, and how to put pieces together to be most flattering for you. You do have to throw some modesty out the window unless you want to wait in line for the bathroom, but no worries. After all, you’re among friends!

Here is Sarah trying on the Shakespeare Tunic, which she ended up buying. Because hello. How CUTE is she in that!?

Sarah modeling the Shakespeare Tunic

And this is an example of something that didn’t catch my eye until I saw Marty showing it at the party. It’s also an example of how versatile CAbi makes their clothing. This Sigourney dress can be worn about five different ways. I tried it on as a strapless maxi dress and put a denim jacket on with it for modesty as well as because I just love denim. I think denim makes any outfit a bit more edgy and modern, and it breaks up the pattern, which was a bit much for me.

Jo-Lynne in the Sigourney Dress

But look how this model takes it and wears it as a casual knee-length dress. And she pairs it with a khaki jacket for a different vibe.

Sigourney Dress

It can also be worn as a skirt. I think it would look fab with a black tank top (and a jean jacket, of course!) Then she showed us how to wear it as a scarf and even as a halter top! Talk about getting your money’s worth.

When my order comes in, I’ll show you what I ended up with and how I put my new pieces with the wardrobe staples I already have in my closet.

Have you ever been to a CAbi show? Isn’t it FUN!?

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  1. I so agree that many times I’ve tried things on at the show that did not appeal to me on the website or catalog. Looks so different on. I love the Got you Covered jacket, and the white Bree jeans are such a good fit–love them just like last fall’s version in the dark wash. The “Delicious” skirt was also a fave this spring. I love Cabi!

  2. CAbi is a great brand. The spring collection wasn’t my favorite, but I can’t wait until the fall/winter line comes out! I’m hoping for a pencil denim skirt, a rich red or orange cardigan, a preppy v-neck navy sweater, and a fun business suit.

    P.S. Sarah looks great in that Shakespeare Tunic!

  3. UGH. I’m sooooooooooooooooo bummed I missed it. Ok. I need to have a party now! LOVE that dress on you!

  4. So glad I came after all!! So fun hanging with you ladies.

    On another note, I just saw the first pictures of Friday night. Your new shirt looks fantastic on you. You couldn’t have picked better.

  5. I have gotten several Fall CAbi pieces when my MIL sold it, but the Spring line looks great! I really like the Gabrielle Cardigan. You look fabulous in that dress and you always wear a jean jacket so well. I need to dust mine off.

    PS. I was so bummed to miss the party. But your consultant offered a showing at her house when I RSVP’ed. Thought that was so nice!

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