Fashion Friday: Festive Tops

Darla writes in with this question for us: We have a wedding on New Year’s where jeans are appropriate attire for guests – but I’d like a funky/fun top.  And I probably need a sweater of some kind, cuz hello holy mother of cold.  Got any ideas?

{Darla lives in the Midwest, where they evidently have a real winter.}

I say: Well, you KNOW this is my favorite topic, right?  I have more snazzy black tops to wear with jeans than you can shake a fist at.  (I’ve never quite understood that saying; why would you shake your fist?  But it seemed to fit.)

The first thing that comes to mind is that CAbi top that I got last month.  It’s great because it has sleeves so you don’t freeze.  And it’s funky and fun.

Do you have a CAbi consultant near you?

Let’s see, what else?  You can always go for a sparkly cami and a pretty wrap to keep your arms warm.

Hold everything.  IS SHE WEARING PLEATED PANTS???  Where are Stacey and Clinton now???  But wouldn’t that be perfect with jeans?

Or maybe an Embellished Blouse?? This one is kinda cute.

Or even something like this could be pretty. (Had to throw some color in there.)

White House at ShopStyle

What do YOU say? What would you wear to a New Year’s Eve wedding where jeans are appropriate?

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