Guilty Secrets

Originally posted 10/23/06.  Updated with strikeouts.

Love this idea from Lindsey at Surburban Turmoil.

I’m certainly not a textbook parent.  Here are some of my "guilty secrets" —

1) I bribe my kids with dessert to get them to eat their dinner.

2) I serve Kraft mac-and-chemical several times a week. It’s my daughter’s favorite. I also let them have gum almost every day. And sometimes we have pizza two nights in a row.

3) I still nurse my daughter to sleep for naps and bedtime and then
again in the night sometimes. Yes, she’s one. She usually sleeps thru
the night, but there are still exceptions. I also nurse her during the
day sometimes just to get her to stop fussing.
  I still rock my 2-year-old to sleep for naps and bedtime.

4) We let our 3 4-y/o daughter sleep in our bed when she comes in during the night.

5) I forget to give the kids their vitamins.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve even filled a prescription for them in over a year.

6) Last year I kept my son out of school several times so we could do something fun I wanted to do.

7) Sometimes I let my kids have Coke. Not very often, though. I let
them have chocolate milk for breakfast, and sometimes I make chocolate
chip pancakes too.

8) I only bathe the kids a couple times a week. Actually, Hubby does
the baths. I use scented detangler on the kids’ hair, and that keeps it from
being stinky.

9) My kids hear me cuss way too often. I tell them not to say those
"naughty words", and so far they don’t. I really have been trying to do
better with that.

10) I don’t let my kids paint because the mess sends me to the looney bin.  That’s what I pay preschool for!

Alright!  Let’s hear your guilty secrets!

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14 Responses

  1. I don’t have any. I do everything right and perfect. Other parents try to emulate me because I am so amazing.


  2. I don’t think nursing your baby should be a guilty secret. She’s only one. The average age (worldwide) for weaning a baby is 3 or 4. It’s just us North American’s that are too prude about it.

  3. Yall are making me lol.

    As far as the nursing, yeah, I nursed my 2nd for 26 mos, so I’m no stranger to EBF, but it’s amazing how many people get weirded out by that!

    I wrote this a year ago. I should do another updated one, I suppose. Eh.

  4. You are awesome. Thank you for making me feel like a normal mom! (I don’t think I’ve ever admitted to how infrequently my kids bathe – especially in the winter!! LOL) I think we’d get along just great IRL! LOL! I don’t cuss, and I don’t mind the paint – but other than that – I could have written this post!! Thanks for being so real!

  5. Oh so yeah. Mine are – #1 – I see no problem with kids watching TV while playing. I just don’t.

    #2 – The cussing thing, yeah. The other day I spilled an entire LARGE coke on my floor. I yelled a not nice word LOUDLY, and then realized my neighbors were home. And their three kids. (I am just hoping they didn’t hear me.)

    #3 – I am SOUTHERN BAPTIST (all capitals on purpose) and I drink wine. And sometimes martinis/margaritas.

  6. I nursed my son until he was 2 1/2……however, if you look at the picture on his arm on my blog today, you’ll wean immediately. Oh, yea, he also slept in the bed with us!

  7. Alright, you want a guilty secret…I wash my hair once a week (yuck right). I spend about three days a week with hair in a ponytail and a baseball hat. Who has time to wash and dry their hair with two babies? No one knows this, I hide it, now you know;)

  8. #6 should not make you feel guilty! My mom was the same way and I am a better person b/c they knew that there are times when family or church are more important than school!

  9. #1 – Baths 2x a week for my kids
    #2 – I always make a double batch of pie-dough just to eat one half
    #3 – My son and I eat reddi-whip straight from the can.
    #4 – If they let me sleep in on weekends, I see nothing wrong with ice cream for breakfast. Just make sure it’s out away after.

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