Fashion Friday :: SWIMSUITS!

Oh yeah, I’m going there.

I’m curious. What types of bathing suits do you wear?

I got into an interesting discussion with some girls at the gym about skirted bathing suits. They basically mocked me for wearing what they scoffingly called, “but skirts” (intentional misspelling, gotta fool the Google!) and said that they just call MORE attention to the area, not less.

Well, I don’t care if it calls attention to the area, as long as it covers up what I want it to cover up, I said!

I’ve written on this topic before: To Skirt Or Not To Skirt, That Is The Question, and I pretty much stand by everything I said there.

I was hoping that, with all my working out as of late, I might be comfortable in a regular bathing suit again. But after spending a painful hour at the mall last week with 360-degree mirrors, the answer is a resounding NO THANKS. I think it’s safe to say that ship has sailed.

SO. Let’s window shop, shall we? Cause window shopping is a heckuvalot more fun than pulling and tugging in a dimly lit dressing room.

When shopping for swimsuits, I always start with Lands’ End. They just seem to make the most supportive, high quality swimsuits I’ve found. In fact, I am still wearing one I bought before I had my 3rd child. And it still looks almost new. AMAZING. Unfortunately I have put on a few pounds since then, and it’s not fitting quite as well as it used to.

I do have one bone to pick with Lands’ End, though. Their tankini bottoms are all cut so low in the “waist” that they create a very unattractive bulge where the “waistline” hits — I use quotes, because it sits so far below my natural waist that it really can’t even be considered a waistband.

If they’d make them a few inches higher, WITH SOME EXTRA SPANDEX, that would be SO MUCH BETTER. In fact, that is one reason why I’ve held on to my old Lands’ End suit for so long. They made their swim skirts with a much higher rise back then.

Here is my best swim skirt buying tip:

When picking a skirt, I always try to go for the ones with the least material possible. When they are shorter and fit close to the body, they can be very cute. The longer and flowyer, the more frumpy (in my opinion).

Don’t count out the shorts, either. They still cover what you want to cover, but they’re not quite as fussy as the skirts.

Here are some suits from the current Lands’ End swim collection that I think are super cute. I’m LOVING the halter with the shorts on the end.

Another place I always look is Athleta. I don’t find their tops to be quite as supportive as Lands’ End’s, but I love their selection of prints and colors.

Has anyone ever tried a swimdress?? This Athleta Siren Bra Cup One Piece Swim Suit could be cute.

Athleta Siren Bra Cup One Piece Swim Suit

And I really like the looks of this Athleta Solid Bra Cup Twistini Tankini.

Again, I just wish they didn’t make these skirts with such a low rise. And that one’s got a few too many gathers for my tastes.

Now here’s a cute option! I’m not a ruffly girl, but this Miraclesuit® Dotical Bandeau Swim Dress could be cute on the right person.

If you can get past the RIDICULOUS poses, this Victoria’s Secret Firm Control Ruched Skirt is really cute. I like how it’s body-hugging, but still covers the cottage cheese. The stripey top is cute too. Can anyone vouch for the quality of their suits? I’m skeptical.

Perusing the Nordstrom website, I didn’t find much. But this Profile by Gottex ‘Tutti Frutti’ tankini might be worth ordering and trying on:

And this Giraffe Shirred V-Neck Tankini at Swimwear For Me is cute! I love the wider straps. I wonder what the quality is like. Has anyone ever ordered from here?

I can’t seem to find a skirt to match. Boo.

I’d love to hear your recommendations for good quality, modest but cute swimwear. I know, that’s a tall order!

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