Fashion Friday: Denim Edition

There are three fashion items that I could own in unlimited quantities: handbags (duh!), shoes, and jeans. Right now I’m on a denim kick. It all started when my husband told me to go out and buy a couple new pairs of jeans because he’s sick of hearing me say that mine are tight in the waist. Like I need an invitation to go jeans shopping. Okay, so maybe I did.

I got it in my head a few weeks ago that I want to try the boyfriend jeans. I’m pretty sure I’ve bashed the look in the past, but it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, after all, and besides. That was before I saw these.

born beam

No, of course they are not jeans.  BUT.  Wouldn’t they be adorable with a pair of boyfriend jeans?

And that’s when I decided to try them.  (The boyfriend jeans, not the shoes.  Although I might still try the shoes, or try to find something similar for half the price, but unfortunately my feet are far from sandal ready, so for now I’m just looking at the jeans.)

Whew!  You still with me?

So in a nutshell, I took advantage of a few kid-free hours this morning to try on some jeans.

Out of all the boyfriend jeans I tried (and did you know that there are MANY variations of the boyfriend jean?  The skinny, the baggy, the cropped, the short, the long, the in-between…) this pair was the most flattering.  I got a mixed reaction from the Twitterverse when I TwitPicked this photo from the dressing room.


I guess I just can’t see paying good money for jeans that look like I just got in a street fight.  There was even a disclaimer on one pair that stated that any holes could become bigger with wear and encouraged the owner to feel free to repair them and further personalize them.

I mean, REALLY?

I do have a pair of jean shorts from last year with the rips in them, and I always felt a little bit foolish wearing them, but they were mostly for bumming around the yard and they were comfy so I let it go.

But can’t we find a boyfriend jean without the rips and tears?  Or is that a requirement?  Tell me, oh wise internets.  Do you have boyfriend jeans?  Do yours look like something you’d wear to the barn to milk the cows?  (That’s what my grandfather would tell me they look like.)

The other denim item I have been wanting to add to my collection is a pair of white jeans.  I think they’re so crisp and clean and a nice alternative to the typical blue jean that I wear all the time.  I’m picturing them with a cute black top and a pair of metallic high heeled sandals for a night out with the hubs or paired with a bright coral or fresh lime green sweater for a summer brunch with the girls.

I haven’t been able to commit to the white jean just yet, but I’m working on it.  Whaddya think?


I like them, but they make me feel rather conspicuous.  Or something.  I snapped this picture in the dressing room, intending to send it out to the Twitterverse to get a second (and third and fourth and tenth) opinion.  But just as it was uploading to TwitPic, my phone died on me, so I have had no feedback on these yet.  I’m counting on you to come through for me.

What do you think of the white jean?  A fresh, modern addition to the summer wardrobe?  Or a fashion don’t?

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  1. Given that my day does not begin until I’ve spilled my coffee on myself, I think white jeans would be an unwise choice–for me, anyway. However, if you come from less clumsy stock, I think the white jean is an easy way to “classy up” a comfy outfit.

  2. I vote yes for the white jeans! Very cute in the summer with a bright shirt and fun sandals. Maybe a cool chunky necklace. I’m so pale that I can only wear white in the midst of summer when I FINALLY have a wee bit of a pathetic tan. 😉

    The boyfriend jeans aren’t doing much for me, although I like the VS pair the commenter above linked to.

  3. I like the look. Having said that I am a guy who, like most guys, knows little or nothing about fashion. So don’t put too much stock in what I say.


  4. Love the white jeans, and as you are on the other side of an ocean from my wee 5 year old – they may actually remain white within 2 hours of wearing them.

    Sigh….maybe it is just the grass is greener, OR THE JEANS ARE WHITER on the other side of the fence/ocean!

  5. At my size you never, ever think about wearing white pants of any kind. On you they look very cute. I would just make sure they were really thick and non-see through.

      1. That is a problem, too, because when they are thicker, they become blistering HOT as the summer progresses!! Those do look really cute on you, but your expression in both pics is the BEST!! Ha ha!!

  6. I like the white jeans, but I’d feel like I was sticking out like a sore thumb! I wouldn’t make it an hour in them and they’d be all dirty with the kiddy hand prints.

  7. I like those white jeans on you, Jo-Lynne. They fit well, and I agree with you. They look really crisp and clean for the warmer months.

    I laughed when I read your impressions of the boyfriend jean though. I had that exact same sentiment just last week. I cannot bring myself to pay money for jeans with holes in them. Funny thing is, I did buy jeans with holes in them in high school. It was very much the look and I thought I was soooo cool. At that time, I remember my mom saying, “Why would you pay for jeans with holes in them?” So, the big epiphany last week was that I have pretty much become my mother. Fabulous.

  8. The destroyed denim look (aka holey) is not my favorite. Those white jeans look great on you, though. I have a pair of white jeans and really like them. I wear them as a version of a dress pant in the summer.

    One thing: I didn’t like how on my white jeans you could see the front pocket lining through the jeans….it sorta drew attention to my hips….so I had them altered (took them to the dry cleaners and asked them to remove the pocket lining and sew the front pockets shut. Much cleaner, flat look.

  9. This is somewhat related to your post but kind of not, but evidently it seems to be a common problem. How come when a new season rolls around and you try on the shorts or capris or jeans or whatever from the last similar season and they are too tight. So you get all depressed and bummed out and vow to be better with the eating and exercising and then you go shopping only to discover that you STILL wear the SAME.EXACT. size as the ones at home. So whooohoooo….you didn’t get all fat over the course of the year.

    Is it the wear and tear? The dryer? What ???? Happens a lot to me!

    1. YES! That is EXACTLY what happened to me. I went shopping planning to go up a size and I ended up getting the same size I had before, but they fit better. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? I try not to dry them, and I stretch the waist when they’re wet. I don’t get it.

  10. LOVE the white jeans, just bought some for myself for this summer!!!!! I can’t wait until after Easter (b/c heaven forbid my MIL see them on me before!!!) with a cute black or hot pink top – and I will probably turn the cuffs up for a more casual look with flip flops!!!

    Not a big fan of the boyfriend jean.

  11. I wear my white capri’s and shorts all the time. I love white. I say go for it. And I have to tell you that I was cracking up at the thought of you taking a picture of yourself in the dressing room and twittering it! LOL!
    Your are a hoot my friend.

  12. I think the white jeans look wicked cute on you! You should def get them — they fit nice. I personally couldn’t wear them because I have a very active toddler who would just love to put her messy little hands all over them. LOL

    And I am not a big fan of the holey ripped BF jeans — it seems silly to pay all that $$ for something that’s already falling apart. But I do like the VS BF jeans that another commentor linked. Of course, if I looked like that VS model then I’d even look good in a potato sack! Ha ha

    BTW, no matter what I think you should splurge for the shoes — wicked cute!

  13. I love the white jeans too! I have been wanting to try some too, but am waiting to be close to my goal weight (Since I’m pregnant, I’ve got at least another year on that one.:) ) One of my all time favorite looks is white jeans with a black turtleneck sweater or other cute black top and fun sandals. Also, I bought a pair of boyfriend jeans last year from Anthropologie.com. The brand is, “Joe’s Jeans.” Normally, they are pretty expensive but since these were on sale I went for it. I had another pair in my closet (thanks to my sister’s weight loss) so I knew the size I needed. They are not ripped and are a lighter colored denim, soft, stretchy and wonderful. I would wear them every day if I could. I’m on the short side, so they probably came down a little further than they would on the typical leggy model. But, as you mentioned, thankfully the term, “boyfriend jean” encompasses a lot of lengths. I’m 36, so I felt a little sheepish at first, but I wore them with a cute, lightweight argyle cardigan from J.Crew and some cute loafers…I got so many compliments. I think the trick for us, ahem..non-teens, is to leave the ripped look to the younger crowd or the cow-milking crowd 🙂 and stick with what we know works…stretchy, soft and just above the ankle. I also noticed on the J.Crew website that they just roll up regular jeans to get that look, so if you have some jeans in your closet that may not be just the right length, you could roll them up a couple of times to see how it looks. But, then you don’t get to buy new jeans. Whew, sorry this is so long, coffee is kicking in, I think!

  14. I say go for the white jeans! You are so thin and they look very flattering on you and very age approprate and just darn sharp. The boyfriend jeans to me are just a little young with all the rips. I like the cut, just not the “cuts.” 🙂

  15. I like the white jean look. I think that I’d like something a little less baggy in the leg on you though – maybe more of a straight jean…. Or are those straight jeans that just need to be shortened?

  16. I like white jeans- just not on me. I think they look great on you, though. I also thought you looked adorable in the boyfriend jeans. I agree with a previous commenter that the holey ones are better left to the young and people milking cows 🙂 but I think you could pull them off if you were so inclined.

  17. Ditch the boyfriend jeans – and buy a pair of white jeans. Last year I bought a pair of white pants, white jeans, even a white jean mini skirt in the after summer sales at Ann Taylor. Got to wear them last week on my honeymoon and LOVED them. Make sure you get just the right size though – or have them altered. It’s not fun to have pockets show through. Good luck!!

  18. I love white jeans/shorts/capris/slacks! I’m a huge fan! I think they look great on you and would look fab with some cute heels!

  19. You look GREAT in the white jeans! They are so summery and clean and versatile. I don’t know why you feel conspicuous! I understand thinking that white pants draw (unwanted) attention to the lower half, but we all know that nobody looks half as scrutinizingly at us as we do ourselves, and anyway I see nothing wrong with your lower half!

    Also, if you want the “boyfriend” jean look, why not try some men’s jeans? They’re bound to be cheaper, and probably comfier than the women’s version. Though I suppose if you feel conspicuous wearing white jeans, you might feel doubly so shopping for and trying on jeans in the mens department.

  20. I’m not big on either cropped jeans or white jeans for myself because – 1) I’m short and cropped jeans make me look kind of stumpy; and 2) white doesn’t stay white past me walking out of my bedroom.

    I always think people in white jeans obviously don’t have children! ha ha

  21. Those shoes are adorable!! They definitely would compliment jeans. Just looking at them make me crave spring/summer. I like the distressed boyfriend jeans, but they don’t look nearly as good on me. Not complimentary of pear shapes for sure! I’ve always like white jeans on other people and agree it looks very classy, but again they look awful on me. I think I would like a straight leg on you better. Are the ones in the pix boot cut?

    1. Interesting you should say that. In the interest of not making this post too long, I left out the part about trying on a straight leg white jean too. I’m conflicted. The straight ones (they’re almost a skinny, but not TOO skinny; they work) are nice b/c they come right below the ankle and you can do flats OR heels with them. Now, I think I’d feel foolish pairing them with heels, so I fear I wouldn’t do it. But with flats, they are suddenly MUCH more versatile b/c they are more casual, and let’s face it, I live a casual life. On the other hand, the bootcut with high heel can be really classy and dressy, and with BlogHer coming up, I think I’d like to have that option. Ahhh… decisions.

  22. Um, I believe you are standing there in my second home – the dressing room at Nordstroms?!?
    I can’t pull that ‘Boyfriend Jean” look off due to my 5’1″ height. Wish I could, it’s so cute.
    The white jeans: go for it!! They are so versatile in the summer months.

  23. LOVE white jeans (and white short, capris, etc.) but couldn’t in a million years justify buying a pair. When you have a 2-year-old, a 1-year-old, and one on the way, buying white jeans would just be ASKING for all hell to break loose. 🙂 But for you, GO FOR IT!

  24. Not a fan of the distressed BF jeans at all.
    Love the white jeans! I have a pair & love them with either black (duh) or a brighter top. Really brings on the feel of spring.
    Also…I know you love your denim jackets and they will go fabulously with a white jean 😉

  25. I love the white jeans. I picked up a fabulous pair of white jeans last summer but never wore them because I could never figure out exactly how to wear them. Like what shoes and top made them look trendy and fabulous and not like I got lost in 1982.

  26. Love this…you are so darn cute with your faces, LOLOL…
    Um, ok, my opinions…for the ripped jeans…go to the thrift store and buy some cheap ripped jeans, LOL….just my take on that.
    The white ones, you remind me of one of my sisters in size and shape and she looks adorable in just about anything….you would both rock the white jeans…love the sparkly heel idea…
    Oh, and speaking of shoes…I LOVE Born shoes, I have a pair I got at a thrift store for $3.00!!!!! LOVE them, lol…but like the ones you showed even better…but not the price, lol

  27. I have two pairs of boyfriend jeans and LOVE them to pieces. One is from Old Navy and has distressing (one extra stressed part has turned into a hole), but they were only $20 ish so…I’m working with it. My other pair is the Riley Slouch from Lucky, in a darker wash, not too distressed. They are both comfy, casual, but I don’t feel sloppy at all because you can dress them up or down with your shoes and accessories.

    You look cute in the white jeans, but I’ve NEVER been lucky with white jeans. It may be my rear view reminding me of a movie screen.

  28. I love white pants. Narrow leg, flare, casual, dressy, cotton, wool. Ooh white wool pants. Yummy. But I like looking crisp and visible. Hate. Hate the holey pants. That’s one look I never liked – not 20 years ago and not now.

    1. Okay, ‘nother question for ya. Straight leg, ending right below the ankle? Or the bootcut as in the photo? (Or both? Teehee.)

  29. I love white pants! I have a pair of white capris that I wear with a navy blue and white stripe top, and red flats. My husband says he wants to pledge allegiance to me, but I think it’s adorable.

  30. I love the white jeans on you but I would kiss the boyfriend jean good-bye! I just think the white looks sophisticated and classy!

  31. Have you tried any Lucky Brand jeans in the boyfriend style? Those were my favorite of the boyfriend (but still, not a real favorite) – even over Joe’s Jeans (boyfriend).

    1. No, but I do like Luckys. I may look at some of the off price stores (Stein Mart often carries Luckys). I think I would buy them if they weren’t so pricey.

  32. OH MY WOW at the comments about jeans! I did not read them all so this may be a repeat but……GAP is where I found my boyfriend jeans and I love, love, love them. No holes, rips or tears.

  33. I am loving the white jeans. Go back to the store and buy them! 🙂 If I could look like you in white pants I would wear them constantly.

    Not so much on the boyfriend jean, I can not convince myself that it’s ok to buy pants with holes already in them.

  34. Those boyfriend jeans look amazing on you!

    I have MANY a pair of pants filled with holes. They rarely get bigger unless you stick your foot through them…which…I may have done.

    Seriously though, if you buy them your kids will instantly find you cooler. Promise.

    1. See, that’s b/c you’re young and cute and I’m old and over-the-hill. I feel kinda foolish in them, but on the other hand, I DO LIKE THEM. Sigh… I’m still undecided.

  35. The white jeans look really good Jo-lynne!
    plus, they are perfect for a summery look, without running the risk of “see-through syndrome” that so many white pants have these days. sheesh… who designs those jokers anyway?!

    1. Even with these, they are a BIT see-thru. I tried on 3 pair and some are definitely more so than others. The sales assoc brought me these nude colored boy shorts to try with them that actually helped quite a bit. I may look around a bit more before I commit, but I think white jeans are in my future this summer. 🙂

  36. I love the white jeans. I have some from AT Loft from several summers ago that I think I can finally fit in again. The good thing about them is that I don’t seem to wear them as often as dark jeans so they have stayed in good shape. I wear them with bright tops which I think draws the eye up rather than at the jeans. Did you ever say where you what brand those are (or are you allowed to)? I have recently heard several people talking about Beija Flor jeans and how great they are.

    1. I was at Bloomies, and they are 7s. I have tried Beija Flor jeans, and I like them okay, but they were rather tight in the waist. In fact, I’m giving them to a skinnier friend tomorrow. 🙂

      I’m thinking of looking around for a less pricey alternative b/c even with the 25% of at Bloomies right now, it’s still pretty steep for something I probably won’t wear a whole lot.

  37. The white jeans look great! Get them!

    The boyfriend jeans? Well…I do think they’re cute but not sure if they’re really “age appropriate” for a mom of three. If you could find a pair without the holes I would grab them up cause they do look cute on you!

  38. Jeans with holes? Other women-strangers will look at you and think, “Poor woman. She clearly in her 30s and wishes she were still in high school.” haha!

    I never wear white on the bottom, but lots of ladies do and look great. I think they’re cute, but considering my fashion [non] sense and shopping habits, that may be a bad indicator.

    Goodness, you have a lot of comments here. I don’t think you need my advice! But you do look adorable.

    And the shoes are delish 🙂

  39. Love the white jeans. The boyfriend jeans not so much, especially with the holes. I say splurge on those shoes. I just discovered Born shoes. I bought two pair of Borns at DSW last week. Not only do they look great but they seem like they will be very comfortable. (Can’t be sure though until spring kicks in for real and I can actually wear them for more than just trying on.)

    1. They are VERY comfy. I have some of their flip flops. 🙂 I was going to look around at Marshalls and DSW to see if I find something similar before I splurge.

  40. OMG where are you – what store? I LOVE white jeans and haven’t had a pair for like 5 years bc I hate them all. Every pair I’ve tried have been too thin (read: SEE THRU) or too low rise (read: BUTT CRACK), or something — just wrong.

    I love the ones in the picture on you. You will love them if you get them. I’ve always worn white jeans at our beach place and a lot in Nashville. I used to find nice ones at Talbots of all places, but I’ve been without for years now.

    1. Those are 7s. I was at Bloomies. They are spendy, but I just found some yesterday at the Gap – they are skinnies, and cropped, but I got them b/c they were so much less $$$.

  41. I’m so glad that you posted this because I have an awesome pair of white jeans by Kenneth Cole NY that have been hanging in my closet for a whole year! I’ve never once worn them. They’re cute, but just so…conspicuous…as you said. I think I’ll stick with blue.

    You look adorable in the boyfriend jeans, but I would still give it a “nay.” A nice (non-ripped) bootcut, flare, or wideleg pant would be better, I think. That’s my 2cents.

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