Fashion Friday :: Help A Sister Out with a Fashion Dilemma

I have another reader question this week!!! Help a sister out, okay? Chime in in the comment section with your best ideas.

Beth writes:

I work retail and often wear polo shirts to work and have no idea how to accessorize them. Longer necklaces always look weird with collared shirts to me. I was trying to find some examples of cuter polo shirts online since hardly any of mine are just solid colors, they’re too boring, but I’m not having any luck. Here’s one that’s probably closest:

Let me know if ya have any ideas.  Thanks!

A year ago, I would have said, yeah, good luck with that. BUT. I actually have a fashionable friend who has to wear polo shirts to work, and here is what she does. Now, hers is a standard issue solid polo with her company’s logo on it. I know, fun, right?  Fortunately, it looks as if you have some more stylish options, so YAY! But hopefully some of her tricks will work for you too.


First of all, she often uses layers to add interest and detract from a boring polo shirt. I usually see her with a long-sleeved tee underneath, and often she will even wear a print, as her polo shirt is solid.

Knot It

If you have to wear a polo shirt that isn’t shaped for the female figure, you can knot it or use a ponytail holder to gather the hem of the shirt to one side, which gives it a more stylish vibe and also gives you a more shapely figure.


I agree, a long necklace probably won’t do. Instead, focus on chunky, fun bracelets and/or necklaces that fill in the neckline. Or, if it were I, I would probably bypass a necklace and just go with cute earrings. Also, try a scarf!

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