Fashion Friday: Denim Edition

There are three fashion items that I could own in unlimited quantities: handbags (duh!), shoes, and jeans. Right now I’m on a denim kick. It all started when my husband told me to go out and buy a couple new pairs of jeans because he’s sick of hearing me say that mine are tight in the waist. Like I need an invitation to go jeans shopping. Okay, so maybe I did.

I got it in my head a few weeks ago that I want to try the boyfriend jeans. I’m pretty sure I’ve bashed the look in the past, but it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, after all, and besides. That was before I saw these.

born beam

No, of course they are not jeans.  BUT.  Wouldn’t they be adorable with a pair of boyfriend jeans?

And that’s when I decided to try them.  (The boyfriend jeans, not the shoes.  Although I might still try the shoes, or try to find something similar for half the price, but unfortunately my feet are far from sandal ready, so for now I’m just looking at the jeans.)

Whew!  You still with me?

So in a nutshell, I took advantage of a few kid-free hours this morning to try on some jeans.

Out of all the boyfriend jeans I tried (and did you know that there are MANY variations of the boyfriend jean?  The skinny, the baggy, the cropped, the short, the long, the in-between…) this pair was the most flattering.  I got a mixed reaction from the Twitterverse when I TwitPicked this photo from the dressing room.


I guess I just can’t see paying good money for jeans that look like I just got in a street fight.  There was even a disclaimer on one pair that stated that any holes could become bigger with wear and encouraged the owner to feel free to repair them and further personalize them.

I mean, REALLY?

I do have a pair of jean shorts from last year with the rips in them, and I always felt a little bit foolish wearing them, but they were mostly for bumming around the yard and they were comfy so I let it go.

But can’t we find a boyfriend jean without the rips and tears?  Or is that a requirement?  Tell me, oh wise internets.  Do you have boyfriend jeans?  Do yours look like something you’d wear to the barn to milk the cows?  (That’s what my grandfather would tell me they look like.)

The other denim item I have been wanting to add to my collection is a pair of white jeans.  I think they’re so crisp and clean and a nice alternative to the typical blue jean that I wear all the time.  I’m picturing them with a cute black top and a pair of metallic high heeled sandals for a night out with the hubs or paired with a bright coral or fresh lime green sweater for a summer brunch with the girls.

I haven’t been able to commit to the white jean just yet, but I’m working on it.  Whaddya think?


I like them, but they make me feel rather conspicuous.  Or something.  I snapped this picture in the dressing room, intending to send it out to the Twitterverse to get a second (and third and fourth and tenth) opinion.  But just as it was uploading to TwitPic, my phone died on me, so I have had no feedback on these yet.  I’m counting on you to come through for me.

What do you think of the white jean?  A fresh, modern addition to the summer wardrobe?  Or a fashion don’t?