I’m feeling some Aretha comin’ on.  Sing with me, now. 


I feel free as a bird this morning!  For the first time in weeks I have nothing I have to do, nothing hanging over my head. 

No vacation to prepare for or recover from.

Nothing to plant.

No company coming for dinner. 

No auction catalog to compile. 

No slideshow to create. 

No bridal shower to plan for and bake for and clean for.  (Which, by the way, was a resounding success.  I had so much fun, getting to know the ladies in my church better, and I think everyone
else did too.  We had great attendance, and all the food turned out
perfectly.  YAY!)

So in a nutshell, as of this morning I have no responsibilities and no one depending on me.

Except, you know.  Three kids.  And a husband.  Minor details!

The best part is, because of my cleaning marathon in preparation for the bridal shower last night, my house is pristine.  Even the walls and woodwork are dust and fingerprint-free!  So I need not feel even a twinge of guilt if I decide to spend the entire day watching the girls play in the yard, while sipping iced lattes and munching on bon-bons, relaxing on my newly opened-up front porch. 

Oh!  You might want to know that the rest of the railing is coming down, down, DOWN.  Yippeeeeeee!  (I’m sure it was no mystery on which side of the debate we each stood, right?) 

I didn’t even have to nag mention it again.  Husband came home last night, took a look at it, and said, "Yeah, I can take that down."  Sometimes they just need time, these men.  They almost always come around, don’t they? 

Funny thing, now that I’ve been thinking about our porch, I’ve been noticing every porch I drive by.  And there are many porches with no rails that have at least as much of a drop-off as ours does.  I don’t think it’s going to be a problem. 

Especially once I get a pretty wicker love seat to strategically place in the corner.  Don’t you think that would look nice?  I do have a birthday that is fast approaching.  Hmmmm.  I wonder if Husband is reading.  Hint! Hint!

So yeah.  I’m free.  Free as a bird!   Which brings another song to mind.

Well I’m as free as a bird now…

Mm’kay.  I love me some Skynyrd, but I just went over to stlyrics.com, and that is actually a very depressing song.  And not really that fitting in this case.  But you get the drift.

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3 thoughts on “Freedom!

  1. oh man! You are so lucky to be “free”! I can’t wait til school’s out! I’ll be singing right along with you! No kids to get up at 7:00, no lunches to make and best of all, my 19 mile drive to work will only take 25 minutes, not 45!

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