America got it right. 

I do feel bad for sweet Ramiele and her little pouty bottom lip.  I believe she has an awesome voice in there somewhere, and perhaps with age and practice she will really go somewhere.  But it was past her time to go, and I’m glad that no one else went in her place tonight.

As for the rest of tonight’s show, well.  I’m not entirely sure what to say about that.  I hate to see the name of Jesus flung around irreverently, and it’s hard to know in a situation like that if there is a true reverence for him or not.  I agree with Lawanda that I would rather have seen an older, more popular song, but hey.  Nobody asked me.

As a sidenote, how many surgeries has that woman had?  It’s sad, honestly.  Does ANYone grow old gracefully anymore?  And at the risk of sounding like Simon, perhaps a stylist could be of help.  The words age appropriate come to mind.  I know she has a certain image to uphold.  Or something.  But surely we can do better than that. 

Any-WHO.  Ramiele is packing her bags, and Kristy Lee gets yet another week to be in the bottom three and make obnoxious, inappropriate comments to Simon.  All is well in Idol Land.