First Day of School

Today was a first for all three of my kids.  Due to redistricting, my son is attending a new elementary school for 3rd grade.  My 5-year-old is starting kindergarten at the same school.  And my 2-year-old (almost 3-year-old) is starting preschool.  Here they are, all spit-shined and ready for their first day of school.

Everyone was up early this morning, with typical first-day-of-school anticipation.  Even my son, who has unfortunately learned that it’s cool to disdain school, admitted he is excited to be going back. 

The neighborhood kids and parents all congregated at the bus stop, and I think every adult had a camera.  I’d love to post pictures of all the kids but I don’t have permission from everyone to plaster their kids all over my blog.  You can imagine the shiny happy faces and stiff new school clothes. 

When the bus came, I was happy to see our regular bus driver.  He has assigned seats, by grade level, and we waited while everyone got situated.  In her typical wifty fashion, C was the last to find her seat.  I had to laugh as I watched her wander around, looking for her name, until her brother finally pointed her in the right direction.  Even with that bit of assistance, the bus driver still had to get up and place her in the right spot.  Please pray for her teacher.  She’s going to need it.

I am happy to report that C was not the least bit intimidated about getting on the bus and going to school, so that was a small victory.  She was very apprehensive to leave me when we went to kindergarten round-up and the new student orientation.  But she stood at the bus stop this morning and said, "I’m not a-scared."  (She still says a-scared, and it’s too cute to correct.  She’ll figure it out eventually, right?)

R is very excited to go meet her new teacher in a short while.  She seems to understand that she is going to C’s old school and didn’t try to follow her older siblings onto the bus like some of the other younger siblings who were left behind this morning.  She has been asking to go meet her teacher for WEEKS, and she’s ecstatic that the magical day has finally arrived.

On that note, I better get my act together so I’m not late.  Of course, it would be a shame to ruin my perfect track record of lateness.  Perhaps I should get a 3rd cup of coffee.