Forget Lysol; Get Thee Some Ketchup

I took the afternoon off again.  It felt great.  It wasn’t even intentional this time; I just had no desire to sit here.  After yesterday afternoon, I was fried.  I spent the entire afternoon re-installing graphic images to my design blog.  You see, at one time all of my blogs were hosted on Typepad.  And that means all of the photos and images in my posts were hosted on Typepad.  Then I moved to WordPress.  And my brilliant WordPress administrators informed me that my photos were still on Typepad, and although they did some fancy find-and-replace action to get my images to show up on my new blogs, they warned me that when I deleted my Typepad account, the images would be lost so I should copy them all over before deleting.

I tucked this helpful information away and figured I’d deal with it at a later date.

Then yesterday I realized that on March 1st, my Typepad account would renew for an entire year, at a whopping $150.  Nosankyou!  So I deleted my account.  It said very clearly that I was deleting all posts AND PICTURES and anything that had been on my blogs.  And I happily and willingly clicked DELETE.  I was not operating under duress of any kind.

Later in the morning when I was perusing my blogs, I discovered that ALL OF MY IMAGES WERE GONE.  And I knew this would happen because my DSW girls TOLD ME SO!  But did I think about that when I DELETED ALL MY TYPEPAD BLOGS yesterday?  No, I did not.

So.  I spent the entire afternoon going through every post at DCR Design and uploading screen shots into posts so there is some record of my work.  Clients generally like to see the designer’s work before hiring them, dontchaknow.  Now DCR Design is back to its former glory, but the rest of my blogs are image-less.  So I will need to go through each post and either delete the blank square where the image should be or try to find it and re-upload it.  FUN TIMES.

But that has nothing to do with Lysol and Ketchup, now, does it?  I’m getting there.

Do remember a few months ago when I freaked out because my daughter’s teacher was going to be gone for a few months due to back surgery?  Well, she left, she had surgery, she recovered, and she’s back.  And my daughter’s none the worse for the wear.  Who’s a drama queen?  Who hates drama?  UGH!  Somehow I seem to find it/make it/something.

But the point is, her teacher is back, which means I am back to volunteering on Tuesday mornings.  So yesterday morning I went in for the first time since Christmas, and I was assigned to the Discovery Table.  The children were supposed to experiment with 6 different products and see which one cleaned a dirty penny the best.  The products were salt, baking soda, flour, water, ketchup, and vinegar.

Of course they all wanted to use the ketchup because they are kindergarteners and it is the obvious choice.  But surprisingly?  Out of all six, the ketchup cleaned best of all!  I guess the acidity in ketchup trumps whatever it is in vinegar that makes it a good cleaning agent, because my money was on the vinegar (get it?  money?  pennies?  HA!) and the ketchup actually worked BETTER than vinegar or any of the other materials.

So the moral of this story is, if you want to get something clean, break out the ketchup.  Who knew!?

But back to this afternoon.  I made a cake, did several loads of laundry, napped with my 3-year-old, made a mealoaf, and talked to a dear friend for over an hour while I straightened the downstairs.  My life, it’s a thrill ride.  But really, it was nice.  And now I wish I had all night to sit here and catch up on email and blogs, but dinner calls.  Check back later for my American Idol Recap!

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  1. Oh, I so feel for you with those images. I desperately want to move my blogs to my own hosted sites (via wordpress likely) but I am TERRIFIED and you just validated one of my concerns! I can not fathom re-loading images and I don’t want my blogs without them. Perhaps I should move the new one now while their are only 2 posts on it?

    I could cry thinking about the task you have ahead of you.

  2. Oh, no! What a nightmare! At least you got your design pics back in.

    I’ve heard that about ketchup, but does it work on laundry stains? 😉

  3. Cool experiment at school! I’ll have to remember that one. Ketchup has acetic acid (aka vinegar) and citric acid probably from the tomatoes.

    Sorry about your pictures! What a pain!

  4. Yeah for a computer free afternoon, for the teacher being back and for you daughter handling the change so well.

    Ketchup…really. That is interesting. I will have to remember that one.

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