Fashion Over 40 | What I Wore 08.07.13

It’s time for another Fashion Over 40 post. It seems like these keep getting closer and closer together! Once again, I have to ask you to excuse the series of shorts-and-tee-shirts outfits. Let’s face it, when you spend most of your days at home in the summertime, there isn’t much reason to wear anything else. I did have a chance to dress up TWICE on Sunday (WOOT!) so at least there’s that.

I started participating in Lindsay’s What I Wore Wednesday link-up to motivate myself to get out of my yoga pants rut. Evidently it’s a common habit we stay-at-home-moms fall into, judging by the participation in her weekly link-up! Over time, this has become more of an opportunity to experiment with trends and an attempt to encourage other moms out there to stay fashionable and age appropriate. Some weeks I do better than others. This week . . . well, it wasn’t one of my best. In fact I’m borrowing a couple of pictures from last week that I didn’t use.

This is just a casual yellow tee with my cut-off jean shorts and Orthaheel Mia Slingback sandals, and I threw on this necklace from Studio Jewel. I wore this to help a friend film a DIY project she’s working on.

casual shorts and tee

This metallic striped top is one I bought at the LOFT outlet last fall right before our trip to Disney World. I like the easy styling; it’s very forgiving when you’ve had a few too many chocolate chip cookies — not that I’d known anything about THAT!! I wore it with my cuffed jean shorts and Orthaheels to do work on an organizing project here at home, and later on to run errands to get ready for our trip to the Poconos. Yes, some of these pictures are a couple of weeks old! I found them on my camera when I got home. D’oh.

striped top and jean shorts

I wore this striped maxi dress from LOFT with my white Tory Burch sandals to church on Sunday morning. I always feel like this dress needs something so I tried my long gold circles necklace, but I’m still not loving it. The dress has a sporty vibe, and I just can’t seem to find an appropriate accessory for it. Ideas?? I’m wide open!


I wore this Lucky Brand Palisades Knotted Flowers Smocked Top with my DL1961 Angel Ankle Skinnies out to dinner with my family on Sunday night. We ended up counting it as our anniversary dinner, as we’ve eaten out so much lately and decided we really couldn’t justify another date night/babysitter combo in our budget right now.

dinner out outfit

Our anniversary was actually on Monday, but it kind of came and went without much fanfare. See, this is what happens when you’ve been married for 18 years. (I’m holding out hope for our 20th though. I’m planning to do that one up right!!)

I didn’t even bother to look cute. I ended up wearing this outfit from Old Navy — plaid shorts and a peasant style top. I figured out my issue with my shorts — I sized up and they fit much better. It is no fun to size up, but proper fit is key to good style, and you’re better off wearing the right size even if you have to rip out the tag and live in denial about the size. Why yes, I’m all for living in denial when there’s a good reason!


Even though I had my hair pulled back in this pathetic excuse for a ponytail (or maybe to compensate for that!!) I took a sec to throw on this silver necklace from Stella & Dot . When an outfit feels plain, I always try to take it up a notch with a cute accessory or two.

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20 Responses

  1. (Goodness, you must have been up early doing this post!) About that maxi dress … I just don’t know. You’ve tried a lot of moves with it, and it just doesn’t seem to want to comply. Layering is a problem in the summer heat, but maybe in the fall you could top it with some type of open vest with cap sleeves or a long open-front tunic thing — something to give it vertical line instead of horizontal? Love the orange/pink blouse, and the white peasant blouse too. You pick great shirts.

  2. Our 9th anniversary was last Wednesday and we had kind of the same ah, whatever attitude about it. However, I want to GO somewhere for our 10th!!! Joshua should be old enough by then to stay with grandparents while mommy and daddy enjoy some time away!

    I like the Lucky Brand shirt! I tried a shirt like that from Gwynnie Bee but I don’t love banded waists on me. It looks lovely on you, though, and that’s a great color.

  3. I checkeded the link to the Lucky Brand smocked top, I must say it looks way better on you than on the model in that pic. Just sayin’. We’ve done the combined dinner thing before too. Hey, I figure as long as I get to go out for dinner, we can call it any celebration we like:)

  4. Two things. Old Navy has wacky sizing, so don’t worry about going up in them. They look good. Secondly, are you finding the orthaheel sandals worth the investment? i live in sandals, being in Florida that’s kind of how we roll, and I need some good walking/shopping ones. My friend at work loves hers, but that’s a nice chunk when you are used to buying flip flops at Ross for $10.

    1. Yeah, but the others were JCrew, and I think I should have gone up a size in them too. It’s okay, I was pushing it to fit into the 6. I had lost some weight, but alas, it has found me again. HA!

      I do love the Orthaheels. They took some getting used to – the arch is a bit high for me, but now I love them. I’m going to Baltimore for a few days, and I am packing them to wear when we’re doing a lot of walking.

  5. I recommend either belting the maxi dress (I’d go with a tan/camel color) or finding a shirt to go over it and treating the dress as a skirt. Just some ideas! It looks cute and comfy.

  6. purple is defiantly a good color on you, your skin looks radiant against that deep color. And I do love maxi dress, yours is lovely!!!!

  7. I think you look great in the dress! I love it, I would personally do strappy brown/tan flat sandals and a dainty gold necklace, something simple and girly, try dogeared. I’m sure you know what a big difference swapping accessories can make in any outfit 🙂

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