Friday Funk

Wow, yall.  I’m tired.  This 5:30 wake-up call?  It just ain’t working for me any more.  Ever since vacation, I can’t seem to get my energy back. 

I mean, I do enjoy my brisk walk at the butt-crack o’ dawn, and then I come home and go great guns all morning.  But by about two-o’clock every afternoon, I feel like I’ve been hit by a moving train.  (Like you could get hit by a train that’s not moving.  That cliché seems a bit redundant.)


I’ve got a question for ya.  I’m flat out of blogging fodder.  FLAT. OUT. 


Anyone got a link to a good meme?  Something fun?  Something fresh that not everyone in the world has already done — including me, because yall know, if it’s been around the block, I’ve probably done it, as I have a morbid addiction to memes.

So bring it on!  Point me in the right direction, would you please???

OR.  Maybe I should write one myself.  I’ve never done that before.

Wait!  I know!  You could write one for me!  See, that’s what you call delegation.  (It’s a great way to avoid doing the work yourself.)

I suppose I could make this into a really fun carnival if I had the energy.  But I don’t.  So just leave me a comment if you know of a good meme I can do today.  (Or if you do end up writing something of your own.)


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  1. I think you should open the blog up to a 20 questions sort of post – the readers ask, you answer!

  2. Since I’m convinced that you and I are on the same schedule (because I’m usually the first one to post a comment to your site), I thought I would do a Back to School meme…

    List 8 of your BEST school memories… I’ll go first! Go check out my website (since I was having a hard time thinking of anything to write, I mine as well steal my own idea:o)

    Georgia Mom

    PS. I have no idea if I made up this meme or not. I think I’ve only had 3 original ideas in my entire life, so this one may already be out there. But, from what I know it came from my brillant mind!

  3. I’m actually in the middle of a real cool meme that I was planning on sending your way. It’s a play on that old game of starting a story then passing it on to others to add to the story and you end up with some weird stuff! The kicker is you have to incorporate the blog names of the people you are tagging. Sounds confusing, but it’s not….kind of fun.

  4. No memes. I did give you another award on my blog, and of course, you have to pass it on, so that could work for you. I so admire you for getting up consistently and walking. I have been s-t-r-u-g-g-l-i-n-g to get my exercise in at any point during the day. So keep up the good work!

  5. I’ve got a “Moaning Meme” that I’m working on. I was tagged for it awhile back and had you on my list to tag. It’s a tough one to write without sounding whiney, but I’m sure you could pull it off. Let me know if you want it and I’ll send it to you now. I don’t know when I’ll actually get to post it and tag you officially. I’m right there with you on the Tired at 2 thing. I think it’s the coffee and that makes me sad, sad, sad.

  6. Sometimes on Fridays I like to do a Flashback. I usually link to something from my childhood (or odler) on Youtube (they have everything on there!). Songs, shows-whatever. Just an idea.

    Now I’m of to check out that link above.

  7. It sounds like your day is exactly like mine. If I could put my kids to bed for the night at 4pm I’d be all set. Since I’ve just started blogging, I’m nervous that I will also come to a sudden halt. If you find anything good, would you please send it my way?

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