Five Favorite Fall Dinners

Rather than posting a menu plan this Monday, I’m going to tell you about one of my sponsors, Plan to Eat.  If you’re into meal planning, you’re going to love this site.  Do a girl a favor and click over and check it out.

Plan to Eat is a meal planning tool that lets you keep your recipes all in one place.  Each week, you can select your favorite recipes to make your meal plan, and a shopping list is automatically created.  You can print it the list out and take it right to the store.  How awesome is that?

I really like how it allows you to keep all your favorite recipes in one place.  I don’t know about you, but I collect recipes from all over — blogs, recipe sites, cookbooks, etc.  I’ve created a binder to consolidate them, but soon it’s going to take a crane to lift it.

With Plan to Eat, my recipe collection can all be online, and I can print out my grocery list with the click of a button, instead of manually going through each recipe and writing it down.  Pretty nifty, huh?

We’re going to be out of town for the greater part of this week, so in lieu of a menu plan I’m going to link to five of my favorite fall meals.

Five Favorite Fall Dinners

1. Beef Stew. This is a new favorite.  It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it.

2. Curry Chicken Pot Pie.  Another relatively new discovery.  I believe a reader suggested this recipe when I was whining about needing something to make with cooked chicken.  It was a hit with the whole fam, and I can’t wait to make it again.

3. Pot Roast.  This is an OLD favorite.  My mom made this when I was growing up, and my family likes it as much as I always did.

4. Turkey Lasagna.  My son’s favorite meal, this is a twist on classic lasagna.  With goat cheese and Italian turkey, it’s a sure hit.  It’s  bit of work, but it’s a great make-ahead meal for when you’re having company and don’t want to be slaving in the kitchen all day.

5. Friday Night Chili.  Why yes, we DO eat a lot of red meat!  (Grass-fed, of course.)  This is also a recipe I grew up on, and my husband loves it.  This recipe comes together quickly and freezes well.

It FINALLY feels like fall here today, so I can’t wait to start digging into these recipes again.

What are some of your favorite fall dinners?

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  1. Pastured turkey Italian sausage in the turkey lasagna? That recipe sounds wonderful but my farm doesn’t offer Italian sausage. Guess I could use grocery store meat for one meal.

    I have a hard time coming up with ideas for leftover roast, other than putting it on top of baked potatoes.

    1. You can order Italian turkey sausage from US Wellness Meats, I believe. I think my farm offers it, but honestly, I just buy it at the grocery store when I wanted to make this. We eat SO MUCH good quality meat, and there are so many ingredients in this recipe that I don’t figure you’re getting enough to really matter.

  2. Definitely going to try some of these recipes, although they will not be as whole foods as your versions, I’m sure. 😉 I used to hate beef stew, but Husband loves it and we finally found a recipe that we both really like. And it is fall-ish here too, for a few days anyway.

  3. I’m so jealous that you’re weather is cool enough to start with the fall foods.

    Some of my favorite comfort foods are: baked ziti, turkey chili (with a dash of cinnamon, yum!), swiss chicken, minestrone, and butternut squash lasagna. I don’t eat red meat at all so I have to be creative!

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