Fifty Pounds and Counting!

Did you know that I have lost 50 pounds in the past year? I betcha didn’t know that, now did you?

Yep.  I sure have. 

What is that, you say?  You didn’t think I had 50 pounds to lose???

Oh, well, it’s simple.  I just lost and gained the same 5 pounds 10 times.


Now, granted, with my plethora of tummy troubles, I have weeks where I barely eat at all because it seems like everything I ingest makes my stomach hurt.  And then I have weeks where I stuff my face from dawn to dusk out of sheer boredom.  (Like this past week, for instance.)  So I suppose it shouldn’t mystify me that I find my weight fluctuating so much.

But it is getting really old to go into my closet and have to choose what I wear based on the current number on the scale rather than on what I really want to wear.

When my blogging buddy Beth started her May Day Weight Loss Challenge and her new blog, Tales From The Scales, I didn’t join because I was having a good week.  I had it all under control, or so I thought.  And really, there is nothing more annoying than a "skinny girl" complaining about her weight.  And I know that by most people’s standards, that’s what I am. 

But no matter how skinny you are, weight control is a CONSTANT battle, especially when the big 3-5 is looming.  And all I know is, if I don’t get my act together pretty soon, I’m gonna have to break into that box of post-partom clothes I have stashed in the attic, and I was hoping never to see or hear from that box again!

Oh how I wish I could learn how to "eat to live", not "live to eat".  Surely I’m not the only one who finds herself in a constant Battle of the Bulge.  Tell me I’m not alone.  Anyone?  Anyone??

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  1. Oh ho ho! Just wait until the big 4-0 is looming! 🙂 It just gets to be more and more challenging as time goes by. How’s that for encouragement? I’m the exact same way though… Up five pounds, down five pounds, up, down, up, down. And… food is almost ALWAYS on my mind, too. I think about it, I write about it, I talk to my friends about it. I find staying excruciatingly busy all day long to be the best way to avoid obsessing about and constantly snacking on junky, no-good-for-me stuff. I also try (some weeks) to wait until I actually FEEL hungry to eat. But it doesn’t always work out that way. Sigh.

  2. you’re not alone. although i’d love to have “just 5” pounds to lose…. i have closer to 30 pounds to lose. but i suppose that matches the big 3-0 that’s looming in my future. blah….

  3. You are not alone! I have given up starting a diet because every time I lose 4 pounds I gain 5 back on again! Now I am at the this stage of not knowing what to do and not wanting to totaly resign…….. The problem is, I have let myself go for so long, now there is sooo much weight to lose!
    Now I`m waiting for my will power to return!

  4. Oh you are so not alone – my story is 4 years ago I decided to take action. Got a trainer and started jogging. That led up to me doing 5 miles / 3 times a week, doing 5k runs and I was a size 2.

    A couple of surgeries later (unrelated to running) and I was out of the running circuit. Slowly but surely the weight has crept back on and I am right back where I was.

    I have horses now who occupy a lot of my time and I don’t know where I can squeeze in ‘running’ for fun. SIGH! But I’ve got to do something…sweating pounds off at horse shows each weekend just isn’t making much progress!

  5. I wish I could say I didn’t understand, but I DO. lol. I’m on Weight Watchers for the 3rd time now. (in between pregnancies!) It’s working, and I do see it as more a lifestyle change. I am actually seeing the “eat to live” not “live to eat” idea coming into play, but whether it lasts or not is to be seen.

    I find inspiration in many women I know who seem to be at their physical prime in their late 30’s or 40’s. I hope that I am lucky enough to say I look my best then, or at least reach my best and stay that way. I do believe (maybe naively at this point) that when the kids are older and more self-sufficient, it’ll be easeir for “alone time” where we can work out, walk, whatever.

    Sorry for the long reply! Just once again, I really relate to your post. 😉

  6. I’ll try to feel sorry about the 3-5 when I just hit 3-8 a few months ago. To me, you look great! I’ve fought my weight and using food as an idol (shhh! don’t tell) for many years, and the only thing that helps is…committing each meal, bite, whatever to God. Also, I try to remember that He gave me this bod, and He loves it, so I should love it, too. As in, agape–doing (or not doing) love. 🙂 I have no good, easy answers, but I admire you for thinking about it and trying to improve your health. After all, you want to be around for those GORGEOUS children of whom we in see the above pictures. BTW, I’ve just seen you around in the comment section of many blogs I frequent, so I wanted to say hi. Hi. Sorry right now for any grammatical errors. 🙂 Yes, I read your 100. We were separated at birth (by 3+years).

  7. You are not alone! I have lost 16 pounds in the last 5 months, but am getting complacent. I can feel the 5 pound seesaw coming if I don’t get serious again. I think for the 5 pound seesaw, regular exercise is the way to combat it. If I work out, I find I am much more conscious of what I put into my mouth. Good luck!

    Have you discovered Dotti’s Weight Loss Zone. (www.dwlz.com) I’ve been doing a challenge there on the message board, and it helps to know I’ll have to put my weekly weight in writing!

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