Fashion Friday: Styles I Don’t Get

Let’s change it up today!  I thought rather than talking about fashion trends we like, we should talk about fashion trends we DON’T like, just for the heck of it.

Lumberjack Plaid


I just don’t get this look at all.  Perhaps it’s because I don’t care for the button-down shirt as a whole, but you put a manly plaid on it, and it just looks, well, manly.  To me.

Perhaps if you have long, flowing tresses and a very fitted version of the shirt with a smaller scale plaid (as in the last picture on this post) AND the figure of a supermodel, you might be able to pull it off.  But for the rest of us?  Eh.  I’m not buying it.

I will, however, make an exception for this jacket.  This I DO like.


I think it’s because it’s a) not a button-down shirt and b) black and white that I actually like it.

Open Toe Boots


Now I love boots.  The collection in my closet is so extensive it’s almost embarrassing.  But this open-toe business just seems like an oxymoron to me.  When I wear a boot, I don’t care to expose my piggy toes to the elements, no matter how beautifully pedicured they may be, thankyouverymuch. Just imagine how gorgeous that boot would be with a closed toe.

Acid Wash Jeans


Now here’s a fad I thought I’d never see again.  (And I was perfectly content with that.)  I guess I was wrong.  Call them Tie-Dye if you want; these are the 80’s acid wash revisited, and they are a fashion abomination.  Can I get an amen?

Oh and also.  Would you pay eighteen-fifty for these?


And um.  That’s $1850.  No, I did not forget a decimal point.

The Boyfriend Jean


Once again, a look that is only flattering on someone who is a size 00 and has the occasion for which to wear a pair of 4-inch platform heels, which is really the only way the boyfriend jean works.  Inotherwords, not this stay-at-home-mom.

The Ugg


I know these have been in fashion for YEARS now, but they are still going strong from anything I can tell.  And I feel obligated to mention them in this post.  The Ugg is, without a doubt THE MOST COMFORTABLE piece of footwear you will ever own.  If you don’t mind looking like a muppet, then by all means, go for it.  I have to admit my eye has adjusted to the look in recent years, and it doesn’t seem nearly as offensive as it used to.


If you want the comfort of an Ugg, may I suggest that you try one of their less popular, yet infinitely more flattering styles.  I have the Swell, for instance, and I absolutely love them.  The foot of the boot is more boot-like than slipper-like, and I usually wear them over my jeans so the pink stitching shows.

They even make a pair with a stylish wedge heel.

Or there is this, which resembles a riding boot.

And if you want to spoil your special someone this Christmas with something luxurious, I highly recommend the Coquette slipper.  I tried on this slipper at the mall a few weeks ago, and the salesman had to physically pry it off my foot to get me out of the store.  Don’t be fooled by the Ugg-imitation at Tar-Jay.  I’m wearing it right now, and while it’s warm and snuggly, it no where NEAR rivals the comfort of the Ugg.

And that, as they say, is that!

How about you?  What are some fashion trends you are avoiding this season?

Now I have some homework for you.

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THEN Girlymama was inspired to write a post about trends she swore she’d never wear but now she loves.  (And as far as the boyfriend jean is concerned, Girlymama is part of the 0.01% of the population who can pull off the boyfriend jean.  She is as cute as a button and has the body of an 18-year-old, even though she has born 3 children.  It is SO not fair.

Anyone else got a fashion post to share?  Heck, I may as well start a Mr. Linky.  SHEESH!