From Summer To Winter

I think we had about two days of fall this year.  Seriously.  It went from 80-degree days to 50-degree days within about a week.  That’s with the lows in the upper 30s/low 40s in the mornings when I walk.  BRRRR. 

Have I mentioned that I detest being cold?  And that cold to me is whenever the temperature drops below 60?  And have I mentioned that I might be better suited to a warmer climate?  Unfortunately for me, Hubs has his feet firmly planted on Pennsylvania soil.  So Pennsylvania it is. 

He’s worth it.  Most days, anyway.

So what’s your best trick to stay warm in the colder months?  Everyone always preaches about the necessity of LAYERS.  But I don’t like layers.  They’re bulky, for one thing.  And the underneath sleeve always gets all hiked up under the outer sleeve.  And that makes me crabby.  Sort of like my daughter when her sock gets a wrinkle in it.  I should have named her Apple.  But then I’d have to be Tree.  Eh, no thanks.

So yeah.  Winter, layers, BAH!  Gimme 85 degrees and 90% humidity any day.  Bring on the tank tops and flip flops.  That’s my motto.  It’s going to be a loooooooooong winter.

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  1. You have a lovely blog!

    I live in Colorado, and I don’t really like layers either. My best tip for you is SmartWool socks. They’re the only socks I own and my feet are never cold anymore. I also love fleece! I have so much fleece, but it keeps me warm. I also drink a lot of warm drinks in the winter! We’re actually had very mild temperatures here this fall…but winter is coming!

  2. Just wait till you start having hot flashes and you will LOVE winter! No layers for me either, if I took off enough to offset a hotflash I would be sitting there, well, un*cloth*ed! GAG!

  3. Fleece. I live in fleece jackets all winter. Old navy has some nice ones for not that much. My only complaint is that there aren’t pockets. And cashmere socks. Really. Well worth the hand washing…

  4. Sit by the fireplace!!! I have plans to do that this evening and enjoy a piece of caramel apple cake. I finally used that cake mix I bought at Harry & David’s the day we went shopping. I’ll think of you while I eat my cake.
    How did we ever do it in college, it was sooo cold!

  5. The key to my pre-Florida survival was hot chocolate. Lots of hot chocolate, marshmallows by the bagful, and too many squirts of Reddi-wip to count. I also had a small space-heater that I kept near my feet while lounging, or in my bathroom while…well, you know, doing bathroom stuff. :o) I also baked a lot more–not only did it warm up the house, but it just made the house feel more cozy. Hope you get into your cold-weather groove soon!

  6. big warm fuzzy sweaters
    warm socks (warm feet are KEY in feeling warm all over) My sis gave me these awesome fleece socks that I think were intended for ski-wear, but they are soooo wonderful!!!!
    big mugs of hot, hot coffee!!

  7. You know, we took a trip to Finland and Sweden a few years ago. I was AMAZED at how the women there dress warmly but not in bulky layers. We were too busy freezing our tushies off and being tourists to ask, but you should really do some internet investigating to see how they did it. They looked wonderful, never frumpy and they all had a healthy glow.

  8. MOVE TO BOISE!!!!

    Well, it gets cold here too, but MOVE TO BOISE!


  9. Hello friend! I survived the first nine weeks, the first set of report cards, and our PTA show. Now, I am entering the land of the living again.
    You need Cuddle Duds. Silky feeling long underwear from JC Penneys. It comes in white, cream, or black, and several different styles (especially tops). I think there is sleeveless, long sleeve, crew neck, and v-neck. It does not feel bulky at all. I wear it to school almost every day in the winter.
    I’ll catch up with you soon!

  10. I have no suggestions because I also detest the cold and am reluctant with the layering. But I’m lucky enough to live in TX and rarely suffer through temps lower than the 50s or 40s. Good luck this winter!

  11. yeah, so, i got in my car this morning and that chrome steering wheel of mine was COLD. but, i made myself love it, because normally that 1979 steel box i drive is an oven, because i live in Florida and my a/c doesn’t work right. lol.


  12. Okey dokey. I’m on my way to unpack my L.L. Bean parka and to buy some Cuddle Duds. You’d think after spending the better part of 17 years in the great northeast, I’d know how to dress for the weather, wouldn’t you?

    Amanda – I tried that last week. It got jacked back down that night with a kind but firm reprimand from the Payer Of The Bills. 😉

  13. Get moving, girl! When I’m really cold in the house, that’s when I know I have not been doing the housework. Perhaps, I’ve been sitting at the computer too long?

    Have I mentioned lately how much I love your blog?

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