Fashion Friday: Long Live the Sweatsuit! And yet…

Tim Gunn is always talking about women needing a sweatsuit alternative.  I beg to differ.  I think there is a place for the sweatsuit.  In fact, I live in sweats when I’m around the house.  I *gasp* even wear them to the grocery store.  I’m not talking about schlumpy sweats dating back to my college days; I’m talking about cute workout gear or trendy sweatpants that I’ve bought within the last couple of years.  I KNOW, I know.  But it’s just so… say it together, ladies, COMFORTABLE!  Let Clinton and Stacy roll their eyes.  Until they’ve been stuck at home with 3 kids for months years on end, they have no room to talk.

However.  We do owe it to ourselves and our families (and to the other grocery store patrons) to make sure that our comfy clothes are not totally offensive.  In fact, I had already begun this post when I got this comment from Stephanie on another fashion post:

You should also write a post about sweats – where you buy yours and why. I lounge around in sweats/yoga pants on most days, but I think I need to invest in a few more fashionable pairs (can sweats be fashionable…?) so that I’m not completely embarrassed when I open the door for the UPS guy.

So if you’re a poster child for What Not To Wear, but you spend most of your days at home and carting your kids to and from preschool and don’t see the need to invest in a collection of kitten heels and fitted jackets, allow me to show you some cute and stylish sweatsuit options, or as I prefer to call it, active wear to consider.

If you’re blessed with the rear view to wear them, yoga pants are always cute.


Photo Credit: Old Navy

Personally, I opt for the wider leg styles.  They help balance the hip area and tend to disguise the unsightly cellulite that plagues 90% of women (in other words, you aren’t alone, my friend.  You are NOT alone.)  These pants from Reebok are really nice.  And Old Navy makes this cropped version.

Photo Credit: Old Navy

Here is another option.  Throw them on with a tank top and a hoodie and you’re good to go!  (To preschool pickup and the grocery store, that is.  This certainly isn’t the proper attire for a lunch date or your child’s school field trip.  NOT that you would DREAM of it.  Just making sure to cover all my bases.)

American Eagle and Aeropostale are two other stores that I check for cute and affordable active wear.  Buy on sale.

Photo Credit: American Eagle

And for summer, oh HELLO new friend.

Photo Credit: Aeropostale

Yes, I’m aware these are very youthful styles, but let me express again.  I’m talking about hanging out at home and walking the neighborhood and perhaps a quick jaunt to Wawa for bread and milk.  I’m not suggesting that we entertain our husband’s boss wearing cut-off sweats from the junior department. JUST TO BE CLEAR.

If money is no object and you want to turn it up a notch, Athleta has GORGEOUS athletic apparel that is also appropriate for running around town.  In fact, they have some stuff that’s so nice you CAN entertain your husband’s boss wearing it and still be as comfy as the girl next door in her schlumpy old college sweats.


Photo Credit: Athleta

So there you go, my best suggestions and favorite places to shop for active wear.

How do you feel about the sweatsuit active wear?  Yay or nay?  Do you have a favorite brand that is comfy as well as stylish?  Do tell!