Fashion Friday: Festive Tops

Darla writes in with this question for us: We have a wedding on New Year’s where jeans are appropriate attire for guests – but I’d like a funky/fun top.  And I probably need a sweater of some kind, cuz hello holy mother of cold.  Got any ideas?

{Darla lives in the Midwest, where they evidently have a real winter.}

I say: Well, you KNOW this is my favorite topic, right?  I have more snazzy black tops to wear with jeans than you can shake a fist at.  (I’ve never quite understood that saying; why would you shake your fist?  But it seemed to fit.)

The first thing that comes to mind is that CAbi top that I got last month.  It’s great because it has sleeves so you don’t freeze.  And it’s funky and fun.

Do you have a CAbi consultant near you?

Let’s see, what else?  You can always go for a sparkly cami and a pretty wrap to keep your arms warm.

Hold everything.  IS SHE WEARING PLEATED PANTS???  Where are Stacey and Clinton now???  But wouldn’t that be perfect with jeans?

Or maybe an Embellished Blouse?? This one is kinda cute.

Or even something like this could be pretty. (Had to throw some color in there.)

White House at ShopStyle

What do YOU say? What would you wear to a New Year’s Eve wedding where jeans are appropriate?

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36 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Festive Tops

  1. Just because jeans are appropriate doesn’t mean they are required. I would maybe go the leggings/sweater/tunic route and dress it up with some sparkly accessories. I do like that last top though.

  2. I love the last blouse. That seems to be the style that is most flattering to my post c-section body right now…LOL.

    I love the tops at White House Black Market. They always seem to have some fun glitzy tops around the holidays that would look great with denim for a wedding!!!! That sounds like fun….New Year’s Eve Wedding where jeans are appropriate!

    PS Come visit my blog for my blogoversary jewelry giveaway…

    1. White House Black Market is a great place to shop for festive attire. I could have linked to half the things on that site!

  3. I was thinking the same thing as Nicole… they aren’t required and for a festive night like a NYE wedding, I would want something a bit more playful than jeans. Maybe a sweater dress with a thick belt and boots.

  4. The sequined black tack is so me. I am all about the sparkly! I might even wear that under a really cute blazer or something for a wedding.

    1. I also love this!! Would you put a shrug over the top of it or would that ruin the whole look? Cuz when I say cold, I mean probably -20 and could be -50. Yelp.

        1. Oops. I replied to the wrong comment. I meant the black sparkly top.

          Which one of these links Cita posted are you asking about?

    1. I love LOVE the one Cita posted from Ann Taylor that you were referring to (I think my blog only allows 5 replies to one comment, so I’m commenting here, lol.) I saw it in the store and wanted to try it on, but the last thing I need is another fancy top. So I bought a fancy dress instead. SNORT.

  5. I would have to agree about White House Black Market–they know how to do the holidays. The accessories are especially fab this year. I have the Cabi top and the Jewel Tee you showed previously. Cabi’s sequin tube is another great addition and can dress up a simple cardigan.

  6. CAbi??? Love it!!! I have so many CAbi items in my closet. In fact, I have more than a few from my size 6-8 days that no longer come even close to fitting and it’s depressing that I can’t wear them anymore.

    Love that new top. If you ever have a CAbi party, you’d better invite me!

    I would absolutely wear jeans to the wedding, but they’d be my dark Hudsons with the pocket flaps, which are pretty dressy. I’d wear a sparkly top and a wrap sweater.

  7. I just got a great silver “sweater” by Michael Kors at Lord & Taylor. As of last week they still had it. It was festive for the season and holiday, you could wear with jeans and be dressy or wear later with really nice pants, skirt, etc… And it is very very flattering. I put in on my friend was like, you have to buy it.

    1. Oh and I couldn’t find it online, but if they have it where you are, it’s silver, lose “open” sleeves to the elbow, the waist is somewhat cinched, just perfect.

  8. Jo-Lynne….

    I think even Stacy & Clinton would be good with those pleated pants! They are all over the runways and in many boutiques 🙂 I think they are a more modern pleated pant— not quite the chino’s of the 90s…..

    As for what to wear to this wedding—
    Even if jeans are completely fine I would go with some slacks, maybe a pair of black ones with this blouse —tres chic!

  9. I like your top much more than the others. Why are they so long and baggy? They seem to frumpy and unattractive. And man, that girl in the pleated pants?Who fitted those? Just LOOK at the crotch – ugh!

    Surely there are some better selections out there?

    1. I had the same thought. the shape in these tops is so blah. I know its the “look” right now, but so many of the “in” tops don’t compliment people’s figures.

      I do LOVE the color of the last one. And Jo-Lynne’s right. WHBM is just bursting with great looking clothing right now. Got my catty today. Did you see the dress with the enormous pink bow? LOVE.

  10. I love the CAbi top you have that’s the way I would go. They are all great selections though.

  11. Thank you all, again, for your help! I have ordered something from White House black Market and I am praying I love it. I also got some jewelry from there cuz they had the ol buy one get one thing happening. Sooooo it’s all good!!!

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