First Fruits (or you know, Lettuces)

Last night we harvested the “first fruits” from our garden. Now, mind you, when I use the terms “we” and “us” in reference to gardening, I am talking about my husband and my daughter. A green thumb, I have not. My daughter, however, must have gotten the gardening gene from one of her grandmothers because she is in heaven with this garden.

You may remember how it looked just a month ago — April 15th, to be exact.

As of yesterday, May 17th, it looked like this.

Can you even believe it? Well, if you’ve been gardening for long, you probably can, but I don’t think I expected it to actually, you know, grow or anything. Oh ye of little faith…

So last night my husband and daughter harvested our very first bowl of lettuce.

We threw some balsamic vinegar and olive oil on it and tossed it all with a sprinkle of sea salt and freshly ground pepper, and we had our very first homegrown salad.

Now, I buy freshly harvested, homegrown, farm fresh lettuces at the farmers’ market, and I really didn’t expect to tell any difference. I mean, fresh lettuce is fresh lettuce, right? Well, let me tell you, I have never in my life tasted anything like this simple salad.

Now I get it. THIS is why people garden. I mean, it’s cheaper, for sure, and I love knowing that not a single chemical was used to grow this lettuce. But the taste… nothing short of divine.

My daughter couldn’t get enough of it. Wanna know how to get a kid to eat healthy food? Let her grow it herself!

I’m hooked. This gardening thing is the shiz, yo!