Forget Spring!

It occurred to me, after reading Georgia Mom’s post about spring, that what I have isn’t Spring Fever at all.  It’s Summer Fever.

Spring in Pennsylvania is unpredictable and inconsistent.  It may be 85 degrees and sunny one day and 55 degrees and rainy the next.  Our wardrobes range from the warmest sweaters to the barest tank tops.  A few nice days get me all geared up for spring, only to be knocked off my feet by the next blast of icy air. 

Spring is overrated.

I’m longing for the dog days of summer.  I love the heat, the sun, the lazy days, the pool, the flip flops, the kids at home all day, the sundresses, the bare feet, the long evenings hanging out on the sidewalk with the neighbors — I love it all.

And it feels so far away.