From Summer To Winter

I think we had about two days of fall this year.  Seriously.  It went from 80-degree days to 50-degree days within about a week.  That’s with the lows in the upper 30s/low 40s in the mornings when I walk.  BRRRR. 

Have I mentioned that I detest being cold?  And that cold to me is whenever the temperature drops below 60?  And have I mentioned that I might be better suited to a warmer climate?  Unfortunately for me, Hubs has his feet firmly planted on Pennsylvania soil.  So Pennsylvania it is. 

He’s worth it.  Most days, anyway.

So what’s your best trick to stay warm in the colder months?  Everyone always preaches about the necessity of LAYERS.  But I don’t like layers.  They’re bulky, for one thing.  And the underneath sleeve always gets all hiked up under the outer sleeve.  And that makes me crabby.  Sort of like my daughter when her sock gets a wrinkle in it.  I should have named her Apple.  But then I’d have to be Tree.  Eh, no thanks.

So yeah.  Winter, layers, BAH!  Gimme 85 degrees and 90% humidity any day.  Bring on the tank tops and flip flops.  That’s my motto.  It’s going to be a loooooooooong winter.