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It’s Tuesday — big traffic day on the web. I usually try to post one of my more well-thought-out posts on Tuesdays. But today I’m still recuperating from our weekend away. I went to my draft folder and rifled through it.

There’s a raw milk question, but I’m not prepared to deal with that today.

I have one or two posts left in my Parenting Responsible Kids series, but I’m not feeling very qualified to post about parenting issues right now.  Since I haven’t been immersing myself in parenting books, my tactics have become a bit, er… questionable.  I need to re-evaluate what I’m doing and get back on track.  I haven’t been as consistent as I’d like to be, and I’m starting to feel like I’m losing control again.

A recipe?  Eh.  Got nuttin.  Well, I could tell you about my new chocolate smoothie recipe, but I want to take pictures first.

I have a giveaway to post, but I’m waiting to get my affiliate link.

I still want to tell you about my weekend away, but I haven’t uploaded the photos yet, and editing them always takes an age.

So here I am, feeling rambly.  Lucky you.  I believe this calls for a list.

1. I had a horrid discovery on Sunday night.  I was on Twitter, and I saw two tweets about Boston Rob, and this overwhelming sense of dread overtook me as I realized that the Survivor season finale must be on.  My DVR was set to record Thursday’s show, but I hadn’t watched it yet so I didn’t realize the finale was at hand.

I have never once in 20 seasons of Survivor missed a finale and reunion show.  I held onto a shred of hope that I was wrong and those comments about Boston Rob were just random as I hunkered down on the couch last night to watch Thursday’s show.

But sure nuff, at the end they showed scenes from the finale, which aired Sunday night.  By some stroke of luck, I had not heard anything about the show or the winner so I went to my husband and asked him if he could find it on Hulu and hook it up to for me.  I was afraid to go online, myself, for fear of ruining the surprise.

Being the knight in shining armor that he is, my husband stopped what he was doing and hooked the computer up to the TV for me while I poured myself a glass of chocolate zin that we picked up at our wine tasting on Saturday because, as I informed my husband, the season finale is a special occasion and I thought a celebratory drink was in order.

We discussed the difference between the last episode of the season and the reunion show.  I thought I was quite clear that I needed the last episode, but as he went to hook it up, I closed my eyes in one last attempt not to ruin the surprise and didn’t see what show he actually chose.


And within 30 seconds, Sandra flashed on the screen with a sparkly tiara in her flat-ironed hair and a full face of makeup and I knew the results had been inadvertently revealed.


I watched anyway, staying up well past midnight, but the wind had been taken out of my sails to say the least.

So here I am, Tuesday morning, bleary eyed, but awake, sipping on my 2nd cup of coffee and wishing I didn’t have to wake the kids and play mommy for at least another hour or so.

2. Since #1 turned out to be so long, I’m not sure there should be a #2.  But while we’re here.  Last night was my son’s band concert, preceded by 3 separate orchestra concerts.  For some reason they felt the need to hold the event for the entire school district.  That was a painful experience to my well-trained musical ear.

And to the lady in front of me who asked my 4-year-old (politely, I might add) to stop kicking your chair (before the concert even started): I am so very sorry for your unfortunate seating choice.  You see, we are paying a babysitter twice this week already, and a third time simply was not within our budget.  And my son very much wanted both parents at his first band concert.  Believe me, I would have enjoyed the experience infinitely more if I had not had to try to keep a 4-year-old occupied and happy for 1-1/2 hours of musical homicide.  Thank goodness for the Dora matching game on my phone, and you should be thankful too.

3. I’m really excited about Saturday.  Can I tell you about it?  Last year you may (or may not) remember that I hosted Hebrew National’s Picnic with a Purpose in Philly.  This year they’re doing them again, but not in Philly.  However, I was asked to be a co-host of the NYC Better-Than-A-Picnic Picnic kickoff party, and I can’t wait.  They’re sending a bus to King of Prussia (and if you’re in Philly, you are welcome to join us.  There are 25 seats left on the bus!!) to take us to the event and I will get to meet up with a bunch of my good friends.  Take a look at the list of co-hosts.

It should be so much fun.  If you’re in or near NYC, you are welcome to join us.  It’s fun for the whole family, and it’s open to all.  Here’s more information, over at our Philly Social Media Moms blog.

Well, that’s enough randomness for today, I believe.  Oh one more thing. 

Dear God, can you please make spring come and STAY?  Because I am really tired of running the heat one day and the air conditioner the next, and switching between winter clothes and summer clothes, and honestly, November weather in May really gets me down.  Amen.

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13 thoughts on “Filed Under Random

  1. The same thing happened to me with Survivor! We missed it on Sunday, so I looked it up on cbs.com yesterday, found where it said “watch final episode,” and it immediately went to Sandra! I was not amused.

  2. You need to set series recordings on your DVR – that way no matter what day your shows are on, your dvr automatically catches it!!!

  3. Weren’t you just so happy Russell didn’t win? He was just incredulous that he didn’t win. What an ego!

    1. Yes, but I was rooting for Parvati at the end. She pulled it out in challenges, and she is smart. I know she’s a flirt, but she deserved it more than Sandra, imo.

  4. I too love Survivor. The only reason I didn’t miss the finale is because it’s USUALLY on Mother’s Day so I had a week’s notice. I’m disappointed Russell won the 100 grand. That confirmed his point. Sheesh. He just doesn’t get it.

  5. I found out about the finale when little L. came up to me and said, “Survivor is taping and it looks like something big!” I gasped and dived for the TV. I agree, Parvati should have won.

    So sorry I’ll miss Saturday. Duty calls here on the homestead. Have a GREAT time!

  6. Last night was nearly a mirror image for me, except I knew that the finale was on. 🙂 I don’t have a TV so I have to wait until the show is online sooo I avoided Twitter and news sites all Monday (which was so hard, let me tell you).

    Then I finally sat down to watch it and…it was the reunion show and I saw Sandra. Darn it. I feel your pain.

    I also stayed up well past midnight to finish both the finale and the reunion show and I’m feeling it today. But I’d do it again all the same. 🙂

  7. Could you make the spring prayer apply to Ireland too?

    At 12 I came out of a LONG meeting to be greeted by sun and warmth. I rushed home to eat out in a warm sunny garden but by the time I got there it was cold, but I ate outside anyway cos I am stubborn like that!

    It is now raining and the weather man told us we have had the coldest May in DECADES – I can believe that!

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