America got it right. 

I do feel bad for sweet Ramiele and her little pouty bottom lip.  I believe she has an awesome voice in there somewhere, and perhaps with age and practice she will really go somewhere.  But it was past her time to go, and I’m glad that no one else went in her place tonight.

As for the rest of tonight’s show, well.  I’m not entirely sure what to say about that.  I hate to see the name of Jesus flung around irreverently, and it’s hard to know in a situation like that if there is a true reverence for him or not.  I agree with Lawanda that I would rather have seen an older, more popular song, but hey.  Nobody asked me.

As a sidenote, how many surgeries has that woman had?  It’s sad, honestly.  Does ANYone grow old gracefully anymore?  And at the risk of sounding like Simon, perhaps a stylist could be of help.  The words age appropriate come to mind.  I know she has a certain image to uphold.  Or something.  But surely we can do better than that. 

Any-WHO.  Ramiele is packing her bags, and Kristy Lee gets yet another week to be in the bottom three and make obnoxious, inappropriate comments to Simon.  All is well in Idol Land.

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  1. It is about time!

    And as far as Dolly Parton goes, I love her but I think she sounded pitchy through the whole song! I hate to sound like Randy but she sounded terrible!

    And why is Kristy Lee acting so snarky lately? I guess constantly being in the bottom three (with the exception of last week) is finally getting to her. But blowing Simon kisses and bringing out her name on a sheet of paper…too much for me! I always pull for her but I think next week will finally be it for her!

  2. I think they got it right, but Kristy Lee has got to be next. Is she playing on the sympathy card or what?

    When they asked viewer questions and got to David Cook and asked what one skill besides singing he wished he could be successful at and he said “organization” I nearly jumped out of my seat! “I’ll help you David!!!” 😉

  3. I was horrified at Dolly’s song last night. It was pitchy all over the place and seemed very irreverent. What was she on anyway? She couldn’t keep her mouth shut, blabbering all over the place. Even Ryan was almost speechless. I think it was rather sad.

  4. Ramiele doesn’t seem comfortable in her own skin. She needs to spend some time figuring that out before moving into the scary entertainment industry.

    I didn’t see the whole thing. How were they throwing the name of Jesus around?

  5. I don’t know. I agree it was time for Ramiele but I really didn’t think Brooke deserved to be in the bottom 3. I love Brooke. We fast forwarded through everything except the announcements so I missed Dolly singing. Doesn’t sound like I missed much and I actually like Dolly.

  6. It may not have been too much if the previous group, The Clark Bros was it?, were not doing it too! When they started singing This Little Light Of Mine, me and my dh looked at each other like, “What on earth?”

    But hey, they never asked me for my opinion, either! LOL

    I also think it is sad Dolly has always had so many surgeries. Her new album is Backwoods Barbie… pretty appropriate, I guess! 😉

    I didn’t like her performance or song last night, but I still love her 🙂

  7. I feel bad for Ramielle. She had such potential to do really well, but she kept choosing the wrong songs and she just didn’t pull it off. And next week America, can we PLEASE get rid of Kristy Lee Cook. I am over her! Thanks for all the updates!

  8. I agree on both points! Poor Dolly … she’s sweet as can be but how much plastic surgery can one woman have? She looks ridiculous!

  9. Dolly so looked like a plastic doll. I really think she is so nice and sweet but Good gosh someone please tell her she looks ridiculous. I agree people need to age gracefully.

  10. Very sweet little girl, great voice, but yes, she should have gone ages ago. She isn’t and never was idol stuff.

    I agree. I hate it so much when someone as beautiful as Dolly refuses to accept the fact that she’s older than beans and should age gracefully.

    I could show her how to do it. First you ditch the wig, then you ditch the Botox, then you ditch the other fake stuff and if you’ve led a happy life, why that will show right through and make you beautiful.

    So sad.

  11. I am glad that Ramielle is gone. She had to go. Next I am hoping that Kristy Lee Cook will go too. After that, hmm, I am not sure. I do like Brooke, I just wish she would stop whinning and talking back to much to the judges.
    And poor Dolly, what is she now, 100? Holy cow, you can sure tell all the surgeries she had had. And PITCHY, holy cow was she ever. I did NOT like that song she sang either. It was not her best performance for sure. I hate how she kept doing that talk with Simon. It was almost like she couldn’t hear him and kept talking when he was talking. Maybe she needs to spend some money on an hearing aid too!

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