Friday Funk

Wow, yall.  I’m tired.  This 5:30 wake-up call?  It just ain’t working for me any more.  Ever since vacation, I can’t seem to get my energy back. 

I mean, I do enjoy my brisk walk at the butt-crack o’ dawn, and then I come home and go great guns all morning.  But by about two-o’clock every afternoon, I feel like I’ve been hit by a moving train.  (Like you could get hit by a train that’s not moving.  That cliché seems a bit redundant.)


I’ve got a question for ya.  I’m flat out of blogging fodder.  FLAT. OUT. 


Anyone got a link to a good meme?  Something fun?  Something fresh that not everyone in the world has already done — including me, because yall know, if it’s been around the block, I’ve probably done it, as I have a morbid addiction to memes.

So bring it on!  Point me in the right direction, would you please???

OR.  Maybe I should write one myself.  I’ve never done that before.

Wait!  I know!  You could write one for me!  See, that’s what you call delegation.  (It’s a great way to avoid doing the work yourself.)

I suppose I could make this into a really fun carnival if I had the energy.  But I don’t.  So just leave me a comment if you know of a good meme I can do today.  (Or if you do end up writing something of your own.)