Glutton For Punishment

You should have no pity on me when I complain about sleep deprivation later today. Here’s why.

It’s 7:45am, and I’ve been awake since 5am, thanks to Rebecca, who decided to wake up at the butt-crack-o-dawn this morning.  But she went back down for her morning nap at 6:30, and I should have joined her. Yet here I sit.

I was going to go back to bed.  Really.  But I came back downstairs real quick to throw in a load of wash.  Then I thought, I never finished reading that one blog.  So I sat down at the computer.  Just for a second.  And I noticed my coffee sitting on the computer desk half-full and still warm.

I’ll just catch up on a couple of blogs while I finish off the coffee.  Well, one blog leads to another. Oh, this is just so good.  Love this blog.  I’ll just quick make a quick post on my blog, then I’ll go back to bed.

Hey, now look, there’s a couple new emails since I went to sleep last night.  I’ll just skim these real quick.  A couple responses later, I’m all set.

Alright, going back to bed now.  Oh, wait.  I meant to check on that photo I posted on  Oooo look, a comment!  I’ll go back to bed after I check out what they said.

Well, that is encouraging.  Maybe I’ll post another picture.  Which one…  Let me just peruse my flickr account.

Oh, I need to organize the latest photos I uploaded.

Okay, back to photocritique.  Figure out how to resize my picture.  Upload it.

Well, now it’s almost 8am.  I am not a morning person, but it really is a gorgeous morning.  The sun is streaming in through my kitchen sliders.  And, really, as soon as I lie down, she’s sure to wake up, right?

Might as well grab another cup of coffee…